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May 28th 2003

Spyro is the special guest of the Fairy Queen for the Royal Ball. But just before the beginning of the party, none of the fairies are ready: their dresses are still locked in the magic chests. Help Spyro give each fairy her clothes in the right order or the party will be cancelled!

#120 ignitusforever 21:15:29 01/02/2009
I havn't seen this game anywhere,never played it, and NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!! Who cares about some dumb fairies and thier stupid dresses!!!!!!?? I can tell it is a boring game, and i havn't even played it!! If i were Spyro i would tell them to solve their own promblems and burn down the place!!!!!!!!!!
#119 supermalefor 16:19:49 03/01/2009
no, here it is:

spyro: agent 9, is that a rhynoc hiding in that game case?
agent 9: a RHYNOC?! c'mon, you want a piece of me? EAT LASER PUNK!
(agent 9 shoots all the copies of the horrible game.)
#118 American Spyro 03:22:54 03/01/2009
I dont have the game. Im GLAD I dont. This must be the crappiest Spyro game in the universe!!!!

Spyro: I FEEL EMBAREST!!!!!!!! This game makes me look bad!!!!
(the first copy)*BAM, BAM* take that you stupid game*Bam, Bam*!!
pant....pant.....*BAM, BAM*
This game needs to be DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#117 supermalefor 21:30:25 02/01/2009
this game should be destroyed!!!
#116 Chowderfan15 20:11:01 01/01/2009
I guess your right.
#115 dingodile555 19:15:41 01/01/2009
Why would he delete this page just because people hate the game? Whether it's good or bad, it still counts as a Spyro game and it deserves a page on it especially since this is the biggest and best Spyro site.
#114 Chowderfan15 18:23:17 01/01/2009
NOTE: I'm SpyroXCynder, I decided to change my name, but I may change back.
I never played this game before, but if I did, I probobly woundn't like it and would just give it away to a 6 year-old.
#113 SpyroXCynder 21:19:49 31/12/2008
And they both hate Spyro!
#112 supermalefor 15:07:40 31/12/2008
The Sorceress and Ripto? Now they are both ugly and are both dinosaurs, they both have big heads. They are the perfect match!
#111 SpyroXCynder 08:11:14 31/12/2008
Or if the story magically changes on all of the copies! The new story is, the faries teleport Spyro to dragon shores as a reward for saving Avalar, suddenly, they, along with Spyro's other friends (Discluding Sparx) are kidnapped by a new villain called, "Ryto" (The Sorceress and Ripto's kid.) He and his Rytocs take over Avalar! Can Spyro rescue his friends and defeat Ryto?
#110 supermalefor 02:50:37 31/12/2008
I hear ya. Roasted Fairies are the best marshmallow fodder. I WISH ALL COPIES OF THIS GAME WOULD DISAPPEAR AND EVERYONE WOULD FORGET IT WAS EVER MADE!!!
#109 SpyroXCynder 22:50:33 26/12/2008
Sorry, the last comment was mine, I 4got 2 put my name there. (Eats another marshmallow)
#108 Anonymous 22:44:01 26/12/2008
To Firestar and cynder12: NO! DON'T BURN THE FAiRIES.... without me there, why? BECAUSE I BROUGHT MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!!!!!! (Puts a stick with a marshmallow above the burning fairies and then eats it) Yummy!
#107 supermalefor 02:40:05 25/12/2008
on a scale of 1 to 10....negative infinity! i bet Spyro himself is FURIOUS that this game was made! THIS IS THE SUCKIEST, CRAPPIEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!!!!!!!!
#106 American Spyro 19:03:39 24/12/2008
this must be the DUMBEST spyro game in the WORLD!!!!!
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