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Celestial Plains

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

A more purple home world, Celestial Plains is where you are now. Grab all the gems on this small platform and head up to the right and glide over to a large landmass. Right here you might notice a small blue circular pedestal, use your Ice Breath upon it. Seven more to go. There's a portal to Haunted Hills right here as well, ignore it for now though, and continue on around the level.

You should find Hunter standing next to one of those purple rocks just up and to the right of where you are.


Firefly 037/100 - Sparkle

Destroy a purple rock next to Hunter and you receive this firefly from him.

Head down to the right until you reach the edge of the current platform, along there you'll find the second pedestal to freeze, and then glide to another platform just below. Here you'll find some gems and the entrance to Winter Mesa, go back to the mainland again though.

Now head towards the top left-hand corner of the map and as you pass a portal to Rumble Jungle, with Agent 9 standing outside it, go to Bianca who is standing next to a fire powerup.


Firefly 038/100 - Glow

Talk to Bianca next to the fire powerup.

Just above here you'll find the third and fourth of the pedestals as well as the entrance to Candy Lane which isn't marked on the map for some reason. Also just to the left...


Firefly 039/100 - Brulé

Free roaming the north-west of the map.

That's French for burned by the way. Head up the slope in the top left and smash the three boulders there. You'll find the fifth pedestal to freeze and a nice place to glide to the next platform from. Do so. Here you'll find the sixth as well as the seventh, a portal to a Sheila level, Lunar Ledges (1000 gems to get in), and some gems. Once it's clear drop down to the left and go on round to the right.

Around here you'll find a second Sheila level with Moneybags outside it again, he only wants 700 gems for this one though. Pay now or later it doesn't matter, either way go up to the right and glide over a small patch of water to the top right corner of the map. Up here are loads of gems, the entrance to Watertopia and a firefly.


Firefly 040/100 - Toasty

Free roaming the north-east of the map.

It's no sheep that's for sure. However, once you've grabbed those gems, go down off south to a place where there is a patch of freezable water, a firefly and an ice breath powerup.


Firefly 041/100 - Phospho

Free roaming the centre of the map.

Freeze the water and run across to the other side. Here you'll find a couple of portals, one to Sunny Plains, the other to Starry Plains, you'll need 50 fireflies to use that one, the last of the gems and the last of the pedestals.


Firefly 042/100 - Pepper

Freeze all eight pedestals to free this firefly.

With all six fireflies captured and 300 gems collected, you might want to go finish off the levels that weren't quite done in the previous world: Shamrock Isle and Temple of Dune.

Shamrock Isle - Part 2

Gems 20 Gems

You should just be needing some gems in this level, the chest and key are probably the main cause of this as they are both inside caves blocked by purple rocks. The key is in a cave in the top-left corner of the map whilst the chest is in a cave in the middle, reasonably close to where you enter the level. Once you've collected those last few gems head on over to Temple of Dune.

Temple of Dune - Part 2

Gems 18 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

Here you'll be needing a firefly and some gems. The cave you will need to go in is marked on the in-game map in the final area of the level, quite far along from where you enter the level. Inside the cave is a Rhynoc mummy and the last of the gems. Oh yeah, and a big portal thing. Talk to Nigel and he'll ask you to lend him a hand in capturing a thief.

Go into the portal and start charging around the area after the thief, it may take a while to hit him, but he'll eventually make a mistake enabling you to smash into him for the capture. Head back out to Nigel again.


Firefly 043/100 - Fuse

Capture the thief for Nigel in his cave.

That's Sunny Plains fully completed. Go back through the portal to Celestial Plains and get playing that world for reals.

Candy Lane

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

In the magical world of sweets... talk to Bert, he'll explain what the overall mission of the level is, to free all his friends. The first of the six is just to the left of here and at the bottom left of the small island is the first of eight birthday cakes that you need to put out with ice breath. Jump onto a small square to the left and again to a second large island. Not much on here just a few gems and a couple of Rhynocs so continue on jumping over water to the left.

Another Rhynoc and the second of the trapped elf chefs. Jump up north again and flame the Rhynoc scientist before grabbing the firefly that's flying around.


Firefly 044/100 - Twilight

Flying about in the eastern section.

