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Each of the three games in the Spyro Reiginited Trilogy has their own set of Achievements/Trophies to earn. There's one achievement/trophy for each level so for a lot of the achievements/trophies you'll just get in the process of completing the level but some require very specific actions or perfect runs. No achievement/trophy is missable but for some you may need to exit and re-enter a level to try again.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Achievements / Trophies

Ripto's RemorseRipto's RemorsePlatinum
Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Light 6 Gem Lamps in 15 seconds
The power-up lasts for about 21 seconds and you'll take a few to get to the first lamp so if you can get them all in one use of the flight power-up you should be safe. A lamp goes out after fifty seconds so if you don't get them all within that single flight power-up duration you'll have to wait a little while for them to all go out to try again. Either of the two sets of six lamps will work for this but you'll need the Climb ability to do the cave lamps.
Well, You Might As WellWell, You Might As WellSummer ForestBronze
Complete Hunter's challenge
His challenge is to earn the orb from him teaching you how to glide.
Bad SushiBad SushiIdol SpringsBronze
Do not feed the Hungry Idol any red fish
Be extra careful when flaming the fish, turn the camera to get a longer look at the fish before they jump out of the water.
Using Your HeadUsing Your HeadColossusBronze
Charge a Goat in Colossus
There are loads of goats, two right at the start even.
Defeat every robot in Hurricos
The robots are just the little enemies. There are two in the first area, three in the second area, and three more in the final area. So eight total.
Rescued!Rescued!Sunny BeachSilver
Headbutt every turtle in Turtle Soup challenges
By headbutt it means charge, they bounce further than when you flame them so you should probably be charging them anyway.
LockjawLockjawAquaria TowersSilver
Destroy every Roboshark
You'll need to use the superflame power-up to destroy the sharks. There are four in the pool on the right side of the second room, and six in the submarine tunnel (it's safer to jump back in after riding the sub than it is to jump in at the end with Moneybags).
Conservationist 1Conservationist 1Crush's DungeonGold
Complete Crush's Dungeon without hitting any fodder
Sheep won't appear if you don't take any damage so this is great to do in conjunction with the level's "Perfect" Skill Point. If you do take damage just avoid flaming or charging too wildly in the middle of the arena as that's where the sheep will hang out.
Warm up the CrowdWarm up the CrowdOcean SpeedwayBronze
Heat up the audience
Flame every member of the audience next to Queen Finny.
Long DistanceLong DistanceAutumn PlainsBronze
Complete the long glide to Orb in Autumn Plains
That's the one from the very top of the castle. To find it you'll need to charge through a crumbly wall near the steps down to where you go to battle Gulp.
Bug ControlBug ControlCrystal GlacierSilver
Defeat all Dracklets in one Superflight
This means do not land. You can fly through the power-up to get more time just do not land. If you miss one just keep going and circle around the entire track, and while a few will probably reappear you shouldn't have to repeat too many (unless you miss again).
UnburntUnburntSkelos BadlandsSilver
Don't touch the lava in Skelos Badlands
If you are trying to do the entire level in one go then you'll have to be very careful. You are safe to run on the lava when using the invulnerability power-up so don't worry about that. It'll pop once you use the Return Home portal. It's very easy to quickly run through the level if you mess it up, you don't need to kill many enemies and there's little reason you'd touch the lava rushing through like that.
Gnot CannonGnot CannonZephyrSilver
Use a cannon to defeat a TNT thrower
They are the large birds that roll the barrels of TNT. The best opportunity to do this is at the second cannon, after you've blown the door open shoot at the bird inside. But you can also sue the third cannon to shoot the TNT throwers before it if you've not already killed them.
Trouble No MoreTrouble No MoreBreeze HarbourGold
Clean run in the trolley
That's just how you get the orb.
Duck and CoverDuck and CoverScorchSilver
Don't get hit by Bob
If you do get hit by "Bob" (aka Bombo) you have to restart the entire level so this one can be a bit frustrating to mess up. Just go slowly and remember that you don't need to charge after him, just concentrate on avoiding the green balls rather than getting to the end fast.
