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May 28th 2003

Spyro is the special guest of the Fairy Queen for the Royal Ball. But just before the beginning of the party, none of the fairies are ready: their dresses are still locked in the magic chests. Help Spyro give each fairy her clothes in the right order or the party will be cancelled!

#45 Carmelita Fox 00:19:48 11/03/2007
soo crappy
#44 Spyro 12 23:55:19 03/03/2007
Can Someone Give me a Link to where to download this game even though it sounds sad i collect all Spyro Games.
#43 artiste_violet 05:38:26 28/12/2006
well alot of people know that im a girl cuz of my username but im a tomboy too! Anyway, back on topic. THIS GAME SUCKS!
#42 Lover of Spyro 16:42:21 13/12/2006
well i thought u were a boy cos of ur name!(but some one i can't remember who questioned me when i said that i was a goth!cos of my name!)(but, yeah i am a goth!)and i got done 4 playing on my spyro game on my mobile phone in skool!smilie
#41 Dragginwings 23:12:49 28/11/2006
Huh?! It's OK, a LOT of people think I'm a boy (I'm kinda a tomboy) but I'm a girl. Anyway, 5-yr olds are too young for cell games, but it's babyish to the extreme soooooooooo much that I don't think a 5-yr old would really like it.... (more like an infant's game, don't u think? I know they're waaaayy toooo young for things like that but.....)
#40 Carmelita Fox 00:24:40 27/11/2006
Wow I though you were a boy Dragginwings
#39 artiste_violet 23:52:40 08/11/2006
I know, but u dont see 5 YEAR OLDS PLAYING MOBILE GAMES ( especially this game!!)!!!smilie
#38 Dragginwings 01:38:24 08/11/2006
I like pink!!! Yes, I agree with yuh there, artiste_violet!!! And come on!! LOTS OF 5 YEAR OLDS LIKE PINK!! smilie
#37 Spyrothedragon 19:15:08 30/10/2006
#36 artiste_violet 22:02:02 28/10/2006
of course it is!! its pink!
#35 Carmelita Fox 14:01:12 28/10/2006
EEK THIS GAME IS GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#34 Dragginwings 22:04:22 09/10/2006
I wish I had a cell phone....

P.S. I play flute and my band teacher cusses if he saw me w/ a cell phone he'd give me a detension AND cuss me out!! In chorus, he made us sing the Oscar Mayer Weiner song!! SEIROUSLY!!!! smilie
#33 ih8u2 01:27:36 26/09/2006
I bring my cell to school and use the internets on it everyday and don't get in trouble Black Minx. Just put it on silent and I swear no one will ever notice.
#32 artiste_violet 20:23:39 24/09/2006
#31 Dragginwings 23:46:59 19/09/2006
Hec yea.
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