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4:22 PM - Monday the 11th of September, 2006 - by dark52
I've completed work on my brand new walkthrough for Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

It walks you through the entire game from start to end and all the stuff inbetween. All items, eggs, relics, crystals and creatures are listed and is viewable in both the basic TXT format or an HTML format.
#1 ydnew 12:41:25 01/10/2006
love the game, defeated sorcerer thanks to your walkthrough, but this may sound like a daft question, but is it good or bad that i finished the game on level 17!!!. can't wait for the next one, i'll have to be content with doing a hero's tail on gameube, forgot i had it!! ds has taken over!
thanks will visit this site more often now that i found it! it is ace!

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