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Starry Plains

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

Collect the gems around and talk to Bianca who is standing a short way to the north-east. The power gate she's standing next to will give you Lightning Breath, useful for this level as you need it to switch on the eight pedestals dotted around.


Firefly 074/100 - Sear

Talk to Bianca next to the first Lightning Breath powerup.

Just a ickle bit further to the right is another firefly.


Firefly 075/100 - Braise

Wandering around near the first Lightning Breath powerup.

Left from it and to the first of the pedestals to use the lightning breath on, there's a powerup right next to it as well. Go left again and up onto a platform with the second pedestal and Hunter on. Talk to Hunter and he'll tell you all about moving platforms. And give you a firefly too, of course.


Firefly 076/100 - Roasty

Talk to Hunter by the moving platforms.

Wait for the platform mentioned to arrive then jump onto it and run along the next platform to the far end. Take the moving platform on the left first. The third of the pedestals is on here, you'll have to have run here with the powerup still active to get it though, as well as the entrance to the Agent 9 level Volcano Vaults. Go back on the platform and to the right this time, the fourth pedestal is here and the entrance to Sheila's level Ripto's Mondo Volcano, not the boss level of quite a similar name I'm afraid. 1000 Gems for the bear to get in, but not right now.

Glide back to the mainland and go left, just a little way along is the fifth pedestal and down to the right of it is another firefly...


Firefly 077/100 - Griller

Wandering the northern section of the mainland.

And if you go further right...


Firefly 078/100 - Sizzle

Wandering the north-east section of the mainland.

There's a sixth pedestal in the corner to your right again, now head north up to the entrance to Ripto's Volcano and the portal back to Celestial Plains. Pedestal number seven's up there. The last one is down in the bottom right corner of the map. You'll need to glide over the water rather then freeze it in order to keep the Lightning Breath to activate the final pedestal.


Firefly 079/100 - Broil

Activate all eight Lightning Breath pedestals.

Use the ice powerup to get back, then it's off to Moon Fondue, the portal's in the lower west section.

Moon Fondue

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

It seems Captain Whiskers wants to talk, I'd do what he says if I were you. There are eight of the systems he wants back online, they need a good lightning breath attack to get them going, the first is just north of him, and the powerup to the left. Once you've done that, carry on past the powerup along to another one. Sparx will drop some hints as to how to kill the metal Rhynocs around here, Lightning Breath of course. Either that or charging into them or like whatever.

Anyway, go down to the bottom corner of the island and wait for a platform on the left to arrive, ignore the one of the right. This'll take you to the bottom left-hand corner of the map. Make sure to have brought plenty of Lightning Breath as you'll need it for the second of the systems and the first of the pylons which will also need you to use Lightning Breath on, and yes, it's the first of eight, also grab the key whilst you're here. Then head back and go along to the left, jump over the small patch of water.

Kill the Rhynocs here and jump and electrocute the third system on the yellow platform on the left.


Firefly 080/100 - Ray

Meandering about near the Rocket Portal.

Don't bother going into the portal here, it'll just take you to the rocket that you're trying to help get off the ground, nothing else at the moment. Jump over the water behind the portal and go up to the second pylon to electrocute. With that done, back to the first island and take the right moving platform. Head northwards taking out Rhynocs with your charge/electric breath and get up onto the yellowy raised platforms right near you, electrocute the system. Wait for a moving platform to arrive and hitch a ride to another system off to the right. Next continue on around the area heading in a northerly direction, electrifying the third pylon along the way.

Just past another powerup is the locked chest of the level, with the key from earlier it should open right up. And continue along the general path again. Go past a gap in the purple fence (not marked on the map as a gap) and fry the fourth pylon. Go through said gap and down to the right.


Firefly 081/100 - Steamy

Behind a purple fence to the east of the level.

Turn around and go up the slopes to a fifth pylon. Up to the left is a powerup if you need it, and right next to that is the next system to bring back online. Two to go. Smash through into a cave over on the right, in there you'll find a small horde of treasure. Back out and go up and to the right, following the path all the way down the right side of the map, about halfway down is the sixth pylon. Get down to the very bottom and jump back to earlier in the level to make your way all the way back up to that cave again. And instead go left.

Up on the yellow section to the left you'll find another lightning breath powerup, a rock blocking another cave and a firefly.


Firefly 082/100 - Wick

Flying around the middle of the top of the level.

Inside the cave is nothing but a few gems, move on left afterwards. Just down a small set of descending green steps is the seventh pylon, then head along further left and use a small moving platform just up from a lightning breath powerup to get up to a point where you can ride another to the left, then another further left to get to the seventh system. Drop down and fry the final pylon.


