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Spyro: Season of Ice Level Maps

#24 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:12:48 04/05/2018
Eleven years after they were requested I have finally added the fairies to the maps. smilie

Also added maps of the Sparx levels and made all the maps twice as big.
#23 gnarlytreesnex 13:56:28 10/02/2014
Impossible I only played skylander games this is made up except the skylander part
#22 JamesFakeman 00:29:15 17/11/2013
Without these maps this game would be almost impossible to me! Thanks a lot
#21 awesomespyros10 20:13:46 20/12/2011
these maps are so helpful
#20 SpyroVSGanon100 16:11:43 26/04/2011
Yeah their is an extra green gem in the last homeworld. (Summer)
I just avoid it cause it is a glitch

It's kinda like if you never pay moneybags and beat grendor you will get all the gems you would normaly pay him and so you would have alot more than 7000 gems.

But they fixed this in Season of Flame.
#19 Skippy 02:09:01 23/06/2008
Yes, I got 7002 gems, too!
#18 charlie hejsa 18:36:28 23/03/2008
where is the fairies?
#17 tron50 21:47:25 26/10/2007
sweet this is awsome!!!!
#16 Spyro Fanatic - Hunter 04:32:14 11/08/2007
hey Dark52, do these maps show where the fairies are?
#15 Spyro 12 19:26:21 18/03/2007
No problem.
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:45:59 13/03/2007
I'm not entirely sure why it was like that, but thanks for pointing it out.
#13 Spyro 12 23:08:36 13/03/2007
I noticed you got a completed version on GameFAQs why is it not here though?
#12 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:56:56 08/03/2007
I got these from the Japanese version of Season of Ice as for some reason it had them whilst the other regional versions did not.
#11 Red Spyro 20:27:37 08/03/2007
How did you get thease Dark? Is there A bring up map on this game like in SOF and A?

Also Neal I never completed this game cuz when i nearly did I got 303 Gems on Summer Fairy Homeworld and could not get to Grendor. =(
#10 Lover of Spyro 19:30:01 13/12/2006
you are like me then Neal, cos i was on... i think it was... YOTD and i got 102/100 gems on the first realm!!!(FREAKY!AND WEIRD!!!!)
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