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Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following cheats on the Press Start screen with the Season of Flame logo. If entered correctly you'll hear a sound.

All Breath TypesRight Down Up Right Left Up Right Down B
All Portals OpenUp Left Up Right Up Down Up Down B
Atlas WarpingDown Up Left Left Up Left Left Right B
Blue SpyroUp Up Up Up Down Left Right Down B
Infinite AmmoRight Left Up Down Right Down Up Right B
Infinite LivesLeft Right Left Right Right Right Up Down B
Infinite ShieldLeft Down Up Right Left Up Up Left B
Mini-GamesRight Up Down Down Down Right Up Down B
Never DrownDown Up Right Left Right Up Right Left B
Super ChargeLeft Left Down Up Up Right Left Left B
View All Worlds in AtlasLeft Right Up Up Right Left Right Up B

#31 spybro 19:29:37 05/09/2012
im playing the game right now to see if all cheats work here we go the frist one worked out well 2. yep3.tempit 4.relly blue spyro 5. ok they all work but how will the game play work.................................... yep barrier smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmilie:c:smiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmilie:s:smiliesmiliesmilie smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
#30 sunburn fan 1 10:49:21 23/08/2012
these codes are awesomesmilie
#29 superspyrofreak 19:16:41 12/08/2012
these cheats are CRAP.............and by CRAP I mean AWESOME
#28 Stealth Elf 32 22:13:58 29/04/2012
R's MV at 2.8%
#27 Stealth Elf 32 14:07:48 29/04/2012
celestial plains at 16.5%
#26 Snake Eyes 13:23:58 05/11/2011
Im playing this right now using cheats
theyre awesome!
#25 sparky87 19:36:25 05/07/2011
its plain to see. cheats rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k) ( thats my special face)
#24 GlitchGirl 19:18:20 20/08/2010
I don't know if I said this already, but one or more of these cheats messed my game up! I love cheats, so I did them, and when I went to my map, most of it was gone! The cheats erased part/most of my saved game! So, I'd watch it with these cheats...
#23 C1nder 05:11:27 05/05/2009
that's all of them? Cool!smilie
#22 DemonSpyro115 01:39:55 27/04/2009
the codes helped i do think it is bad to cheat but i made an exeption to the ds games except the pokemon based ones and i also made an exepton on this one
#21 FireIce48 23:24:09 02/04/2009
On a website (can't remember which one) I found out a cheat for Season of Ice. I don't have Season of Ice so I don't know if this is true.

In the 2nd home world in the haunted place (name idk lol) you grab the skull and just wait there. He will start talking randomly. After a while he will say this (a LONG while):

"Hey do you know what (random letters here)? I found it written somewhere but I don't rememer where..."

The random letters are supposed to be the code. If you want to find out if this is true go ahead. I have no idea.
#20 spyrofreak12 14:42:39 11/03/2009
awesome it worked for me
for all those that cant read you have to do it on the "press start" screen
#19 American Spyro 00:17:05 17/11/2008
they do too work. I use the cheats all the time. Maybe your not doing it right.
#18 CynderGirl13 17:06:26 13/08/2008
they don't work
#17 American Spyro 17:41:17 11/06/2008
i luv the cheats
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