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Winter Tundra Homeworld

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

Head forwards and talk to Elora. Carry on down the path and go talk to Moneybags. He'll teach you to headbash if you pay him the sum of 1000 Gems. A bit high, but it's not like you need gems.

Headbash the several rocks around here to get gems out of them.

Orb 46/64 - Smash the rock

Underneath a large rock which you need to headbash.

Continue around here gathering gems and smashing rocks. Head into the cave on the right and talk to the Professor. He'll open up a portal for you if you have enough orbs.

Head back out and go round to the left this time. Work your way down to below the start, go into the cave with a river coming out of it and pay Moneybags 200 gems to open up the speedway. Go back out and jump into the whirlwind. Head through the door behind Moneybags (smash a rock to open it) and go through this area gathering gems. Head up the steps and go through to Elora. She'll open up the door to Ripto, but there are some gems here so collect them without going in.

From the top of the steps glide down to the right.

Orb 47/64 - On the tall wall

Right at the end of the wall on the lefthand side of the level

Walk along the wall to the other end and then jump off to the side and into some water. Swim down into it and through a tunnel.

Orb 48/64 - Top of the waterfall

At the end of the underwater tunnel, just above the speedway portal.

That should finish off the level now, head to the portal back to Autumn Plains in order to finish it off.

Mystic Marsh

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

Once you've done that, head on over to the Mystic Marsh. The portal is located right near the start of the world.

Talk to Hydrar the WaterWizard. Then go around collecting gems and killing things. Watch out for the Snailiphants though as they can change from a small tusked snail which you can charge, into a large elephant which you can't, you can flame it though. You should also probably take out the monkey racoon things in the trees, jump to flame them.

In the river are some platypus puffer fish, charge into them when they aren't blown up as they hurt. Go into the area past the second bridge and go up the whirlwind. Glide across forwards and onto a series of platforms that wnder the area below. Kll enough things up here to activate the portal, you can kill more though, it's your choice. Work your way round to the place above the waterfall and collect the gems there too, then dive into the water at the high end and kill some more platypus things. Go through the water tunnel and kill some more things again. When you come out, go to the left and talk to Snoozie the WaterWizard.

Orb 51/64 - Fix the fountain

Talk to Snoozie the WaterWizard at the end of the level and he'll give you an orb rather then the Talismans you got in previous levels.

Go all the way back to where there was a whirlwind and use it. Go round the back of the place you land on and jump down to the ground. Go inside the building there and talk to the Professor.

Orb 52/64 - Retrieve professor's pencil

After talking to the Professor, pick up the egg he throws down. Take this up to near where the end of level portal is, and go to the left. Here you'll find a tree with a bird's nest in. Stand on the pot and fire the egg into the nest.

Pick up the seed and take it to the plantpot over near the start, then take the duck and deliver it to the other ducks at the other end of the river.

Take the Turnip/Radish thing and fire it into the large cooking pot up in a cave at the top of the level. Then take the round yellow thing and fire it into the fountain. The pencil will then appear. Take this back to the Professor to complete.

Once completed, head back to the starting area of the level and use the powerup there to spring up onto the right. Then use a second one to get up to a platform with Basil the Explorer on.

Orb 53/64 - Very versatile thieves!

He'll ask you to track down his spark plugs that some thieves have stolen.

  1. The first thief is just over to the right of where you start the challenge, you'll need to chase him through water and use a powerup as well
  2. In the cave with the cooking pot
  3. In the area to the left of where you start, over the bridge.
  4. On the platform pathway up above the area where you start the level, you'll need to use the spring powerup to chase it, it will take a while to get this one unless you're really lucky

Once you've got all the gems, head on back to Winter Tundra.

Cloud Temples

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

The entrance to this level is in the cave near to the start of the world. The Professor will open it for you if you have enough orbs.

Talk to Alaric the Wizard. Then go flame the warlock. Wander over the newly formed bridge and wtch out for the things that break out of stone. Also watch out for some attack frogs that spit rocks at you. Head round the path and use the whirlwind to get up. Then follow along to the right and through above where you went previously.

Kill the warlock here and the wizard will smash the door down. Head through and glide over to the platform on the left. Kill the warlock here again to get past. Get the gems in this area and go talk to Agent Zero.

Orb 54/64 - Agent Zero's secret hideout

Simple stealth mission here. When Agent Zero runs, run with him. Hide behind trees and corners to avoid his eyes. You'll need to keep close to him when you get into the building as the doors he goes through shut pretty quickly. Once you finally get there, he'll give you an orb.

