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12:48 PM - Saturday the 5th of November, 2016 - by dark52
For this year's Extra Life event (which is happening today!) Andrew Carl, a game designer at Vicarious Visions, is running a stream to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Check out his message below, join him on Twitch, and donate to the cause if you can:

Quote: Andrew Carl
My name is Andrew Carl and I am a game designer at VV. I just got the green light from Activision and VV to stream myself playing Superchargers and the Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack while doing some developer commentary for Extra Life, a charity event where gamers stream themselves playing games for 24 hours. The show will start tomorrow (11/5/2016) at 2 PM on my Twitch channel. I'll run through some parts of the games and discuss my work on them.

All donations of at least $25 will receive a Skylanders Superchargers toy OR an exclusive artbook (created by Vicarious Visions showcasing all of our art for Superchargers). Donations of at least $50 will receive a SIGNED toy or art book by our game developers. $100+ donations will receive lots of toys and a signed artbook. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids at our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The art books are the same artbooks the development team received as a gift after the game was shipped and contains a bunch of incredible art from our concept artists along with quotes and tidbits about the development of the game from various members of the team.

Here is a link to the VV team's Extra Life page so you can donate to myself or other members:

And here is a link to my Twitch stream. I will be streaming myself playing a variety of games starting tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST, but the developer commentary will begin at 2:00 PM.


Andrew Carl
#1 Bifrost 13:04:59 05/11/2016
It's already on, he's currently playing Hearthstone, for those wanting to see what else he's going to play before the dev stream.
#2 acarl 16:53:05 08/11/2016
Hi everyone,

I am the developer that streamed during Extra Life. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who logged on to watch, ask questions, and donate. All the devs at VV that participated had a lot of fun and the experience was great. All the fans were really engaged and asked awesome questions which will hopefully make things like this more frequent in the future. Keep being awesome!

#3 Bifrost 18:31:26 08/11/2016
Thank you as well! I really hope this happens more often with more devs :3
#4 acarl 18:46:05 08/11/2016
No problem! I also forgot to mention that video from most of the stream is up and you can watch it here: I missed some of it, didn't realize you have to tell Twitch to save your videos and upload them.

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