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Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Spyro: A Hero's Tail

The fifth major console version of the little purple dragon has arrived. Spyro returns this time developed by the company behind such games as Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy and Crash Bash. Eurocom. They bring with them a fresh feel to the series that had been nearly completely ruined by the efforts of the last company in Enter the Dragonfly.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail is released on all three major consoles, the PS2, GameCube and Xbox. Featuring five playable characters including one brand new character, Blink the mole.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: A Hero's Tail
North America Nov 2nd 2004
Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: A Hero's Tail
European Union Nov 15th 2004

Once again the Dragon Realms are in danger, this time from a fellow dragon. Red, the evil dragon, a fallen dragon elder has placed many dark gems all over the realms in order to gain control over them. Their powers are seeping into the world and corrupting it. It's up to Spyro and friends to save the world again!

#30 Natasha 03:21:59 22/02/2006
I simply agree, why ARE we doing any of this? Why isn't Spyro taking a while to think "What are the reasons for my actions?" !? I am regretless to say that AHT is one of the worst games in the Spyro Series. I don't know even why they wasted their time making a useless and crappy game like this. I used to be one of Spyro's biggest fans, and this happens and all of a sudden I don't go crazy when I think of playing Spyro. Only the First three games make me happy, CASE CLOSED. ><
#29 CrimsonReincarnation 01:30:09 14/02/2006
Well now...

I have to say that I'm a noob when it comes to Spyro games. A Hero's Tail was the first STD game I played I thought it was the best thing since sliced...er... fodder. *shifty eyes* Yeah. And then I went back, bought Year of the Dragon...

I believe these were my exact words:


Personally, I think that A Hero's Tail is pretty good by my book. But... as well as the added controller funk and stuff, the story seemed kinda weak when compared to YOTD.

I mean, c'mon. Why is Red evil? what happened to him? Was he snorting Dark Gem powder or something? How'd Gnasty Gnorc come back? If it was some big whoop in the Dragon Council, then why havn't we seen any effects of it prior to this? One elder says his 'Hunger for power led him to overthrow our leader" Who IS this leader? Is it the last elder trapped in custody who teaches you Wall Kick? we don't know!! Another elder says he was friends with Red, but then when he 'became evil' they drifted apart. WHY?!?!?! We DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RED!!! WE KNOW NADA, ZIP, ZILCH on how he found Dark Gems, got Gnasty back, managed to build an ENTIRE BLOODY BASE WITH A BUTTLOAD OF MACHINERY AND LAZERS (which were suprisingly easy to get past) WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING ABOUT IT!!!


Okay, rant over. Perhaps it's because they geared this one to younger kiddies? I mean, you have to be either very young or just kinda dull in the brains department not to understand a good bit of plot. Plot makes the games go 'round. What I don't get is why, if they geared the plot to younger children, this game turned out CHALLENGING. No younger kiddie will have the patience to die a kabillion times to get a Light Gem they don't need to complete the game, much less fiddle around with all the timed puzzles in Red's Lair. It just doesn't make sense.

Although I have almost no prior Spyro experience (pathetic, I know) I'm tempted to write very intricate fanfiction to give it some kind of method underneath the madness, even if it takes place before or after the actual 'plotline' (if you could call a few vague, two second explinations a plot) so I can NOT GO MAD with the blatant holes in the spacetime contiunum that Sony so gratiously forgot to fill.

So to conclude, while this game is wonderful for entertainment and is quite engaging and a delight to play, it has almost no bones under all those scales and horns. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go try and find a copy of the original spyro game on Ebay. Ta!
#28 Dude 03:54:14 12/02/2006
Is it me, or is Spyro getting worse?
Ah, well.

#27 mr. penguin 03:52:32 12/02/2006
I love playing as Sgt. Byrd! Sometimes, I use my bro's save file (my bro is the spyro master) JUST to play as Byrd.