Firefly 083/100 - Shiny

Activate all eight of the crescent pylons around the level.

Into the cave for 30 gems then back on out and use that platform above the lightning breath powerup again and this time go right and right again. Bring that final system back online. Head back to the start of the level and Captain Whiskers.


Firefly 084/100 - Bubble

Reward for bringing all the systems back online.

Head to the portal in the left-hand area of the map with the rocket inside, and talk to Mousor. Time to protect the ship. Use lightning breath by the way, and as with the cake challenge you can use it through the rocket but this time I would recommend going out to those that come in pairs in order to get them before they overwhelm you. Eventually Mousor has everything on board and the challenge is complete.


Firefly 085/100 - Kazan

Protect the rocket from Rhynocs.

With the level now finished, head on home. With only fifteen fireflies left to collect, the game is starting to draw to a close. On to Gypsy Road!

Gypsy Road

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

Talk with Laura, who appears to be some sort of mystic cat, and she'll ask you indirectly to save her mentor Madame Meow from the Rhynocs. Also right next to where you started is a skull with a candle, flame it up. Seven of those to go, don'tcha know. This level has some of those annoying 8-Ball Rhynocs, you'll meet the first just up ahead as well as the second skull candle. Glide over the water next to Laura and take care of the Rhynoc wizard.

Up past him and a few more Rhynocs to the third candle, then jump over the water on the left to another island. Work your way up the slope to the top where there's a fourth candle and the locked chest, no key yet though. Carry on left again, you'll find a fifth candle too.


Firefly 086/100 - Flame

Wandering around in the top left corner.

Go down the left side of the island to the fairy, just next to her is the sixth candle and above; a set of three boulders blocking yet more caves. In the first are gems, the second, however, houses a cat called Siam. She wants you to calm some fire pixies down for her. There are four to freeze, and as long as they don't get stuck in the scenery you should be able to win quite easily. Just track one down then guard it as the others try to free it. Once it's just one on one go looking for it but make sure to not let it free the other three.

Talk to Siam again to get the firefly.

Fire Pixie

Firefly 087/100 - Jewel

Play Freeze Tag with the fire pixies for Siam.

Time to play it again, with five this time. Same kinda thing, freeze and guard. Talk to Siam again.

Fire Pixie

Firefly 088/100 - Singe

Play Freeze Tag with the fire pixies on hard setting.

And in the third cave some gems and the level's key. Go back to the chest above to get the gems from inside it, then back to the fairy again. Go down to the right now and jump over the water to a small platform with the seventh candle residing. Jump again.


Firefly 089/100 - Blister

Wandering the north-east end of the west island.

Down to the left go inside the cave, it's blocked you know. In here you'll find Madame Meow, guarded by four of those wizards. Just kill them then talk to her.


Firefly 090/100 - Torch

Save Madame Meow from the Rhynocs.

Back out and go up top of the cave, grab the last of the gems and flame the last of the candles.

Skull Candle

Firefly 091/100 - Lava

Light all eight skull candle around the level.

Another level complete. Head through the portal here and off to Dreamy Castle with ya.

Dreamy Castle

Gems 500 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

Talk to Minda and she'll ask you to help save this level's leader Mayor Mooney from a hot air balloon. Just to the right of her is the first of the eight cuckoo clocks of the level. Up the ramp to the right to a second and a moving platform up to a higher level. Flame the balloon to set the Mayor on his journey. Jump back down and go along to the left, following the level around until you get to the locked chest.


Firefly 092/100 - Solar

Next to the locked chest.

Go down to the left again and round past a few charging Rhynocs to a larger open area.


Firefly 093/100 - Coalman

Flying around in the lower middle area.

Go into the cave to the north of this area, three Rhynocs and a bunch of gems then go out and jump up onto the moving platforms, then up again to flame the Mayor a second time. Jump down a level and climb aboard a moving platform going down and right. Just some gems here, wait for a platform going further right with another gem on, then wait for another platform going up to the left, it'll take you to a third cuckoo clock and some gems.

Go back and use the left one now, more gems and another platform to the left with the fourth cuckoo clock. Jump onto yet another platform going up and right to an area with the key and some more gems. And yet another moving platform going right to a fifth cuckoo clock. Glide down to the right, open the locked chest and continue on with the level past the cave to a fairy.

In the left part of this section is a moving platform going up to where the Mayor is waiting, flame the balloon again and get moving along up and right. Just up the slope is the sixth cuckoo clock, and up another slope a challenge portal with the seventh clock right next to it. Go through that challenge portal.

