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Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following cheats on the Press Start screen with the Season of Flame logo. If entered correctly you'll hear a sound.

All Breath TypesRight Down Up Right Left Up Right Down B
All Portals OpenUp Left Up Right Up Down Up Down B
Atlas WarpingDown Up Left Left Up Left Left Right B
Blue SpyroUp Up Up Up Down Left Right Down B
Infinite AmmoRight Left Up Down Right Down Up Right B
Infinite LivesLeft Right Left Right Right Right Up Down B
Infinite ShieldLeft Down Up Right Left Up Up Left B
Mini-GamesRight Up Down Down Down Right Up Down B
Never DrownDown Up Right Left Right Up Right Left B
Super ChargeLeft Left Down Up Up Right Left Left B
View All Worlds in AtlasLeft Right Up Up Right Left Right Up B

#15 American Spyro 18:14:31 06/06/2008
cheating is bad!!!

just kiddin, i cheat on spyro games all the time
#14 American Spyro 18:00:04 06/06/2008
why won't it work?
#13 EEVEE 15:48:54 06/06/2008
we tried the shield but it wont work
#12 American Spyro 02:41:26 27/04/2008
I did the cheats in my game boy just now, and everything worked. It was soo cool.
#11 JJ Spyro 11:24:13 17/01/2008
These wont work when you play it on a GBA that is part of a DS.... smilie I have tried and tried...
#10 Me2 19:49:35 17/12/2007
I've tried these several times and they don't work for me. smilie
#9 Evil_Cynder 17:17:00 25/11/2007
still havent dunnit yet. lol im lazy!

smilie zzzzzZZZZZ
#8 Evil_Cynder 13:25:53 28/10/2007
wow, cool cheats, l8 im gonna write these down and put em 2 da test! lol
#7 spyster10000 18:38:31 26/10/2007
these cheats look cool I'll try them when I get the game
#6 Dragginwings 15:24:20 30/05/2007
Uhhh...... But I wonder what he'd look like black....
#5 Lover of Spyro 19:27:17 13/12/2006
it wud b good if they were a black spyro cheat like on the other games!
#4 Dragginwings 16:25:15 20/08/2006
I donno,What do you mean, no ps1!?
#3 Crymson the Dragon 06:27:36 23/07/2006
I say thanks but, I'm already sending the game back to Gamefly, but I find out these!? This stinks!! I can always rerent it though. But'll take a while. But, now, I'm going to need to wait long untill I get a new game. Stupid Gamefly. Why no playstation 1?
#2 me 19:20:31 09/07/2006
You bet!!!!
#1 Black Minx 21:52:41 04/06/2006
Vary vary coooollllllll!!!
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