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Light Gems

The largest collection, and one with the least rewards. Light Gems are required only for opening a few doors, operating a few gadgets and getting 100%.

Dragon Village

  1. In the nursery
  2. Inside a locked chest by a beehive in the starting area
  3. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
  4. At the top of a series of platforms near Sgt. Byrd
  5. Above the secret entrance to the Professor's Lab
  6. Inside a locked chest just before Crocovile Swamp

Crocovile Swamp

  1. Behind a cracked wall and in a locked chest after Dark Gem 4
  2. In the top of the pyramid next to Moneybags' first remote shop
  3. At the end of the middle room in the Forgotten Temple
  4. Behind a wall in a passageway just after the Forgotten Temple
  5. Above the Zoe right after Light Gem 10
  6. Complete Blink's digging challenge on Hard
  7. On the top floor of the Elder's Treehouse
  8. Complete Fredneck's turret challenge on Hard
  9. Just off to the right after Fredneck
  10. Inside the bottom of the pyramid, use the supercharge to open it

Dragonfly Falls

  1. In a locked chest opposite a Zoe near the start of the level
  2. Behind a strong door destroyed by a cannon near the start
  3. Through a cracked wall which you need to swim into
  4. Complete the Sparx Shooter on Hard
  5. In a locked chest off to the left of the entrance to the piranha area
  6. On top of a tree stump across the pool from Light Gem 20
  7. At the end of Hunter's section
  8. Reachable with wall kick, near Dark Gem 10
  9. Behind a cracked wall in the secret area

Coastal Remains

  1. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
  2. In the bottom of a broken tower in the north of the west area
  3. On a platform in Otto's pool
  4. Collect your reward from Otto
  5. In a cave at the end of the 20 Light Gem area
  6. On top of a platform reached via several pole spins, avoiding windmills
  7. In an area reachable by electric platform near the shop 'Domain Doorstep'
  8. Complete the Turtle Mother's challenge on Hard
  9. Above a waterwheel in the south section, use waterbreath to reach it

Cloudy Domain

  1. Inside a locked chest at the start
  2. At the end of the path you took to get to Dragon Egg 26
  3. Just after a thermal created by Dark Gem 15
  4. Complete the Wing Shield challenge
  5. At the end of the path to the right at the start of the level
  6. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
  7. Complete the Ball Gadget for a second time
  8. Inside a platform after Sgt. Byrd, requires wall kick

Sunken Ruins

  1. In a locked chest near Dragon Egg 33
  2. In a locked chest behind the mermaid Lily
  3. In a small room reachable by swimming through the first green water
  4. Complete Sparx's Challenge on Hard
  5. At the far end of some laser shooting fish statues
  6. In the second green water tunnel with debris
  7. Inside a locked chest in the large green pool area
  8. Inside a locked chest in the final room of the level

Frostbite Village

  1. Complete Peggy's challenge on Hard
  2. Behind a gate in the ice area next to Peggy
  3. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
  4. Inside a cave near the Egg Thief in the eastern part of the level
  5. Next to a strong door in the tunnel from Ice Citadel
  6. On a platform after a couple of pole spins after Dark Gem 29
  7. In the middle of the area with Dark Gem 30
  8. At the bottom of the steps where Hunter is standing
  9. At the end of the area behind the 95 Light Gem door

Gloomy Glacier

  1. Clear out Bentley's cave
  2. In the middle of the area just after the swinging hammers with switches
  3. Inside a ribcage with a Yeti, destroy it with a fire arrow
  4. On a ledge with a Yeti after a couple of rolling stones
  5. Complete Sparx's challenge on Hard
  6. At the top of a set of crumbling platforms
  7. Inside a locked room above the climbing wall, shoot a target to open it
  8. At the very end of the level

Ice Citadel

  1. Directly above Moneybags' Shop 'Cool Courtyard'
  2. Light the first boiler down the corridor from the first remote shop
  3. Inside a locked chest just after the Elder
  4. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
  5. Inside the boiler nearest to Sgt. Byrd
  6. Behind a circular strong door near a cannon
  7. Light the final boiler
  8. Collect your reward from the Ice Princess

Stormy Beach

  1. Inside a ship in the west portion of the level
  2. Complete Wally's challenge on

Molten Mount

  1. Inside a locked chest next to Sgt. Byrd
  2. Complete Sgt. Byrd's flying challenge on Hard
  3. On a platform next to some poles
  4. After the second set of nine fire creatures
  5. Above a set of three platforms raised by three switches with a time limit
  6. Inside a locked chest behind a cracked wall near the end of the level

Magma Falls Top

  1. Guarded by a fire bird in the southern section of the level

Ball Gadget

  1. Take the second right
  2. Take the right after Light Gem 81

Magma Falls Bottom

  1. Inside a locked chest shortly after several firey blockades
  2. Just below where the wizard stood
  3. Complete Sparx's shooting challenge on Hard

Dark Mine

  1. The second left in the green water in the secret area
  2. In a locked chest just after the 45 Light Gem door
  3. In the area with a moving Wall Kick, use it and glide to a high platform
  4. Complete Blink's challenge on Hard
  5. In the far corner of the area with several steam vents to use a poles
  6. On a platform above a switch to activate a wall kick

Red's Laboratory

  1. In the first room of the south-east section
  2. In the room off from 'Laser Leaps', activate a boiler
  3. At the end of a section of green lasers in the western section
  4. Above the entrance to the room with Dark Gem 39
  5. Go along a conveyer belt with invincibility and use wall kick at the end

#15 momma 00:03:10 16/11/2008
#14 Anonymous 21:33:37 03/11/2008
What is the point of the big statue in dargonfly falls? i always think there is an elder there
#13 brysti 20:59:37 24/08/2008
can u be more specific on where to find dark gems in the coastal remains or make a video pleaz i need a lott of help
#12 SD-King 02:48:47 19/07/2008
1.Ther's none in the last island
#11 Anonymous 23:01:04 28/06/2008
i need to find the elder can you help me
#10 PYROX 14:04:21 07/06/2008
I thought they say you'll get to see the final ending movie when you collect all...hmmm...
#9 Minnie xx 07:29:25 07/06/2008
Aha I Meant Wall Kick LOL


(L) Tiffany
#8 Minnie xx 07:24:24 07/06/2008
Heyy, Were Can I Find The Elder To Give Me The Side Kick Thing?

Ive Looked Everywere.. I Cant Seem To Find Him..
I Feel Pretty Dumb Asking This..

If Anyone Noes Anything Else Can You Please Add Me..


(L) Tiffany
#7 Tiffany Anne 07:05:26 07/06/2008
I Cant Seem To Find 40 Light Gems To Power The Supercharge smilie
#6 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:06:07 29/05/2008
There are maps on the maps page.
#5 ryan f-m 11:37:13 29/05/2008
i have checked all of the places at dragon fly falls and i cant find one of them plz i need help also it would help better if you had a map
#4 iloveWill 23:00:50 03/11/2007
It help's me!!!!!Thank you, darkSpyro!!!!!
#3 stevie 22:02:35 24/06/2007
do you now were all the elders are
#2 Lover of Spyro 08:27:18 09/12/2006
ha!ha! your funny! i found them all in order!!!(exept 4 and 5, i got those mixed up!)
#1 The F0x 03:04:42 21/06/2006
Finally smilie and smilie can find those ------ hidden light gems.
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