-Mr. Penguin

P.S.-Penguins rule!
#26 Ross 11:55:13 04/02/2006
Yeah, It is harder than Year of the Dragon, but I'm sure that with all the guidence you get, you are sure to not die on any level, though I do have troubles with Gloomy Glacier, well it is in the third realm as Hunter, but it should take you longer than other levels but only an hour or so, not 5 years smilie!
#25 Traveler 23:30:31 01/02/2006
I want to know if it is really hard. I was pretty good at Spyro year of the dragon, is it a lot harder than that one? I would just hate to get a cool looking game and get stuck on level one. So could some one tell me a bit about it?
#24 Ross Anderson 10:17:51 21/01/2006
Er..lwimmer4680...Which battle against Red are you talkin' about, the first or the second?!?
#23 lwimmer4680 01:58:11 18/01/2006
Anyone know how to defeat Red? I'm 2/3 through defeating him but just can't get the last bit. Anybody have any tips?
#22 Ross Anderson 16:53:36 14/01/2006
Cool, Spooky, Suprising, Heart-thumping, fun game! That's my description for A Hero's Tale. The new graphics are wicked, and the ice breath seems more realistic as it was before as in Frozen Altars of Year of the Dragon and in Enter the Dragonfly (you should be able to make it out), and when you charged them afterwards they broke out then died, but in this game they die with the ice! So far I have 64,000 and something gems (smilie), 38/40 dark gems, 60/100 light gems and 60 something/80 dragon eggs! My hardest level would be the so called dangerous and spooky Gloomy Glacier and my second hardest is Red's Laboratory for...well you'll see what I mean when you get there...
#21 anonymous 05:50:07 12/01/2006
I took my boyfriends PS2 when he left for basic, so I decide to finally get my hands on the games I've been waiting so long to play. I haven't tried "Enter the Dragonfly" yet, but I must say that I'm seriously disappointed. Spyro doesn't even look the same, he's a very... childish character it seems. The dialogue goes even further to convince me of this. I suppose video games are supposed to be for kids, but one of the things I loved most about the Spyro games for PS1 is that when I picked them up again this summer at the age of 18, they were still as appealing as the first time I played them at the age of 14. It saddens me that Insomniac no longer heads this project. It's nice that Sony is trying to keep the legacy going, but they should just let it die. This game seems to be Sony's answer to what Fable for the Xbox was expected to be. Playing both games, I see a lot of similarities. Everything would have been fine if they HADN'T CHANGED THE CONTROLS!!!! It is SUCH a gear shift to go from Spyro for PS1 to "A Hero's Tale" with less than a week of play between the change. Why such a change? Why? (quiet weeping fading into the distance)
#20 kendra 16:07:46 09/01/2006
i've allyays wanted a spyro toy because i love spyro

i have allways loved dragons since i was three then one

day at my friend house then i saw a spyro game then i went

#19 Evilperson 21:14:08 18/12/2005
The reason why people don't like it is because they killed one of the elements of spyro: gem collecting. You have to admit that was fun.
#18 Sarar Ayache 02:07:14 17/12/2005
I'm getting so darn bored browsing around the Internet that I can't think.Is there any cheat codes for AHT?Just wondering.smilie

I wish I owned AHT.I rented it 4 two weeks which felt like three days.I LOVE this game!:x
#17 Sarar Ayache 18:16:51 15/12/2005
I agree.A 9 1/2/10 also is good 'cause you can't get every light gem,every dark crystal,and every egg without a walkthrough.smilie

Why does Moneybags have that dorky arabian voice and that lame outfit?smilie"Spend,Spend,Spend" smilie What a haiku idiot!smilie
#16 Flare 17:06:17 10/12/2005
My cousins were to us yesterday o_o. They started a new game ON my spyro game that was 98% COMPLETE, and I had 2 empty slots with no games o_o. NOW I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AGAIN!

But spyro still gets 9½/10 from me smilie
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