The second of the cakes is just to the left as well, carry on northwards, going left up a purple slope filled with Rhynocs, at the top is the third trapped elf. Jump down to the right and put out the cake, kill the Rhynoc and freeze the firefly.


Firefly 045/100 - Star

Wandering around the top-left corner.

And continue on right, past a couple more Rhynocs is the fourth cake and the level's fairy. Glide down to the right, free the fourth elf and kill the two Rhynocs around here.


Firefly 046/100 - Cal

Flying around the top-right corner of the map.

Also put out that cake, walk up the purple steps here to a portal which you should go through. Go talk to Robby in the centre of this area to start the challenge.

As Robby starts making a cake, you have to defend it from the invading Rhynocs, flame them as they approach and keep an eye out. You can flame through the cake so don't worry about circling it too much, just avoid being pushed by Robby and you should be okay. He'll put six layers on with icing, red decorations and a candle before he finishes.


Firefly 047/100 - Glisten

Help Robby to make a cake for Bert.

Head back out the portal again and go to the south end of the platform. Jump to the one south of you, kill the three Rhynocs on here and free the second-to-last elf. Go up the purple steps at the far end, grab the key and put out the cake and kill another Rhynoc. And from the most left part of this platform, glide to a platform on the left. The centre of the level.


Firefly 048/100 - Shimmer

Wandering around the centre of the level.

You'll find both a cake and the above firefly here before moving further north. Flame a load of Rhynocs on the purple area and free the final elf as well as putting out the final cake.


Firefly 049/100 - Aurora

Put out the eight cakes of the level.

Now head back to Bert and get the reward for freeing the elves.


Firefly 050/100 - Flash

Reward from Bert for freeing his elf friends.

Just a few gems left to get now, in the south-east corner of the area is a small island which holds the locked chest with those gems inside. Once you've gotten it get out.

Haunted Hills

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

Speak with Chatter, the ghost, and he'll ask you to find his buddy Yoric for him, that's the overall objective. You'll see one of the types of Rhynoc in the level just now, they pop out of the ground from a sewer type covering and you can only hit them whilst they're up. The locked chest is also here.

Go down the path killing the Rhynocs as they appear, near a coffin you'll see a couple of pumpkins just waiting to be torched, yep there are seven more to get in the level. Carry on going right, go up around to the top corner to get some gems and then down the large slope to your left here. Run along following the path going left beneath the first path you went along. Along here are plenty of gems, Rhynocs and the second pumpkin. Also at the far end is a purple rock to break, go inside the cave there. You'll find a mummy and the key of the level so exit once it's clear and run along back to the large slope in the east of the level.

Flame the pumpkins to the far right of the level right near the fairy. Go down to the right, kill the Rhynoc and flame the fourth pumpkin. Back to the fairy and go left instead. Another rock blocking a cave, go inside to grab a firefly.


Firefly 051/100 - Charcoal

Inside a blocked cave just after the fairy.

Up on top of the cave is another firefly.


Firefly 052/100 - Fizzle

Roaming around above a cave just after the fairy.

Now, head down to the left again and around. The next of the pumpkins is here, as well as a load of gems and Rhynocs. Head further left to where there's a third cave blocked by a rock. Just outside is the sixth pumpkin.


Firefly 053/100 - Crispy

Roaming around inside a cave in the bottom left hand corner of the map.

And on top of the cave you'll find a challenge portal to go through. Chills wants you to run his obstacle course in under a minute. It's not that much of a rush, just use flame breath to take out any of the witches on the platforms and look before you leap if you don't know where the next platform is. Once you reach the final large platform go to the far end and Chills will release the firefly, go back along the course to get it and to get out.


Firefly 054/100 - Candle

Defeat Chills' obstacle course.

Once you get out, go right and up where you should see yet another firefly.


Firefly 055/100 - Red

Flying about near the challenge portal.

Up to the right are some gems, then carry on along to the seventh set of pumpkins. Smash the purple rock and go through the entrance. At the end of the short room is a skull on the floor, walk over it and talk to Yoric. Head back out and go up to the challenge portal again, glide to the platform north of you. Here you'll find the last of the pumpkins.


Firefly 056/100 - Ember

Flame the eight pumpkins.

Now glide over to the right to land on a high platform with a couple of life butterflies on and a 25 gem. With that done, go around back to the very start of the level, grab the gems from the chest and talk to Chatter to get your reward.


