Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage


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Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer

Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer

Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, or as it's also known, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, was the second Spyro game to appear. And as with Spyro the Dragon, this was a PlayStation exclusive.

This second game in the original trilogy, takes Spyro from his home in the Dragon Realms, to a distant unknown land of Avalar. Here Spyro meets plenty of new friends as well as some enemies too. He also learns some brand new moves to boot.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer Spyro X Sparx: Tondemo Tours
North America Nov 2nd 1999 European Union Nov 5th 1999 Japan Mar 16th 2000

The Story

Here's the official word on the story from the SpyrotheDragon.com website:

Spyro decided to take a holiday to Dragon Shores. He invited his best friend Sparx to join him and together the duo soared through a magic gateway, off for a well-earned vacation. They were going to rest up from their victory over Gnasty Gnorc in their first adventure. But fate was about to throw a wrench in their travel plans.

Far away, the bitter and twisted Ripto, a dinosaur-riding troublemaker, along with his henchmen Crush and Gulp, had taken control of the beautiful land of Avalar. Ripto was a classic example of the "Napoleon Complex" - a little guy who felt he must take on the world - frustrated, short tempered and spiteful. Having stolen a magic sceptre, he was using his new-found power to pick on everyone and generally spoil the peace and quiet of Avalar. He was making life miserable with his magical spells...

The Controls

All controls are the same whatever level you are in, and here they all are:

XJump. Press again when in the air to glide.
TriangleLook around in front of you/Stop glide (when gliding)
R1/L1Spin camera Right/Left
R2/L2Spin camera right/left
STARTAccess the pause menu
SELECTView Gems, Lives, Kills and Collection
D-Pad/Left Analog StickMove around
L1+L2+R1+R2Sparx will point at the closest gem
X then TrianglePeform Headbash (Only works if you've bought the skill)

The gems have changed a little from the previous game. They are now more shaped then before and one has been changed colour completely.

Gem ColourGem Value

They also now come in different containers. Flamable Baskets, Chargeable Vases, Exploding Vases, Unbreakable Chests, Headbash Chests and just lying about on the floor. You will no longer get gems from killing things as they will only release Spirit Particles now.

Gameplay Basics

Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:

  • You are in a different world than in Spyro the Dragon, and as such, all the creatures you will meet are new
  • When you kill something, no longer will it spew a gem, it will release a spirit particle. This life force can activate a powerup when you reach a certain number of kills in that level
  • No more Dragon freeing, here you collect Talismans and Orbs
  • All butterflies will now be eaten by Sparx, whether or not he's hungry
  • There is now a special blue butterfly which both fully heals Sparx and gives Spyro an extra life
  • You will be set many challenges in the game to earn the Orbs
  • Due to this, the citizens of Avalar are a lot more talkative then anyone in the Dragon Realms

Now it's time to get started with the game:
Summer Forest

#60 Lover of Spyro 08:34:31 01/12/2006
because Ripto has a septer,so he could do anything to them!(and Gulp is too dumb to think he can squash him!)
#59 Bianca 07:32:19 01/12/2006
Ha, but here's a tougher question, why do Crush and Gulp follow Ripto when they can just squish him flat and be rulers themselves?
#58 Lover of Spyro 07:17:59 01/12/2006
he is a small dinosaur that rides a big dinosaur called Gulp and has a henchmen dinosaur called Crush!!!(and i say its ok that u hav'nt logged in 4 a while!)
#57 Bianca 07:05:41 01/12/2006
Hey guys! Sorry I hadn't logged in for a while...I've just got a tiny question here in my head; what IS Ripto??
#56 Lover of Spyro 06:09:56 01/12/2006
y know, not to chamge the subject but,there should be spyro advent calenders for sale!(in the U.K!!!)(cos' thats were i live!!!)
#55 Lover of Spyro 06:06:34 01/12/2006
well calm down your self and yeah i am a girl!(i'm Franki but every body calls me Phoebe!(cos i look like my sister Phoebe and they get confused!)!)but i can admit that i love spyro enfinete% out of enfinete%!!!i just can't stop talking about spyro!(i say i got Spyrophobia!!!)(i talk about him at school,at home,at scouts,at...well....prety much every were!!!)(most people don't belive this but i sleep talk and my mate recorded me on her phone,and i WAS talking about spyro!(weird isn't it!?!)
#54 Dragginwings 22:33:56 30/11/2006
Forget I said anything. Calm down!! Just because your username is 'Lover of Spyro' dosen't mean that u like Spyro the most or something, ok!? I sleep with my Spyro toy too!! You're NOT THE ONLY ONE ON EARTH THAT HAS PLAYED A SPYRO GAME, U KNOW!! OK, AND I HOPE THAT U R A GIRL!!

OK.... We're getting offa the topic here... *trying to come up with a comment aout the game* The battle with Ripto was fun!! I remember the first time I beat Ripto.... (my dad was impressed with me!!)
#53 Lover of Spyro 17:42:59 30/11/2006
well!duh!of course i think that Dragginwings!!!and its too inapropriate to say what!?!(ANYWAY I SLEEP WITH SPYRO TEDDYS!(I HAVE DONE ALL MY LIFE!)!!!)
#52 Dragginwings 17:08:09 30/11/2006
Lover of Spyro, if u can't laugh about the funny deaths and you say it's mean if u do, you're a.... oops, It's waay too inapropriate to say period!!! Not even in !@#$%!! And other people luv Spyro as much (or MORE, in this case) than u do!! Why, I think he has se*y abs!! DO U!?!?!?!?
#51 Lover of Spyro 09:32:58 25/11/2006
i don't like defeating ripto much cos' when you do, Eloro tries to KISS Spyro when you have defeated him!!!(GRRRRRRR!I WANT TO KISS SPYRO! NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#50 Lover of Spyro 07:46:32 24/11/2006
soz, artiste violet,i just dnt like people talkin about him like that!!!
#49 artiste_violet 21:53:44 23/11/2006
Sheesh... calm down Lover of Spyro!!
#48 Lover of Spyro 18:57:11 23/11/2006
#47 elora 19:30:58 11/11/2006
umm... how is paying money-bags weird?
#46 elora 19:27:53 11/11/2006
i LUV this game! i lost it a while back and i thought i'd never play it agian but i just got a new copy! ^-^
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