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1:03 PM - Thursday the 7th of March, 2019 - by dark52
Guilds in the mobile game Skylanders: Ring of Heroes just got their first bit of actual content, Invasion!

[User Posted Image]

If you're in a guild then once a day you can take on a Dark Doom Raider in an attempt to inflict as much damage as you possibly can, the more damage you do before it defeats you the better your score and the better your reward.

Your individual score will then be combined with your fellow guild members' scores to give your guild a total score. That's used to compete against other guilds on your server with rewards given out at the end of each week based on your guild's ranking.
#1 Bifrost 14:23:16 07/03/2019
Level 70 bosses, oof. I'll leave Dark Giant Chompy to when I'm done with powerups.
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:36:10 07/03/2019
I wouldn't worry about their level, they're just designed to defeat you no matter what as they get stronger the more damage you do and they start off quite weak.
#3 Bifrost 15:37:00 07/03/2019
Still, it really took my best team to get an A by the skin of their teeth. When he got going with attacks it was just frantically getting as many low-mana attacks as possible before he finished everyone off.

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