Firefly 057/100 - Cauldron

Locate and return Yorik to Chatter.

All done? Head out to Celestial Plains again.

Winter Mesa

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

Glide to the next platform, then the next and again past the locked chest. Talk to Andy here and start to escort Andy home. Keep close to him and flame all the snowmen and Rhynocs you come across. It's a nice long path winding through the level almost the entire way.


Firefly 058/100 - Glint

Escort Andy through the level and get the reward off Luc.

From where you end up, go left and down to a fire powerup. Talk to the llama Pierre next to it to find out what you're supposed to do with the powerup, light some torches. There's no time limit for doing so, you just need to be able to get to each candle within the 30 secs of powerup. The first candle to light is just to the left floating out a short way. Head up the top of the slope to your right and flame the first of eight Christmas Trees to the right end.

Jump down and go around above the portal back to Celestial Plains, just around the corner is the second of the five candles.


Firefly 059/100 - Soot

Flittering around near the portal to Celestial Plains.

Go to the left now and up around to a second Christmas Tree. Now up the slope to your right to a fairy. Continue on up some stairs to the right. At the top, head right, flame the tree, down the slope, jump to the right, flame another tree and kill another Rhynoc. Circle back up and head left at the top of the steps.

Carry on around, flame the Christmas Tree on the way and into the cave blocked by a purple rock. Just a few gems in here so head back out again. Go down the slope to the left and grab the key, flame the third candle to the right too, a shorter way there would be to jump from where the second Christmas Tree was. Back up the slope and go to the fifth tree and glide down to the left onto the slightly too high platform blocking your way through the level.

Smash the purple rock blocking a cave and go in. Darren will ask you to play ice hockey and defeat a Rhynoc by scoring five goals in a minute. The best way is to slide in from one of the sides and shoot as you get close to the Rhynoc, it usually goes in this way.


Firefly 060/100 - Comet

Defeat the Rhynoc playing Ice Hockey on Easy.

Talk to Darren again and he'll ask you to score eight in 60 seconds this time, same method as before applies.


Firefly 061/100 - Stella

Defeat the Rhynoc playing Ice Hockey on Hard.

Up top of the cave is the sixth tree, to the far left of this place is the fourth candle, use the nearby powerup to flame it. Go down now to the slope of steps. Just to the right before them, however, is a firefly.


Firefly 062/100 - Dawn

Flying around near the first fire powerup.

Drop down to the left where the seventh Christmas Tree is and the final candle to flame. Now head right and at the end is the last Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree

Firefly 063/100 - Gloaming

Flame all eight Christmas Trees.

The locked chest is just to the left now, grab those last gems then head all the way back through the level to Pierre to collect your reward.


Firefly 064/100 - Sunny

Fire up all five candles and get the reward from Pierre.

Head on back through the portal with the level completed. Next up, Watertopia.


Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

Talk to Steffi next to you, she just wants you to rid the place of Rhynocs, there are a total of 15 of the ones that will count towards this goal, they kinda look more like a hippo then other Rhynocs. A couple of the target ones are on this small island, as well as the first fountain which you should freeze. By that fountain, jump off to the right and down to land on a second island.


Firefly 065/100 - Hydra

Scuttling around on the bottom island.

Freeze the fountain just below Hydra and go off in the right direction. Up here are a couple of those Rhynocs as well as the third fountain. Back along to the left and jump to the island on the far left of the map.


Firefly 066/100 - Ishtar

Scuttling around on the bottom island.

One of the worst movies ever made, apparently. Continue on left making your way past the fairy and up to a fourth fountain near the top. Smash the boulder nearby and enter the cave.


Firefly 067/100 - Agni

Inside a cave on the western island.

The Hindu god of fire in firefly form. Back out and up top, to the right you should glide over to a lone platform with a Rhynoc and 25 gem on. Now glide down to the left and land near a challenge portal. Talk to Stacey, the Queen of Watertopia. She wants you to catch a thief who's stolen her crown. Enter the portal to do so. He's just to the right as you get in so get charging quickly. Just keep following him charging the whole time, you'll eventually get him as long as you cut the corners a little more then he does. Exit and talk to Stacey again.


Firefly 068/100 - Chili

Get Queen Stacey's crown back from a thief.

