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Sunny Plains

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 6 Fireflies

After the opening dialogue, you can finally get going with the game and saving the Dragon Realms for the second time in Spyro's life.

Walk along the path right next to you and as you approach a couple of flammable caskets, Sparx will inform you about how to open them up. Very useful information if you're new to the game, but not so if you've played any other game in the series. Carry on past here once you've got those gems and talk to Bianca at the end of this short path.


Firefly 001/100 - Pyro

The first firefly for you to catch. Here you should use your ice breath attack on the firefly to freeze it (similar to using the Bubble Breath to catch dragonflies in Enter the Dragonfly, they even look alike) and then just walk over it on the floor to pick it up. Nice name too.

The portal near to Bianca is to Shamrock Isle, but as you can see if you walk up to it, you can't yet access it as it requires 3 fireflies in order for it to work again. Just like the fairies in Season of Ice.

Anyway, head round to the left now and go around the level following the edge as you go, collecting gems too though. Just a bit along here you should see what looks like a small sundial without the dial, this will be used later and is similar to those things that you had to find in each level of Season of Ice. And just past the sundial is the Hunter.


Firefly 002/100 - Brimstone

Chase after it and freeze it as Hunter drops it.

Carry on round the level clockwise and soon you should see a firefly running around by itself.


Firefly 003/100 - Smoky

He's running around next to a giant yellow sundial.

Right next to you now, up onto the platform steps and up to talk to Hunter.


Firefly 004/100 - Magma

Amazingly yes, it's Hunter's usual jumping and gliding tutorial. As simple as always. Don't worry too much if you fall off as you'll be saved by some magic, much like in Season of Ice but less annoying as it allows you some freedom. The only jump that might trouble you is the last one which may require a few attempts before you get it.

After getting that firefly, go up to the bit behind Hunter and grab the strange shaped blue gem. The return of the 25. It has been redesigned so that it stands out a lot more and has been given a new colour as it used to be pink, which probably would have made it confusing on a GBA with the 5 value gems being purple. I say probably as I really don't know.

Now, the rest of the level is pretty much gems, so look at the map (hold L and press SELECT) and go around where you haven't yet been to collect all the gems. The only other thing in the level at the moment is located down in the section of the level in the southeast corner. Talk to Bianca there.


Firefly 005/100 - Incendio

Bianca will inform you about the powerup next to her, and then give you this firefly.

Use the powerup on the lighter blue water just to the right of the powerup. Over here you should find the last remaining gems of the level, unfortunately you won't be able to finish off the firefly collection for this level just yet though, so it's onto the first actual level of the game.

Country Farms

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

The portal is located on the platform of which you finish up the Hunter's jumping challenge. Unfortunatley they didn't seem to take the hint and have once again used the agonsingly slow inbetween levels flying thing which shows all the gems you've collected, great, but they should have made it a bit faster as it can be tedious sometimes, although nowhere near as annoying as the loading times in Enter the Dragonfly, which just took forever for no reason.

Go down to the right and talk to Henrietta (a cow I think), she wants you to go find her sister Daisy. Kill the Rhynoc and continue along to the northeast, where you should find a sheep and...


Firefly 006/100 - Welt

...this firefly just flying around out in the open, ripe for a freezing.

A bit more traipsing around and go up the top of a side path where you'll find the first of eight haystacks, however you can't do anything to it just yet...
There's another side path with a second haystack on, so collect the gems and be on your way past. All the way to the edge of the level, then go north up on a platform of steps. Right at the top is a locked chest for you to get later, now back down and continue the path of mainstream. Just a little down the path is yet another sidepath to another haystack, carry on past (grab the gem there though) glide over to the left and land on a platform with a blue 25 Gem and a life-in-a-bottle, then glide back. Slightly further along down here you should come across a few Rhynocs and surprise surprise;


Firefly 007/100 - Parch

You'll find this little fella. As per usual it's on the loose which requires a freeze and walk.

A short way past this firefly Sparx will yatter on about the fairy here and how it'll save your progress within a level. Intresting if you didn't play any of the PlayStation Spyro games, but basic knowledge if you did. And behind that very fairy is the pathway to the key. Grab the key and head back through the level to the point where the locked chest was, you remember it, right?

