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Spyro 2: Season of Flame

Spyro 2: Season of Flame

The second Spyro game to appear on the GameBoy Advance. Still made by Digital Eclipse as last time, they've managed to improve upon Season of Ice thankfully. The game now has a memory. Certain things you do stay forever rather then having to do them every time you die or go back into a level. The game also has a much better Atlas as it no longer just lists numbers but also pictures to help you with your collecting. And the introducion of a map is a great thing as it very useful if you're lost in a level.

Being back in the Dragon Realms rather then the Fairy ones, this game allows you to control some other characters aside from Spyro and Sparx (Sparx not being a playable character in this game). Overall both the graphics and gameplay have been improved dramatically for this second installment by Digital Eclipse.

Spyro 2: Season of Flame Spyro 2: Season of Flame
North America Sep 24th 2002 European Union Oct 25th 2002

The Story

Here's the official word on the story from the SpyrotheDragon.com website:

After a well-deserved vacation following the encounter with Grendor and the Season of Ice, Spyro returns to the Dragon Realms to discover that none of the Dragon Elders are able to breathe fire anymore! In fact, not even Spyro can use his flame breath any longer! It's been turned icy cold! (Naturally, Hunter has been frozen solid by this time.)

Someone, mysteriously, has stolen all the fireflies, the source of all fiery Dragon Power. And it's up to Spyro, Hunter, Bianca and Sparx to find out why!

And here's a basic acount of what happens as you start a brand new game.

Arriving back from their visit to the Fairy Realms, Hunter, Bianca and Spyro land back in the Dragon Realms in their hot-air balloon. Spyro notices that there's no-one there to welcome them back, and Hunter mentions that it's pretty cold in the Dragon Realms. They spot a Dragon Elder and talk to him.

The Elder informs them that all of the dragon's fireflies have been stolen by an army of Rhynocs. This means that the dragons can no longer breath fire, Spyro proves this by freezing Hunter. They all decide to investigate...

The Controls

Spyro the Dragon
AJump. Press again when in the air to glide. Press again whilst in glide to hover and end the glide.
StartBring up the start menu
SelectChange breath type
L + SelectOpen Map
Agent 9
AJump, press again to double jump
LSwitch weapon
StartBring up the start menu
Sheila the Kangaroo
AJump, press again to double jump
A + A + BStomp while performing double jump
StartBring up the start menu


And as all other Spyro games, Gems are you currency. Slightly different from the previous game, Season of Flame uses a new 25 value gem. Obviosuly not new to the series in value, but they've redesigned it so that is 'less confusing' then before.

Gem ColourGem Value

And as all other games, gems are found in the usual locations; inside flammable baskets, chargeable vases, locked chests, Rhynocs and just plain lying around on the ground.


There's never really been a major change with Sparx's system. Same as usual.

Sparx ColourHits Left

To regain your health, simply flame one of the small creatures running around the Dragon Realms that give out butterflies.

That's all for the intro. On with the main game I think. Off to the Sunny Plains!

#15 Danjcb 20:03:17 15/09/2006
It's the English cover Dragginwings and your right I prefer the US cover art as well
#14 Dragginwings 22:38:46 06/09/2006
The US cover art is sooo cool!!! It makes what ever that orher country's cover art look terrible, especially up close!!
#13 snow_white658 04:50:50 06/09/2006
Great game, really enjoyed it.
#12 me 20:01:57 19/08/2006
I AGREE!!!... But da game has an idiot plot!!!
#11 Breezy 06:11:22 25/07/2006
This is definetly one of my favorite spyro games. The graphics were great( especially for a gameboy) and music wasn't that bad either. Spyro rocks!
#10 Hannah 01:16:59 21/07/2006
Spyro ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#9 me 22:26:24 19/07/2006
Yeah! But still, really fun game, IDIOT plot.
#8 Dancinkayley 04:52:16 17/07/2006
They're bringing back ALL THREE bosses in the Playstation Spyro 2! (Hey, this is the Gameboy Advance Spyro 2, how strange...) Why? Why? If it's a continuation from the older game, why ressurect an old boss in an attempt to make it more popular which doesn't work?
#7 Me 23:00:17 19/04/2006
Oops,I didn't see that passage there before...
#6 Me 22:58:13 19/04/2006
Steven's Mom, CRUSH is the guy guarding Celestrial Plains. He was in SPYRO 2:RIPTO'S RAGE!. To kill him, when he tries to freeze you AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.When the chunk of ice lands,walk into it to pick it up.Then spit it at him,and if it hits him,charge into him.I think you have to do this 3 or 4 times.
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 10:37:34 04/10/2005
I didn't write this extract, it's from a guide by flip on GameFAQs, but it might be able to help you if you haven't already read it.

To win this fight, you must constantly keep moving like a con artist across the
country. When he launches those cold projectiles at you, dodge them and watch
them fall on the ground. Then go pick one up, as the game only lets you have
one. When you have him vulnerable, shoot his own projectile at him and freeze
up him. Then charge him while frozen, and run. Lather, rinse, repeat.

There is some fodder on the northwest side of the fight arena if you need it.
After three times of your grab-n-go method, he is totally Crushed. Then a fairy
named Cleo appears and gives you a new spell, used to crush boulders.

Thanks for reminding me about this guide though, I'll get started on finishing it very soon.
#4 Seven's Mom 06:11:04 03/10/2005
Please tell me how to kill the guy blocking celestrial plains
#3 Anonymous >_> 06:28:00 10/09/2005
I loved the minigame in this one.
#2 Gusty bv 13:31:37 30/07/2005
OOOOOOOO, Let me know when they come out
#1 Hannah Roberts 12:23:33 25/07/2005
I kept my word! i love this site 10000000000 times over! i have a spyro mag coming out in 2006 hopfuly. hope you will collect them. i love the site. keep up the good work guys!
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