Head back to where you broke down a door and go inside. Head to the left and kill everything you can find. Kill another warlock to get the wizard to smash another blockade. Go through where it was and head off to the left. Kill one final warlock and talk to Bartie the Wizard.

Orb 55/64 - Break down doors

Bartie the Wizard will give you the orb.

Head back to the place where there was a powerup. Talk to Morgen the Wizard.

Orb 56/64 - Ring tower bells

Go through the powerup and head back inside. Freeze the first two trolls, use one to jump up onto the other in order to get up to the place above. Freeze the troll over by the place on the left and then jump up onto it and then up again. Inside, freeze the one troll in here an use it to jump up and charge into the bell.

Next, repower-up and wait for the trolls to move. Then freeze the two over by the other bell. Use one to get on top of the other and repeat as you did before in the room with the bell.

You now get taken outside again and shown a whirlwind. Go into the whirlwind and start firing at the bouncing troll. If you're lucky then you should both freeze it and land on it. Jump up into the room above and freeze the two trolls in here to reach the bell. Once you've done it you get the orb.

Head back up in the whirlwind and back up to where the bell was. Glide round the corner on the left and flame the rocket there (you may have to wait for the ice-powerup to run out). Then go collect the last gems of the level from where the unbreakable chest was. Exit.

Robotica Farms

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

The portal is located in the area just after the door, on the left-hand side.

Go talk to Farmer GreeneBeene. If you want, pick up the yellow corn and fire it at the flying bug, no need though as it is possible to jump and flame it. Further on you'll see a green bug that will start to spin. Charge into it (when it's not spinning) and then headbash it when it's upside down. Carry on through the level, knocking barrels back at those throwing them.

When you reach a large seesaw, go up it quickly to jump up onto the platform as otherwise it'll fall too far down for you to reach it. Basically just carry on through the level until you reach Farmer Applebee.

Orb 57/64 - Exterminate crow bugs

Generally difficult this one. You need to kill four bugs that are making a joke of his expensive robot scarecrows. To do this, head out onto the place where the scarecrows are. The most effective way of killing these is to get onto the top of the hills and glide down to them, flaming as you go. You need to take them all out in quick succession as they begin to come back after a short while. This challenge may take you a while.

Move along further and then use a seesaw to get past some turning blades of a windmill. Continue along here and jump up to talk to Farmer John.

Orb 58/64 - Switch on the bug light

The buglight will turn on and Farmer John will give you your orb.

Jump off to the left and into a whirlwind. Talk to Farmer Barelycorn.

Orb 59/64 - Clear tractor path

Charge through the supercharge and go down the track, taking out all the large pumpkins and doors in the way. Nice and simple challenge this one, but only if you're good at controlling Spyro under the effects of the supercharge.

After completion, charge along again all the way till you're in the area where there is an unbreakable chest. Come off the ramp and crash down into the chest to smash it. Once you've got all the gems in the level, off you go home.


Gems 400 Gems - Orb 4 Orbs

The portal to this little level is located opposite the Robotica Farms one, just inside a cave. The Professor will open it for you if you have enough orbs.

Talk to Manager Droid. Then carry on through here until you get to a lift. Headbash it adn you'll be taken downwards. Head through here, take out the cows and pigs. To kill the pigs, charge into them as they advance towards you. In the next area, climb up the short ladder then up the ladder over to the right. Talk to Logisitics Droid.

Orb 60/64 - Ox bombing

Yep, use the bombs against it. As it throws them out, flame them back at him. The best ones for doing this are the ones he throws out straight forwards. Watch out for the bombs though as they hurt you if you crash into them. If shouldn't take too many bombs to kill the ox.

Go back down and into the green room with a lift. Headbash it to go down. Go through this little tunnel and headbash the next lift as well. Follow the path around to the left and through till you get to a lift. Headbash it. Go talk to Inventor Droid.

Orb 61/64 - Conquer invading cows

The Inventor Droid will give you the orb.

She'll carry on talking after.

Orb 62/64 - Shoot down sheep saucers I

Jump through the powerup and go crazy firing at the sheep saucers. It shouldn't take too long to kill the three if you get reasonably close to them.

And again she'll talk some more.

Orb 63/64 - Shoot down sheep saucers II

Again, the same as before but there are now five of them, and they shoot back a lot more often. Just do the same thing as before.

After you've got those orbs, fly around the area and collect all the gems. To get the unbreakable chest that you saw near where you fought the ox, just powerup and then use the lifts to get back to it. Once all the gems are gotted, head back to Winter Tundra to do one final level before the big fight.