And back. A teeny bit further along from the path to the key you'll find yourself with the third firefly of the level.


Firefly 008/100 - Zap

And once again it's free and needs to be frozen.

Once more, continue along the linear level until you see a short dialogue with Daisy who asks you to take care of the Rhynoc keeping her there against her will. A simple freeze like the rest should do the trick, it's not a special wizard I don't think.


Firefly 009/100 - Blush

Once you kill the Rhynoc, Daisy will let you have a sparkly 'gem' she found.

And almost as if there was nothing there, a certain magical rabbit will appear and give you the ability to use your fire breath again. To switch between fire and ice, press Select.

Now that you have your flame breath, you can go back through the level and flame all of the haystacks you couldn't get before. Off you go then.

  1. The first one to get is over to the left of the portal back to Sunny Plains.
  2. The second is down the slope up to the place where you first saw Daisy.
  3. Number three is close to the fairy, over to the right.
  4. Back you go to number four which is up a slight slope off the path.
  5. Fifth is up the middle platform before the one with the locked chest on.
  6. And the sixth is on the platform before that one.

And that's all the backtracking you'll need to do for this level. Go all the way back through to where that portal opened up and go down to the right. At the bottom of the slope is a life-in-a-bottle and the seventh haystack to flame. Along to the right again and you'll reach the final area of this level.


Firefly 010/100 - Shock

Running around like it should do, this firefly is just waiting for a freezing so make sure to switch breaths to capture it.

And to the northwest of this area is the eighth and final haystack.


Firefly 011/100 - Scald

As soon as it burns, the firefly will be set free upon the world.

Now, you see that blue challenge portal in the middle of this area? Well go into it then.


Firefly 012/100 - Crimson

Your challenge here (talk to Mabel) is to keep her milk cold. To achieve this task you will need to use your ice breath (not flame) and run around freezing the milk as it thaws. Don't let any of the numbers reach zero otherwise you fail. After a short time of freezing the milk you win, not too hard really. Polly will give you a glowing 'seed' she bought at the market.

The last of the gems are found in here, so collect them up and head on out with a full 100% completion of this level. All the way out back to Sunny Plains by the way.

Sunny Plains

Gems 0 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

That one last firefly is all you need in this level, and now you've got the fire breath you can get it.


Firefly 013/100 - Tracer

The eight sundail locations are as follows:

  1. Directly above the portal to Shamrock Isle, which is located just after the Dragon Elder.
  2. In the northwest corner of the level
  3. Slap bang in the middle of the level, near Bianca who is standing next to a portal to the Celestial Plains
  4. The other side of Bianca and her portal
  5. In the middle, but at the top, below the third jumping platform
  6. In the northeast corner of the level, on the ground floor
  7. Down by Bianca near the water that can be frozen, up round on the platform on the left of her
  8. On the platform at the end of the water you can freeze

Once you flame that final sundial the firefly will pop out of it.

And that, finally, is the first level fully completed to 100%. Now on to the the next one.

Shamrock Isle

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

Ah, a Irish-themed level. The portal to get into this level is found o'er near the start of the homeworld, just after the Dragon Elder.

Almost right in front of you, is the first of the Leprechauns, Brian. He wants you to try and save their dancing horseshoe. Once you've finished with the chatting, go over to the right and use your ice breath on the fountain there. You guessed it, it's the first of eight. Down and to the left now where an irish Rhynoc is awainting you, flame/freeze him and then notice the thing near him.


Firefly 014/100 - Scorch

It's a firefly, all free and happy, freeze it!

Follow the main path around now, take out the next Rhynoc and then watch out as the rolling Rhynoc tries to attack. A quick flame should get rid of him. And a freeze to that second fountain eh? Into the next little area where there's yet another Rhynoc and a third fountain to freeze. Around here the game will give you a couple of hints, one telling you that you can't get through some rocks, and the second about a jump. Ignore the first and jump where the games tells you to.

Clear the small island and jump off it to the south-west, watch out for another 8-Ball Rhynoc though as it tends to roll around where you land. Once this islands clear as well, off directly south now.