GiantslayerGiantslayerFracture HillsSilver
Defeat every Earthshaper in Fracture Hills
Easy with the 100% reward but before that you'll have to nudge each of the Earthshapers into the lava nearby. The ones in the Alchemist area will have to be defeated by completing the Alchemist's orb challenge and then Hunter's orb challenge once you have headbash. There are ten you can nudge into lava and seven in the Alchemist area.
GankedGankedMagma ConeBronze
Steal a Popcorn Crystal from Hunter
Follow Hunter and nab the one he's going for, it might take a few pieces of popcorn before it registers you as having stolen it.
DryfootDryfootShady OasisSilver
Don't touch the hazardous water in Shady Oasis
As with the lava in Skelos Badlands just be very careful, there's a jump near the spitable lava rocks where if you jump from the top of the steps you might hit your head and bounce into the water so be careful there. It'll pop when you get right up next to the Return Home portal.
Conservationist 2Conservationist 2Gulp's OverlookGold
Complete Gulp's Overlook without harming fodder
Very easy to do with the 100% reward, otherwise this is best to do at the same time as trying for the Perfect Skill Point as at full health chickens won't be dropped for you. If you're damaged early on and you're not using them Gulp will eat the chickens and regain health, which is not good as the game will give you a lot of chickens very often in the first half of the battle. After that you're not going to get as many chickens so taking damage won't be so much of a problem (except for the skill point of course)
Flyin' HighFlyin' HighIcy SpeedwaySilver
Defeat the Snowmobiles before defeating a Hang Glider
As it says, smash all four snowmobiles before flaming any of the Hang Gliders they are attached to.
Bird is the WordBird is the WordMetro SpeedwayBronze
Flame the Pigeons first in Metro Speedway
Just don't flame the bungee jumpers while getting the last three pigeons.
Yard WorkYard WorkWinter TundraBronze
Headbash every rock in Winter Tundra
They've all got stuff inside them so this is something you'll need to do to get 100% here anyway. There are six in total, all out the front of the gates near the vortexes to Summer Forest and Autumn Plains.
Monkeying AroundMonkeying AroundMystic MarshBronze
Charge through every Monkey in Mystic Marsh
You've got jump while charging to hit them. There are four on ground level, three hanging on the raised gangway area, and don't forget the one by the return home portal.
SheeplesSheeplesCloud TemplesSilver
Don't hit any Sheep in Cloud Temples
There are only two places in the level that have sheep so just control yourself around them and you'll get this once you receive the end of level orb. This is just the fodder by the way, the goats are fine to kill.
Olly Olly Oxen FreeOlly Olly Oxen FreeMetropolisGold
Defeat the Ox without taking a hit
This one's kinda difficult, but again easy with the 100% reward. If you're doing it without that then just let yourself die if you do get hit, you'll respawn right there so you can get back at it again quickly. The ox has a pattern so just follow along and keep trying to knock them back at him by bouncing them off the walls towards him, you'll rarely get it to go straight back the way it's coming from head on.
SpitballSpitballRobotica FarmsSilver
Defeat every Robo Bee by spitting
There are 9 Robo Bees throughout the level, pick up a nearby yellow pellet to spit at them - if there isn't one nearby go grab one from the last place you got one.
RGBRGBRipto's ArenaBronze
Use all 3 types of power-ups in Ripto's Arena
That's green for bombs, red for superflame, and blue for superchareg. All that matters is the last orb colour you pick up, the first two can be any colour. You don't even need to actually damage Ripto with the power-up.
Buggin' OutBuggin' OutCanyon SpeedwaySilver
Defeat 5 Buggies while charging
Just charge along the track towards them.
He's on FIRE!He's on FIRE!Dragon ShoresGold
Unlock the permanent Super Flame
Get 100%, that's every orb and gem, and then go to the door in Dragon Shores.

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