Just above the portal is the fifth fountain and above that, the sixth. Kill the Rhynocs on the isle then jump the small gap to a teeny platform before going to the last big one in the top right sector of the map. Straight away you'll reach the seventh fountain, after that just wind your way up the island, stopping to go into another blocked off cave along the way. Nothing but gems inside however, continue on along, round and up until you kill the final Rhynoc, grab the last gem and freeze the last fountain. Incidentally there's no chest in this level.


Firefly 069/100 - Phoenix

Freeze the eight fountains around the level.

Head back to the start by using a moving platform in the bottom right corner of this island, it'll take you straight back to the starting island. Talk to Steffi to get the firefly.


Firefly 070/100 - Smoulder

Kill all 15 of the charging Rhynocs around the level and talk to Steffi.

Another level completed, that's all of the Spyro levels for Celestial Plains, next up Rumble Jungle.

Rumble Jungle

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

As the name of the level might have led you to believe, Rumble Jungle is indeed a level with a theme of the jungle. Walk a little way to the right before jumping up to a platform above, avoiding the Rhynoc that appears, shoot that Rhynoc through the heart with your poisoned green blob ammo stuff. As you pass the fence, drop down and quickly shoot the grenadier before he has a chance to react. Jump up and across and shoot another grenadier over some flowers, then jump down and kill the rocket launcher below.

Jump up and up again, then up onto a purple floating platform to the right and then left up to the very top to grab a few gems. Jump over the purple platforms again to an ammo refiller, drop down and shoot a grenadier and down again to take care of a rocket launcher. Jump back up and jump over another two purple cracked platforms to get some gems before dropping down to a platform below with a grenadier and a green goo refill.

Jump left and across then down and back to the right, healing your shield if necessary. A bit further right and then jump up to where a grenade Rhynoc and a fairy are, kill him and go near her. Jump down a little to a small platform, walk a little to the right to entice a Rhynoc out of his door, then jump and shoot at him as he throws his grenades over your head. Down a little further to kill another Rhynoc and then refill your green goo. Use the cracked purple platform to get over the gap.

As you approach the flowers a new kind of Rhynoc will emerge from the red ammo door, a riot officer, shoot him when his shield is facing away from you, and jump out of the way if you set him charging at you, then get behind him and shoot. Jump down to the level below to grab a few gems go along to the right and use the platforms there to jump over to a few gems before jumping back and back up again. Jump up once again and shoot the riot Rhynoc from afar, then do the same with a grenadier just past him.

Jump up again and kill the riot Rhynoc up there, refill the goo and then jump off to the left onto a purple platform then again to the left. Shoot the Rhynoc as it emerges then shoot the riot Rhynoc in the third door before turing back and shooting a rocket launcher from the second door. Jump over a few more purple platforms to get to a vase with a 25 gem inside. Back you go.

Drop down and shoot a riot Rhynoc standing outside a shield refill. Jump up onto the platform to the right and shoot the riot guy before jumping down twice to get a red refill then back up again to continue on. Jump past the falling rock, shoot the rocket Rhynoc and get to the fairy refilling your goo on the way. Jump over the gap and kill the Rhynoc as it comes out of the shield door. Jump down off here and kill a grenadier. Jump down from here and immediately shoot at the riot Rhynoc before going left. Jump up and kill the Rhynoc and grab any gems around here before going back to the right again.

Jump up above the rocket Rhynoc and over the gap to the right. Down just before the rock and shoot a grenadier, turn left and shoot the rocket launcher before dropping down again to shoot another. Grab the gems down here then jump up and up again, then go right. Just before grabbing the firefly, jump up onto a purple platform to get a nice 25 gem, but watch out for that rock as it will hit that platform. With all the gems collected, grab the firefly and exit the level.


Firefly 071/100

Get to the end of the Agent 9 level Rumble Jungle.

Lunar Ledges

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

If you haven't paid Moneybags his 1000 gems to open the level, you're going to have to now. Sheila will give the objective of the level, to clear some landing pads, ten in total. Go to the right side first, kick the Rhynoc throwing fire and smash the boulder on the first landing pad. Collect the gems off to the right, then go back past the start to get the second pad clear of rubble. Continue on left past a bouncing Rhynoc to a path split, down goes to the third pad, then go up and follow it along around to the right. As you get to the fourth pad, jump up onto the raised platform on the left and kick those two Rhynocs who were throwing stuff at you as you passed below.