A helpful hint about looking around will appear, walk over to the fairy to get your progress in the level saved. Clear the island as per usual, then jump to the east where there is another island (the hint when you landed refers to this place). Nothing special on the first island, jump north-east to get to a second one. Here is the fourth fountain to freeze, clear and jump north-east again. Talk to Darby who'll let you know about some magic fire pixies that are burning up a pasture. Quickly clear this island and go into the portal here.

Fire Pixie

Firefly 015/100 - Beam

As soon as you get in the challenge starts. There are three fire pixies running around, freeze one and wait for the other two to run near you as they try to rescue their friend. If they touch the frozen fire pixie it will escape and you'll need to freeze it again. All three need to be frozen at the same time in order to win. It's generally a good idea to guard the one you freeze first to stop them from getting at it while you're away chasing one of them. Once you've got them, go out through the portal and talk to Darby again.

Talk to Darby yet again and he'll inform you that those fire pixies are back, with a friend. Through the portal you go...

Fire Pixie

Firefly 016/100 - Ashley

Same as last time, just freeze an extra one. Remember that once there's only one left, you can go chase after it. Head out and talk to Darby when you're done.

Once that's all done, go to the left-corner of this island and jump down to an island with a single gem on. Then onto the main path. Go all the way back to the fairy and this time jump to the left. Fountain number five is on this little place. Get over to the far left of the island and jump north.


Firefly 017/100 - Kelvin

Almost as soon as you land you should spot this little guy roaming around.

And in the corner above Kelvin is the sixth fountain. Sparx will again give you a hint of where to go. Follow that hint. Then go to the left to freeze number seven. Watch out for a couple of 8-Ball Rhynocs to the right now. Grab all the gems you can and keep a watch out for those Rhynocs, they like to squish. Go up to the top of these purple ramps.


Firefly 018/100 - Loomy

This one's once again just roaming.

Just a bit further along up here and you should find the last of the fountains.


Firefly 019/100 - Simoom

As soon as you freeze it, the firefly will pop out.

Go to the right now and around the top edge, take out the Rhynoc and then walk into the dancing horseshoe that's just wandering around up here. Glide down to the right and go talk to Brian.


Firefly 020/100 - Shine

He'll let you have the firefly.

That's all the fireflies in the level, but it's not all the gems. Unfortunately you'll have to come back at a later date in order to gather those last few. Head out the portal here and back to Sunny Plains.

Temple of Dune

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

A quick chat with the nearby mouse will inform you of your overall objective in the level, which is to rid the level of bombs. The first of which is very closeby. Smack it into the water via use of your charge skill, there are a total of seven to get rid of in the whole level. Jump up the steps on the left and use your ice breath on the glass, and yes, it's one of eight.

Jump over the gap to the next part of the level where you'll find a second bomb right away. Continue down to the right and then up and to the left. Here you'll find a firefly.


Firefly 021/100 - Rocket

He wanders the middle-top area of the level.

You'll also find another bomb to knock into some water, as well as a new enemy who you'll need to freeze and then charge into. In the north-western corner is the level's locked chest which you'll need to come back to once you get the key, and just to the right: the second drink. Time to move on again. Going right you'll find another bomb at the bottom of a slope, another drink to freeze and a firefly.


Firefly 022/100 - Dynamo

Floating around in the top-right corner of the map.

And the save fairy is just around the corner ready and waiting to zap ya. Next we're going left first, on the small platform there you'll see the next of the bombs, once that's out of the way freeze the drink and go into the cave a little further left. You'll find a firefly in here as well as a few gems.


Firefly 023/100 - Butane

Inside a small cave in the centre of the level.

Back to the right now. You'll find another glass to freeze and the second to last bomb on a set of stepped platforms. Heading down now, you'll find another set of stepped platforms with the key at the top to the right as well as the next drink to the bottom. Jump over to the island in the middle of the area and destroy the bomb on it to finish them off.

Down to the left now, another drink and a loose firefly.


Firefly 024/100 - Blaze

In the area to the bottom left.

Unfortunately you might just notice the large pink rock blocking a cave off, you still don't have the powers to unblock it yet so carry on south where you'll find the final drink.


Firefly 025/100 - Matches

Freeze all eight of the drinks.

