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#15 Toasty 20:37:16 16/05/2008
Hmm some of the screenshots have more detail to the fairies an Spyro than the game it self does
#14 American Spyro 00:27:13 15/05/2008
I think the artwork page is much better than the screenshots.
#13 TrueSpyroFAN 17:33:46 16/01/2008
I like the pic of hunter in the artwork page! smilie
#12 tron50 21:47:58 26/10/2007
nice i like these gallerys
#11 spyster10000 19:50:34 26/10/2007
is it just me or is all this artwork japenesse lol still great artwork dark52 you rock
#10 Spyrofan12345 00:09:41 27/08/2007
I didn't lose my Season of Ice game. However, I did lose my GBA, so my best friend is holding it for me, along with Season of Flame and my other GBA games. lol

~Grace~ smilie
#9 SequoiaDragon 03:45:58 30/05/2007
In the artwork section, Hunter looks so awesome! I have never seen that design of him before.
#8 SequoiaDragon 03:43:13 30/05/2007
Does everyone lose Season of Ice? Because I did the same thing that Fairytail did. I still haven't found that sucker...
#7 missbonnita 21:49:01 16/05/2007
how in the heck do I catch the thief in the levels?
#6 Dragginwings 23:17:40 30/04/2007
Oh, I forgot about that level!! *slaps self on forehead* Thanks!! smilie
#5 artiste_violet 11:37:53 23/04/2007
Its a skunk from the Dusty Trails level.
#4 Dragginwings 03:13:59 21/04/2007
Lol, yes, who is that skunk?!
#3 Spyro2008 20:33:42 17/04/2007
I use to own that game! I have no idea where I put it. smilie I recommend the game to others.
#2 Fairytail 20:30:17 16/04/2007
On the artwork section, who is that skunk? Is it supposed to be the one in Market Mesa? Because I thought they were llamas, not skunks smilie
#1 Fairytail 20:28:43 16/04/2007
Wow, cool screenshots smilie How do you take screenshots, anyway?
I used to have Season of Ice but I lost it smilie
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