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Here are a load of screenshots and concept art from this game. Enjoy.

#30 SequoiaDragon 17:51:50 02/06/2007
"Warm and squigy"?!!! That's 'narsty'...
#29 CynderLightLife 03:40:09 02/06/2007
Yess, I agree with you, but Spyro's smileing...It may be the warm sensation running through his nose!!!

Spyro: Its all warm and Sguigy..

And that Hunter:

Ahhh, whys my heart going boomboomboomboom reaally fast???

I think its in 27 that Hunters serounded by two enemys:

Hunter: AHHH!!! IM TRAPPED!!!

Sparx (appears): Use yer darned Bow and Arrow, Hunter...

Hunter: Oh, right.
#28 SequoiaDragon 21:14:15 01/06/2007
Last screenshot...

Hunter: Oh, my poor heart can't take this...
#27 SequoiaDragon 21:11:12 01/06/2007
In screenshot 42, Spyro looks very shocked and surprised because fire is shooting out of his nose and there's nothing he can do about it!

Spyro: EEK! Help! fire is shooting itself out of my nasal passages!!! It's not supposed to do that!
#26 Pyro girl 12:58:01 29/05/2007
You'll see the full picture when you click on the picture
#25 SequoiaDragon 01:55:31 29/05/2007
Why is it that on screenshot 38 (I think it's #38) there's a picture of... is it Amp the fairy?...yes, I think it is... but it's only her midriff?!
#24 Giveitup 22:40:13 18/05/2007
I do the same thing too!(only my mom doesn't care.)Here's the funny thing:I went to sleep one night,and I forgot to turn the game off!So technily,I was sleeping with Spyro.smilie
#23 CynderLightLife 08:07:49 01/05/2007
To Dragginwings,

Really? Thats sounds a bit off.

But you can see it here:


He only sleeps for a few minutes( smilie ) But it was well worth the wait.


P.S: I didnt make the video. I just found it.
#22 Volteer 20:14:30 23/04/2007
yay!!!! wallpapers!!! we finally went with my idea!!!! woo hoo!!! lol
#21 Pyro girl 13:43:02 21/04/2007
I think I will actually put the camera up close on Spyro when he's sleeping, take a picture of him with my phone and keep it as a screensaver
#20 Dragginwings 03:09:38 21/04/2007
Lol, yes, Spyro sleeping would be awesome! My parents won't let me try it though!! smilie They said it is wasting electricity! I'll do it anyway, however, behind their backs, as I always do things similarly...smilie
#19 CynderLightLife 04:12:02 20/04/2007
heh heh. tell you what you should do? take a photo of spyro sleeping. i waited this morning for ages, went and had some breakfast, and, when i came back, still awake, so i was about to move the controller, and he went to sleep! Sparx kept looking at me funny, though. smilie


P.S: Do you think Ember and Flame go to sleep, too? I cant try this, because im not even halfway through the game.
#18 Pyro girl 14:48:35 18/04/2007
And on screenshot 7, Red looks like he's had WAAAAY too much caffine!
#17 Fairytail 03:31:03 12/04/2007
Haha smilie On screenshot 3, Hunter is staring into space!
#16 Wolfina 14:04:43 05/04/2007
And Hunter on eight screenshot looks strange,too.I mean,look at him-he looks like he want to eat his own bow.I don't mean that screenshots bad-no,they really good-some of them just look funny
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