It's another testing course, talk to Shirley to get started. Notice the (Easy) mark, you'll be doing it again. You've got 90 seconds to complete it. The wizard's freezing spell may put you out for a few seconds, but there's plenty of time for the course, just look where it is that you're going and don't go around in circles.

Dream Knight

Firefly 094/100 - Thermo

Beat the Dream Knight challenge on Easy.

Do it all over again in eighty seconds this time.

Dream Knight

Firefly 095/100 - Smelter

Beat the Dream Knight challenge on Hard.

Now an Elite Knight, Sir Spyro should exit through the challenge portal back to the main level. Just along to the right is the Mayor again, flame him and wait for him to sail off before going into the cave here. Nothing but gems inside, back out and along to the right. At the far right you'll find the final cuckoo clock.


Firefly 096/100 - Brandy

Destroy all the cuckoo clocks in the level.

Go into the cave next.


Firefly 097/100 - Haze

Inside a cave in the middle of the top of the level.

Now up onto the darker part of the platform and to the Mayor in the corner. The owl will thank you and give you the firefly.


Firefly 098/100 - Mirage

Save Mayor Mooney from the hot air balloon.

With that all done, it's back to Starry Plains and onto the final two levels. First up; Volcano Vaults.

Volcano Vaults

Gems 500 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

Move a little to the right and a grenadier will spawn above you, jump up to the level above and shoot him before dropping down and going right. As you spot one of the flying Rhynocs start going back left again and duck until he flies over you, shoot him as soon as he's passed. At the end of the current platform is another Rhynoc who will come out of a door. Double jump over the spiky gap, duck as another Rhynoc flies at you.

Move right, shoot the Rhynoc as it comes out of the first door and jump up two levels to spawn a grenadier. A little to the right a cleaner will spawn for you to kill and as you go even further right a riot officer will spawn on the level below, drop down to shoot him. Continue going right, shoot the rocket launcher as he spawns as well as the cleaner on the level below before jumping back up. Move on right killing Rhynocs all the way. This level is quite populated with those flying Rhynocs so be on the lookout for them at all times. You should soon get to a fairy. There's a mine just next to her, so grab the gem but be careful not to jump on or too close to the flashing mine.

Jump up to the left now, up again and up again inbetween a couple of grenadiers shooting them both as they aimlessly thrown over you if you're crouched. Up again to the right is a green goo powerup, but head to the left now. Jump over the mine on the lower level and continue going left until you reach another Rhynoc of the flying variety. Jump up again here and head right, and up. The shield door here will spawn a riot officer so watch out for that as you refill your shield. Carry on right a bit further jumping over a purple platform to a red ammo refill, then go back to the left and continue on past where you turned right, just about exactly where there's a fairy.

Jump over the mine and the cracked purple platform, another mine and then you'll aggravate a couple of flying Rhynocs, stay ducked until the second has flown over before attempting to kill them, or if the gap's long enough between them you can stand up and shoot each as they pass. Go down past a green goo powerup and jump down a series of purple platforms, passing over a mine along the way. On the solid platform jump downwards to get a 25 gem before jumping back up again. Now jump up to the left, following a series of purple platforms that turn to the right. When you get to a sort of cross road in the path, go right first over a load of purple platforms then over a couple of mines to a 25 gem, head back and go up and right this time.

Shoot the rocket launcher before jumping though, and the cleaner as soon as you get off the purple platforms. Couple of flying Rhynocs and a grenadier to tackle before getting to a place with another pair together further to the right. Finish up to the end here with a few gems, then head back and go left instead. You'll eventually reach a fairy next to a red powerup and a 25 gem. Go right until you get to solid platform again.

Wind your way up here killing the Rhynocs on each level before jumping up to the next. As you finally reach the top level, head right. Finish off the level by collecting the last few gems and killing the last few waves of grenadiers, rocket launchers and sweepers before going to the top right corner and collecting the 99th firefly. One level to go.


Firefly 099/100

Get to the end of the Agent 9 level Volcano Vaults.

Ripto's Mondo Volcano

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

Ripto's Mondo Volcano is found on the other island reached by moving platforms, go there and pay Moneybags 1000 gems for the use of the portal.

The usual Sparx-Sheila conversation occurs, you've gotta destroy all ten lava lamps to win this level. Go down to the right, kill the two bouncing Rhynocs and stomp on top of the first of the lava lamps in the far corner. Back around and take the higher path first. Wind around to the lava lamp and destroy it, jump down and get the tough Rhynoc to bomb himself, grab the gems here then go back up using the lava lamp and along the other path you just opened up with it. Head north-west, kill the Rhynoc and wander on down to the next lava lamp along to the left. Smash it.

