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May 28th 2003

Spyro is the special guest of the Fairy Queen for the Royal Ball. But just before the beginning of the party, none of the fairies are ready: their dresses are still locked in the magic chests. Help Spyro give each fairy her clothes in the right order or the party will be cancelled!

#135 KingSimba365 23:16:15 19/10/2010
Shut up faries! Who cares about you or your prissy little dresses smilie
#134 GamingMaster_76 12:57:55 26/09/2010
Whick mobiles can I get this on? I need it for my collection
#133 ignitusforever 20:41:49 24/09/2010
Even though I am kind of sad people are still complaining about this, I just have to made this comment...
People, look and remember this game, for this is the result when Barbie takes over Spyro.
#132 CynderFan1309 06:46:47 17/07/2010
I never played it. But i'm happy I didn't. It looks stupid. :/
#131 Andi_Shy_94 13:30:25 01/07/2010
Kill it with fire....
#130 blueicefox54 14:17:40 02/06/2010
s-s-spyro?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!....yea i wanted to do that. OK IM GOING MAKE ANGRY MOB...NO wait. i shall find the people who made this and kick em on their sensitive area.

me: *rings the doorbell*
Person who made game: *opens the door* hello?
me: *superkicks their area*
Person who made this game: *on the floor crouching* "WHY?!"
me: *points at them epically* "YOU KNOW WHY!!!" *ninja poofs away*

im glad i never played this one.
#129 cynder fan 11:20:26 22/04/2010
a wuld say thet bad luck dout go to the ball

cynder:kil smilie
#128 ignitusforever 01:49:12 01/03/2010
If i wanted to play a dress up game, I wouldn;t play this. Spyro doesn;t belong in a girly game!
#127 gaul2 04:24:26 26/01/2010
spyro peeing is better than this game
#126 Spyro n Cynder3 00:16:12 09/11/2009
wow, tis is... intresting? Fairys? ok now i've seriously seen it all, well read it all... Wait y would he evn b goin 2 a ball? wit no dragons??? tis games gonna kill me smilie n smilie
#125 Spyrobaby 11:25:23 31/10/2009
I know this may seem like a pre-schoolers game, but really, it can't be that bad! If there was more to it, such as actually partying, it would be really good! smilie
#124 hero orc max 20:25:59 21/05/2009
#123 spyrogirl100 22:08:42 20/05/2009
what system is this for smilie
#122 cyro101 14:48:41 02/05/2009
wow...im disturbed who cares about faries anyway!?! i fell Bad for Spyro...smilie that game lookes stupid! and ive never played it never wanna! smilie
#121 cynder21 21:27:47 22/03/2009
wow, who ever thought of this must be terrible at spyro or a sissy
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