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12:19 AM - Thursday the 18th of October, 2007 - by dark52
With the release of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night last week, the first few reviews of the game have started to appear.

IGN didn't much like the Nintendo DS version of the game, giving it a score of five and a half out of ten (they also have some videos of the game to help you prejudge it yourself).

Quote: IGN
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night is still far better than the first Spyro outing that appeared on the Nintendo DS, but it fails to keep the momentum going after last year's decent title.

Meanwhile Mobile Game Faqs give the mobile version of the game 76% (7% lower than their score for A New Beginning).

Quote: Mobile Game Faqs
This is a well put together game that's fun to play. The levels do also have some variety between being gem collecting levels, boss levels and flying levels.

And magazines Play and Game Informer have apparently given the console version 8.5 and 6.25 respectively.

On the interview side of things, IGN have a lengthy (on the side of the interviewee) interview with Don Meadows of Krome Studios.

Quote: Don Meadows
I am most proud that we have boss characters that are true boss characters. Both we and Sierra wanted to recapture what it was like to have the coin-munching bosses from older arcade games.

And finally, DS Fanboy also have an interview, theirs is with Amaze Entertainment's Sean Epperson about the GBA version.

Quote: Sean Epperson
It's designed in such a way that a player who is a novice to action games can do cool looking moves, while a player more familiar with action games would find many more layers to the depth of the combat system.

Thanks go to Neal for the magazine scores and finding the mobile review, and to Sean for pimping his own interview.
#1 Dragginwings 01:26:56 18/10/2007
The DS version looks cool! Is it?
#2 Neal 02:51:16 18/10/2007
Thanks for the credit! Do you have any version of the game yet?
#3 Neal 03:27:33 18/10/2007
Ben Reeves reviewed TEN, here is some of what he said:

“Every time Spyro opens his mouth I can’t help but picture Frodo. It’s not that Elijah Wood does a bad job, he’s fine – his voice is just too distinctive. If only Sierra had spent as much money on game development as they did on presentation. Spyro’s gameplay is as old as Wood’s career, so if you’ve a platformer since Super Mario 64, then you’ll probably get tired of double jumping across empty canyons and button mash attacking waves of enemies. Nothing in the game feels particularly broken. Spyro’s gameplay works just like it’s suppose to – just like it has in every other game in the last decade, so it feels like the development team just phoned this one in. –Ben”
#4 Ross 17:14:31 18/10/2007
Fairly good reviews, dark. I can't wait until it comes out here smilie.
#5 HIR 19:41:27 18/10/2007
Mixed reviews... as I suspected before. <.<
#6 artiste_violet 20:24:42 18/10/2007
The DS version looks fun...
#7 Crush 08:36:30 21/10/2007
Yeah. It looks alot diffrent then ANB on DS.
#8 Dragongyrl1000 23:48:50 21/11/2007
I actually love the PS2 version! It has really good graphics and story lines, but I think that they should make it longer and harder!!! And I also liked the story lines that they gave Sparx! He's funny in this game!!!! smilie

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