Jump down and along to the left, watch out for the falling rocks, track down their throwers, one to the right, one to the left, before doing anything else. Destroy both the lava lamps here as well before going further left, taking out a couple of Rhynocs and destroying the sixth lamp. Follow this new path, kill the bouncing and tough Rhynoc to get to the seventh lamp. Go up to the path newly opened on the right with a couple of the more harmless bouncing Rhynocs.

Smush the eighth lamp and open up another path, watch out for the throwing Rhynoc though before hitting the ninth. Go to that tenth just shown and destroy it and the rest of the thorns along with it. Several paths open up and the firefly appears next to the end portal. Go grab the gems in the north sections first, before heading down south to the place which was blocked in two directions. Go left first. Wander around here killing Rhynocs and grabbing gems until it's empty, then go in the right direction instead, heading towards the portal. Kill the final Rhynoc and grab the last gem before smashing into the 100th firefly of the game. With 100/100 fireflies and 8000/8000 gems (only 4800 on you though, greedy Moneybags) it's all but finished.

Lava Lamp

Firefly 100/100 - Fume

Destroy all of the lava lamps in the Sheila level Ripto's Mondo Volcano.

With that done, go exit the level and head to Ripto's Volcano in the top right corner of Starry Plains and talk to Bianca to open it up.

Ripto's Volcano

This is it, the final fight. Spyro vs Ripto. It's time to make all that firefly saving worthwhile. Ripto will bring up a shield of three coloured cards, one for each type of attack. The fire powerup is to the north of the area, the ice on is south-east and the lightning one is in the south-west. You need to attack him in the order of Ice-Fire-Lightning and then quickly charge into him before his shield goes back up. Repeat another two times, there's no change to the order though so just keep it up and he'll be defeated after the third charge.

Thalia will appear by a portal and give you the ability to warp to any level in the world using your Atlas. With 100% completed though it's a little late. Head through the portal to Sunny Plains and to talk to the Dragon Elder. The final conversation occurs with Bianca, Hunter, Sparx, Spyro and the Dragon Elder. Then the credits roll... some images to look out for during the credits. The Elder will then ask you to collect all of the gems, which you've very nearly done already. Go to the right and have a little chat with Moneybags to get the gems back from him. With all the gems collected, talk to the Dragon Elder again. You've just opened up a special game called Sparx Panic. Save the game and that's the end of the game.

You can access Sparx Panic from the main menu as well as another game called Dragon Draughts which was unlocked after defeating Ripto.

#12 JamesFakeman 21:54:09 02/04/2016
I had a weird glitch on Mondo Volcano! There was a yellow gem there I couldn't collect! A day later it turned out that gem is already collected, it's sprite was stuck there! LOL! Funny, huh?

I must say...protecting the rocket is a really difficult challenge...
#11 Spyroclubhouse 03:02:28 04/06/2015
This is kind of like enter the dragonfly and my number#3 spyro game exept smilie
#10 spybro 23:25:50 17/11/2012
love this level and the game its awesome
#9 Stealth Elf 32 22:45:28 30/04/2012
How can I get to Ripto's Volcano using cheats
#8 Stealth Elf 32 19:08:49 29/04/2012
Come ON! Ripto is impossible to beat!

cuz my R button is broken smilie
#7 American Spyro 22:15:16 14/02/2009
well gnasty gnorc came back in a hero's tail
#6 maspanda 14:38:11 01/12/2008
This one is AWESOME!!! But how does Ripto keep apearing after you kill him? He's in this game, Spyro 2 (Obviously), Enter the Dragonfly, and Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs.
#5 GENNESIS 22:26:14 17/07/2007
This was my favorrite game! Until I let some kid borrow it in exchange for DOnkey Kong Country and he lost my game!!! So I kept his which, frankly, isn't as good as Spyro(duh) I'm looking for this game like crazy right now! I miss my game!!!
#4 manaphyex99 01:13:44 20/02/2007
#3 Lover of Spyro 19:23:45 13/12/2006
how du u get pics on ur comments!!!???!!!and count me in on the agreement!(but there is 1 teeny tiny problem with wot u said spyro hero, the spyro games r not "cool", they are "the best games in the seires of the universe of time and space in the future, presence and the past!!!"smilie
#2 me 20:03:24 19/08/2006
#1 spyro hero 19:18:53 12/06/2006
i thinki all the smilie games are cool

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