Go to the top of the platform and jump to the nearby one of the right for a few gems, also a shortcut back to the start of the level. If you haven't yet gone back for the chest then do so now, otherwise go right back to the very start and talk to Christopher again to get your reward.


Firefly 026/100 - Hibana

Destroy the bombs and return to Christopher.

All that you can do is done, back out to Sunny Plains.

Tiki Tropics

Gems 400 Gems - Firefly 7 Fireflies

Straight away you'll bump into an elephant who goes by the name of Ben. He doesn't say much and nothing of consequence so get moving. Flame the thorns, they're the first 3 of 32 strewn around the level, you'll need to destroy them all to help out here. For the time being you just need to continue down this lone path until you get to a second Rhynoc. Here you should see a lighter blue patch of water to the top of the screen and a tiki statue at the bottom, flame it (one of eight) to get it to light up. If you've played Crash Bandicoot you might just recognise the sound it makes.

Move along again and you'll meet a geeky tiki with a sheild, Sparx is on hand to inform you that it's weakness is a charge. Walk along the bottom of the path just to the right here all the way along, smashing vases as you go. At the end of the path is the second statue. Back up and around past where the tiki was standing, flame some more thorns and destroy another Rhynoc. Just past him you'll find a second tiki and a nice glowy thing.


Firefly 027/100 - Flicker

Found roaming around at the end of the first platform.

Jump to the top left and onto a second area of the level. Head upwards where you'll find yet another Rhynoc and a nice fairy who'll save your progress through the level. This area is now pretty open and you're free to go wherever, but the next of the statues is up in the top right corner of the level, you'll also find a nice 25 gem nearby too. There's another on the top of the pyramid next to the left as well as a fifth about halfway down it.

If you now head down to the left and back round to the right, you should be in nearly the center of the level about now.


Firefly 028/100 - Glitter

You'll see this little fella wandering around near the middle.

Right next to this firefly you will find another elephant, this one going by the name of Tommy. He wants you to help him light a load of green torches, to do so go into the ice powerup behind him and get ready to move. You get 30 seconds of the powerup in which to freeze the light blue patches of water, run over them and light the torch on the island at the other end. The first is right next to you, you'll need to switch to fire breath to light the torches though and you can recharge the powerup as many times as you like.

The second is just below you and the third is up to the left. Near this one you should also find the sixth statue to flame as well as a key. By now the initial powerup will have worn off, go back to Tommy and get another boost. Go to the right and up onto the small platform. Glide to the right again and then up, then to the right. Charge along to both of the patches of light water and flame the two torches to finish up.


Firefly 029/100 - Swelter

Go back to Tommy to collect your reward for lighting the green torches.

You'll now have to go back around and up to the top left of the map now, go via the small platforms to the right of Tommy. At just about the center of the top of the map, you will find a yellow area with the next statue, a locked chest and a firefly.


Firefly 030/100 - Twinkle

Free roaming the area in top-center.

In the final area of the level, the top lefthand corner, you'll find the last few thorn bushes to flame. You'll also find the last statue to flame at the bottom of the pyramid as well as another free roamer.


Firefly 031/100 - Scarlet

Flame all eight statues standing around the level.


Firefly 032/100 - Burner

Wandering the final area in the top left corner of the level.

One final 25 gem is still to be gathered, climb up to the top of the pyramid here and glide around to the platform right in the top corner. Jump down and talk to the last elephant here to get your reward for destroying the bushes.


Firefly 033/100 - Gleam

Destroy all 32 bushes and claim your reward from Linus.

With the level completed fully, head through the portal and back to Sunny Plains once again.

Minty Mines

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

The first of Agent 9's levels is found in the middle area of Sunny Plains, towards the bottom.

All of Agent 9's levels will follow this basic structure with you controlling Agent 9 going along through the level, usually to the farthest point in the level to collect a firefly there. If you grab all the gems along the way, that's about all there is to it.

