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Dark Gems

There are a grand total of 40 Dark Gems littered around the Dragon Realms, ten in each of the four realms, and unlike the other collectables you need to find all of them to move on with the game to the next boss.

Dragon Village

  1. Inside the room with Elder Tomas
  2. In the far-west section of the level
  3. Next to Ember

Crocovile Swamp

  1. Near the first of Moneybags' remote shops
  2. Infront of the Elder's Treehouse
  3. Along a tunnel above Blink's cage

Dragonfly Falls

  1. Behind a cracked wall near Moneybags' first shop here
  2. In an area with several wobbly platforms, it clears up a cannon for use
  3. To the right of a large Dragon Elder statue
  4. In the central area of the level

Coastal Remains

  1. Next to Moneybags' shop 'Waterfall Walkway'.
  2. On top of a blackened tower in the far west section
  3. On a platform in the area with a cannon
  4. Through a cracked wall behind a strong door

Cloudy Domain

  1. After a couple of moving platforms near the start
  2. After the two sets of orbiting platforms
  3. On top of a platform after Sgt. Byrd

Sunken Ruins

  1. Inside a tall room after the first underwater section
  2. In the area with the second green water, use a few poles and switches
  3. On a statue that you cause to rise out of a pool of green water

Frostbite Village

  1. Inside a tunnel off from the ice by Peggy
  2. By a snowfall in the southern area, leads to Blink
  3. Right next to the shop 'Eskimole Village'
  4. In the room with the large falling icicles
  5. In an icy area in the south-east corner of the map

Ice Citadel

  1. Directly above the Elder
  2. At the end of the first supercharge tunnel
  3. In the middle of a bridge covered in ice
  4. Just after the Ice Princess
  5. Just after Dragon Egg 52

Stormy Beach

  1. Right at the end of the level

Molten Mount

  1. On a platform near the third rock monster
  2. Down to the left of Zoe in the middle area at the top of the map
  3. Right at the very end of the level

Magma Falls Bottom

  1. Above a Wall Kick at the start

Dark Mine

  1. In the centre of the room with robots on cannons
  2. Towards the end of the level

Red's Laboratory

  1. At the end of a set of platforms with lasers to jump over
  2. At the end of the western section
  3. At the end of the north-east section

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Awesome! I have all 40! smilie
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this is my fav spyro cheat site!!! smiliesmilie smilie smilie
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This isn't a wiki, if you think something's wrong just post your correction in these comments and I'll take a look at it.
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Some of these are a little off. How do you edit the page?
#32 mitchell2440 07:09:41 17/12/2010
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Hey, shades-of-amber, what level are you on? Please reply!
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