Spyro 2: Season of Flame


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Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following cheats on the Press Start screen with the Season of Flame logo. If entered correctly you'll hear a sound.

All Breath TypesRight Down Up Right Left Up Right Down B
All Portals OpenUp Left Up Right Up Down Up Down B
Atlas WarpingDown Up Left Left Up Left Left Right B
Blue SpyroUp Up Up Up Down Left Right Down B
Infinite AmmoRight Left Up Down Right Down Up Right B
Infinite LivesLeft Right Left Right Right Right Up Down B
Infinite ShieldLeft Down Up Right Left Up Up Left B
Mini-GamesRight Up Down Down Down Right Up Down B
Never DrownDown Up Right Left Right Up Right Left B
Super ChargeLeft Left Down Up Up Right Left Left B
View All Worlds in AtlasLeft Right Up Up Right Left Right Up B

#31 spybro 19:29:37 05/09/2012
im playing the game right now to see if all cheats work here we go the frist one worked out well 2. yep3.tempit 4.relly blue spyro 5. ok they all work but how will the game play work.................................... yep barrier smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmilie:c:smiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmilie:s:smiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
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