Anyway, this level consists of going right, a lot. Jump up to the next level and shoot the Rhynoc as he appears from the doorway, he'll probably duck so you should too, continue shooting whilst ducked to hit him. Three hits and he's dead. As soon as you kill another one, drop down to the level below and kill the Rhynocs down there too. Just a bit further along on this level you'll see a door with a green blob marked above it, you can go into this door to refill your ammo (though since you can always fire regardless of ammo there isn't much point except to have a quicker repeat fire), the same applies to a door with a purple shield which will heal you too, they're both use once. Go along further and make sure to jump down to the next level and refill your shield there. Walk along until you see a small metal square with an arrow pointing upwards, watch out for a large falling gem (don't try to collect it) and as soon as it has gone quickly run past.

Kill the yellow cleaner and continue along to the first of the rocket launcher Rhynocs, five hits required to kill this type, and stay ducked in order to avoid the rockets he will fire overhead. Run along to the far right, go into the door marked with an orange dot to get some extra quick-fire ammo (use L to switch between the two). Jump up to the level above, and wipe the floor of Rhynocs and jump up again. At the left-hand end jump up to the fairy to save your progress through the level. Pass the falling gem again and double jump onto a floating platform, jump again to get to a gem vase with a 25 in, and one more jump to collect a 10 gem floating in the air. Work your way back up to the fairy again and jump to the platform above her, head right.

You'll find another rocket launcher Rhynoc or two as well as a few more sweepers through this tunnel. Jump down at the end and collect the few gems directly along the path to the left before heading back here and jumping down again. Now a slightly more difficult bit. Time jumping past the falling gem, and avoid the Rhynocs as they spawn, jump back to before the gem and wait for the next opening. Go through again and this time shoot and kill the three Rhynocs as they appear, including a new grenade throwing one which will be able to hit you whilst you're crouched.

Simply walk up to the strangely unnamed firefly in the box and it'll smash open. Grab the gem there to complete the level. Head on through the portal back to the Spyro world.


Firefly 034/100

Get to the end of the Agent 9 level Minty Mines.

Canyon Hop

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

The level is found in the middle near the top of the map, Moneybags and Sheila are standing outside it. Pay Moneybags the 500 gems he wants for opening the level, despite the fact that you'll only get 300 gems out of it.

Unlike Agent 9, Sparx actually helps Sheila here. A short conversation between them reveals Sheila's plans to get some plants growing again. The controls in Shiela can be a bit confusing at times as the level is grid based with the direction changing each time you move, but you should eventually get used to it. Go along to the left and up to where Sparx will ask you about jumping which Sheila will answer, at least it's a change from other people telling you basic things that your character would already know.

Make sure to grab the gems up to the left and down to the left before moving on, stomp the flowerpot and jump up again. You'll now meet the first enemy of the level, timing is essential as you need to move onto the same square as the Rhynoc and kill it in the same move. Collect all the gems around and stomp the next flowerpot. Continue along down some steps to another Rhynoc and a third flowerpot. The next Rhynoc is even deadlier, if you get withing one square of him and wait too long, he'll hit you with a bomb attack, but he's a simple kick just like the other kind.

A little further on you'll find another couple of bouncing Rhynocs and another couple of flowerpots to stomp. Jump up after the second one and along to another of the flaming Rhynocs, quickly dispatch of him and stop the flowerpot here. Down to the left you'll find a short path with a few gems and a bunny at the end which you can get a health point from. Back along to the flowerpot again and go down to the right. It's another Rhynoc and the eight flowerpot. Watch out for the falling rocks now, you can kick them but it easier just try to avoid, though they do tend to follow your general direction, head up and kick the Rhynoc throwing the rocks in order to be safe. Stomp the last two of the flowerpots to cause a firefly to appear at the exit.

All you need to do now is jump up using the flowers and collect all the remaining gems and the firefly.


Firefly 035/100 - Bernie

Stomp all ten of the flowerpots in the Sheila level Canyon Hop.

All done, head through the portal back to Sunny Plains.

Alpine Adobe

Gems 300 Gems - Firefly 1 Firefly

Found in the bottom-right corner of the map, past some water you need to freeze, is Alpine Adobe, the second Agent 9 level of the game.

Head right and shoot the Rhynoc, jump up to collect a few gems and back down to continue on. Very shortly you'll see two doors which will spawn a cleaner and a rocket launched, crouch to take care of these easily and just past a pile of washing is a grenadier. Jump onto the purple platform and then double jump further right. Another cleaner and ammo refuel. Head upwards now, shoot the rocket launcher and then head left. Jump up onto the purple platforms here making your way up to the left, grab the gems there and head back along, going up to the right now. Another few purple platforms to go and then jump down following a line of gems.

