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Before we get started with the game, here are a few basics that you might find useful if you haven't played the game before.

The Controls

All five of the characters need controlling. There's little you could do without it. Here's a rundown of all the controls for all the characters on all of the consoles.

Spyro the Dragon
Function PS2 GameCube Xbox
Jump X A A
Double Jump X + X A + A A + A
Glide X + X HOLD A + A HOLD A + A HOLD
Horn Dive X + X + O A + A + X A + A + B
Charge O X B
Breath Attack Square Y X
Secondary Breath R1 R R
Breath Selection D-Pad D-Pad D-Pad
Wing Shield Triangle B Y
Dive Underwater O, hold to swim X, hold to swim B, hold to swim
Paddle Underwater Hold X Hold A Hold A
Sgt. Byrd
Function PS2 GameCube Xbox
Fly Hold X Hold A Hold A
Turbo Boost Square X X
Fire Missiles R1 R Right
Drop Bombs L1 L Left
Blink the Mole
Function PS2 GameCube Xbox
Jump X A A
Double Jump X + X A + A A + A
Butt Bounce X + O A + X A + B
Claw Attack O X B
Dig O (cracked) X (cracked) B (cracked)
Shoot Lasers Square Y X
Throw Bomb R1 R Right
FP Target L1 L Left
Crouch Triangle B Y
Function PS2 GameCube Xbox
Jump X A A
Double Jump X + X A + A A + A
Pounce Stomp X + X + O A + A + X A + A + B
Punch O X B
Bow Swipe X + Square A + Y A + X
Shoot Arrow Square Y X
Flaming Arrow R1 R Right
FP Target L1 L Left
Bow Spin Triangle B Y
Slide Attack X + O A + X A + B
Sparx the Dragonfly
Function PS2 GameCube Xbox
Shoot X A A
Fire Missiles O B X
Smart Bomb Square Y Y
Turbo R1 R Right
Brake L1 L Left


Since Spyro's last adventure, the Dragon Realms have enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. However, a shadowy figure from the distant past has returned to disrupt the serenity of the land - the evil dragon, Red! Now he has come back for vengeance!

There is but one dragon who has the courage and strength to battle Red and foil his diabolical plan - the mighty Spyro!


You'll find his shops in every level of the game, except boss levels, and he'll charge prices depending on where you are. Unfortunately he doesn't have exactly a wide range of items to sell, and all can be bought at all shops, it's just a matter of being able to buy or use them.

Item Realm Shop Remote Shop
Extra Health Unit50006250
Fire Bomb5062
Ball Lightning250312
Aqua Bomb5062
Ice Missile100125
Fire Bomb Magazine500625
Ball Lightning Magazine10001250
Aqua Bomb Magazine250312
Ice Missile Magazine750937
Butterfly Jar15001875
Double Value Gems10001250
Teleport Pass100100

That's a extra markup of 25% for items bought at the Remote Shops, so I'd suggest buying the expensive items back in the Realm's main shop.

There are also limitations on how much ammo you can hold at a time. You can hold eight magazines for each Power-Up, with a different boost to the total number of Power-Ups you can hold for each breath Power-Up.

Maximum of 50 Fire Bomb
Maximum of 10 Ball Lightning
Maximum of 100 Aqua Bomb
Maximum of 20 Ice Missile

And the gems that you'll be paying with have a slightly different value to that of previous games.

Gem Values : Yellow = 100, Purple = 25, Green = 5, Red = 1

Well, that's about all you might need to know, let's get started and begin in the Dragon Kingdom.

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I REALLY want to play as flame
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