Smash the fifth and return to the fourth, jump up to the section afterwards. A couple more Rhynocs to kill before the sixth pad. Use it to jump up to another couple, this time working together to annoy you, just time the jump up there so you aren't hit by the flame thrower, the seventh pad is in the corner too. Drop down to the eighth, and continue along to a set of three Rhynocs to get past, more timing required. You'll reach number nine before Sparx mentions a really rough Rhynoc.

All you need to do is be right next to him when he throws a grenade, but jump out of the way of it. Quickly go back to him and kick him whilst his helmet is off. The final pad is right after him, freeing the firefly by the portal just ahead. Jump up there and go off to the right. You'll meet another of the tougher Rhynocs to kill, then head up to fight another before reaching the top of the level, home to a 25 gem. Back down to the portal and head off left. There are two of the Rhynocs here at the same time. Do one at a time then kill the bouncing one too, grab the last few gems here then head on back to Celestial Plains.

Landing Pad

Firefly 072/100 - Kindle

Clear all ten of the landing pads in Lunar Ledges.

Arctic Outback

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

Another 700 gems go to old Moneybags again, he seems to like blocking off Sheila's levels. Time to turn on some space heaters, stomping them for sure. The first is dead ahead, kill the Rhynoc then stomp onto it, it'll melt some icicles allowing you to go on. Grab the gems to the right then move along to the left, watch out for boulders though as they will try and hit you. Get up to the Rhynoc throwing them, kill him and then stomp on the heater.

Kill the one further up then go down to the left along past some more icicles. Grab the gems, kill the Rhynocs and stomp this third heater. Another jumper and a fourth heater, then a fifth. Grab the gems on the right then follow the left path, avoid the rocks and stomp the sixth heater. Follow the new path along past a trio of bouncing Rhynocs to the seventh heater, smush it. Head north-east, avoid the rocks and kick the thrower, go to the left and jump down onto an eighth heater. Grab those gems then head south-west of the previous heater. Heater number nine needs a stomping.

Now head up north-west of that heater up the steep steps, kick the rabbit pogo stick bouncing Rhynoc thing and another, then the final heater to switch back on. Head back through the level to the rock thrower you couldn't get, attack from above now, and grab the gems above him too. Back here again and collect the gems off the end nearest the heater then go to the portal at the other end. You should have all of the gems by the time you get the firefly.


Firefly 073/100 - Cole

Turn back on all of the space heaters in Arctic Outback.

That's all for the Celestial Plains, go through the portal to Starry Plains and get ready for a fight with Gulp.

Boss: Gulp's Overlook

Basically here all you need to do is get Gulp to fire at you, then charge away to the far right and avoid it until it drops down, pick it up, walk back to Gulp and fire it at him. Repeat until you've hit him three times.

Once Gulp is defeated, a fairy called Calliope appears by a portal to Starry Plains and gives you an extra hit, Sparx will now go from Yellow to Blue to Green to Red to nothing. Head through the portal to the final world, Starry Plains.

#4 JamesFakeman 12:25:03 24/03/2016
I hate the hockey minigame so much.....
#3 Lover of Spyro 19:20:26 13/12/2006
YEAH SPYRO DOES ROCK!!!!and i got all the fireflies in order(and same on the other games with the stuff u got to collect on those games like:fairys and dragonflies!!!)!!!!(hey!not to get off the subject but it was my skool play 2day and instead of singing the song we learned i was humming the theme tune to AHT!!!!and i got done 4 not singing the right song!!!!)
#2 Karen Love 19:20:06 02/01/2006
I'm 90% percent done this spyrp game i love it so much now all beat all 3 monsters boy was that easy,now all i gotta do is get all the gems and fireflies and i'm done I;m getting spyro 3 too i'm so happy YEAH SPYRO ROCKS
#1 Conner Cohan 12:15:44 25/07/2005
I Like Ripto's Volcano Becuase Defeating Ripto is Fun!All You Need To Do is Use Superice on The Blue Card.Superflame on The Red Card.And Thunder on The Green Card Then Charge Him And Do it Two More Times

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