Go left and kill a rocket launcher and a cleaner as he spawns right after, then up to collect some more gems and a shield heal if you need it. Down and over to the right to kill another couple and then up again. Up to the right again and kill the Rhynoc there, double jump to the left to grab a gem and then go back again.

Jump onto the cracked purple platform to the right and then quickly over to the fairy. Watch out now, there's a grenadier above who can throw down at you, jump up and shoot him quickly. Jump all the way down to the right and shoot the rocket launcher straight away. Continue on right and jump over the gap using a purple platform, kill. Rhynoc. grab. gem. Now back again and work your way back up. At the highest point jump to the right and continue on further. After a couple of refuel points, drop down and kill a rocket launcher or two.

Jump up and up again, kill the Rhynoc and jump up again. Another Rhynoc and another jump up, kill the grenadier and jump up again, shoot another grenadier and, what do you know, up again. Shoot the two Rhynocs up here. Jump down and go to the left, jump off to the left grabbing a 25 gem as you go, now work your way all the way back to where you just jumped from.

Jump up again to the fairy. Jump along the series of purple platforms making sure not to stay on them for long as some of them are cracked and will send you very far downwards. Once you reach the end, shoot the grenadier and the ones above him. Continue as far up as you can and jump along a short series of purple platforms. Walk along the path a little further then turn around and shoot the flying Rhynoc as it swoops in. Now jump down and clear the doors to the left of Rhynocs, the last gem should be along the path here, go to the right and free the firefly, finishing off the level.


Firefly 036/100

Get to the end of the Agent 9 level Alpine Adobe.

Boss: Crush's Dungeon

Head to the portal to Celestial Plains and talk to Bianca. Walk through.

After the usual loading screen, Crush will appear and start off a boss fight with him. In order to hit him, avoid the ice particles as they head towards you and then walk over them as they land. Flame it back at him and then charge into him. Do this three times to win.

Cleo (a fairy) will then give you a spell which will make your charge attack stronger, you can now smash those purple rocks that have been plaging you. Go through the portal to Celestial Plains.

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#16 skylandsmaster 00:34:36 12/08/2012
Yeah Beam Was Hard
#15 Spyrofan12345 01:06:59 23/07/2010
Nevermind, I got some help from someone else on YouTube =P

I love playing this game! I honestly like it better than Season of Ice lol. It's great for that old Spyro fix when you can't play it on the TV! And it makes me less nauseous! smilie (literally, the games get me dizzy sometimes Dsmilie
#14 Spyrofan12345 19:01:57 22/07/2010
I can't seem to get the 25-point gem on that top level/platform thing in Alpine Adobe! It's too high, I can't reach it!!! D: Can someone help? =]
#13 GamingMaster_76 23:11:08 24/01/2010
i cant get beam! UGH!
#12 IcyGirl123 03:19:18 24/01/2009
Beat the game, already.
#11 Alison appleby 14:10:08 25/03/2008
i own 2 spyro gameboy advance games, which i always go back to playing them on my DS, the games are , season of flame, & season of ice, both are gr8t games to play, worthwhile going back to time and time again, money well spent..........
#10 Red Spyro 18:53:39 13/11/2007
Omg dw dark mine has a glitch on the first save file which is the one i restart on :S i checked it on another one and it says 1 smilie
#9 Red Spyro 18:46:41 13/11/2007
smilie are you sure even on the english versions? Mine says 7 :S
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 08:09:11 13/11/2007
You only need 1 firefly to open Country Farms.
#7 Red Spyro 01:39:46 13/11/2007
Dark52 You have made a error...

You put the level COUNTRY FARMS Before SHAMROCK ISLE. since you need to go to SHAMROCK ISLE. first to get atleast 7 fireflys to even access COUNTRY FARMS you must go to SHAMROCK ISLE first. smilie
#6 Destiny 16:46:54 26/08/2007
Thanks! These helped a lot!
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Crush breaths ice in this game....COOL smilie
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