Canyon Speedway

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 1 Orb

Located underneath the main area, if you haven't already pay Moneybags to open it for you.

First fly and flame the mountain goats, take out all eight in a row. Then go for the blue rings. All are next to each other. Next, fly straight upwards and f;lame all the vultures up here. Once all eight are done fly up to the road which the cars are jumping off and charge along the path until you've got them all.

Retry and head to the area with the vultures. In the canyon wall you should find Hunter.

Orb 64/64 - Shoot down the balloons

That's right. 64/64. The last orb. Hold down the Circle button rather than tapping it as it will automatically fire like this. Wave the circle towards all the targets you see and don't miss any. Just continue doing this till you've got all 25 targets.

With all gems and all orbs collected, head up to Ripto's Arena. Elora will open the door for you so just wander down the corridor.

Ripto's Arena

The final boss fight of the game. The purpose of this fight is to collect three orbs that Hunter drops and then to use the powerup on Ripto. The last orb you collect denotes what powerup you get.
Blue = SuperCharge
Red = SuperFlame
Green = A crazy super charged green firing thing

Once you take care of Ripto to zero health, he'll summon a large metal version of Gulp. Repeat the same way as you did with Ripto on his own.

And in his final form, Ripto takes off. You now have a permanent flying version of the superflame. Each time you get close to Ripto fire at him like mad. Once you've destroyed him, it's all over. Ripto is defeated. Watch the end cutscene and credits roll (you can just press Start to skip the credits).

Dragon Shores

When the game comes back, you'll be in Dragon Shores, standing in front of a large green Gnorc. Don't start attacking it though as not all Gnorcs are evil like Gnasty was. This one's called Gatekeeper Gniles. If you have enough gems and orbs you can go inside. Once in, head to the right and to a door marked 10,000 Gems and 64 Orbs. Go through the powerup in there to get a permanent superflame.

Head off to the left from here and talk to Showman Gnick. Either fire the baseball or your superflame at the target and you'll see a creature fall into the water. Repeat until you have three tokens.

Go over and talk to Showman Gniles, he's standing next to some steps. A slightly difficult challenge ensues. Pop all 25 of the green ballloons to get a token. Watch out for the turtles on the track as well as other people. For the second time through, there are more paths to go down as well as more dangerous people on the track. Make sure to jump for the high up ones though. Once you get all 50 you get a nice new token. And again, this time equipped with a cannon (note this will not kill other people on the track) head out there. Shoot the large red balloons.

A nice easy token next, head over to the love boats and talk to Showman Gnorm. Once you make it out, you get a token.

Go over and talk to Showman Gnelson. He'll start you off on shooting challenge. The first is a simple shoot some moving sideways ducks. Second are those creatures from Aquaria Towers (the ones that guarded the buttons) and third are those Eggy lizards from Glimmer. Each time you get a token. This will bring you up to the grand total of ten tokens, so go talk to Showman Gned in the centre of Dragon Shores.

He'll let you into the theatre. Go on in and enjoy the show. Amazing, you can replay any of the cutscenes that were played during your journey (not including the start and end level ones). Congratulations, you've just completed Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer/Ripto's Rage. Now all you have to do is find any last Skill Points and it's all done.

#30 Sparky5 16:24:17 13/11/2010
Crud, I beat Ripto a 2nd time, watched the final cutscene, and the credits won't come on! I hope it's saved...
#29 adjam91 18:54:20 30/09/2010
i hate following agent zero. he always sees me and the doors seem to close as soon as he goes through them. how is spyro supposed to get there and not lose him.
#28 adjam91 18:52:32 30/09/2010
how did the professor lose his pencil. you would think he would just get another one.
#27 cyrillady 14:39:51 06/02/2010
Who can help me with the agent 0? I am always trying but he is too fast for me.
#26 Hydra93 16:17:37 15/03/2009
i love winter tundra in gtg its da best 1
#25 SD-King 22:26:55 16/08/2008
I like how Ripto is being held up side down by the dragon.
#24 insomnaic 12:52:47 11/08/2008
my fave level 4 spyro 2 has got 2 be either sunny beach aquaria towers skelos badlands or crystal glacier i reli get frustrated tryin 2 get the cowleks in zephyr but its stil a good level i love the epilogue you get once you have all the skill points pretty cool riptos my faveourtite boss aswell
#23 SD-King 03:58:34 04/08/2008
I love that challenge too.
#22 spyro madgirl 00:00:42 28/07/2008
I love Mystic Marsh because of the Professor's task where you have to exchange all the items for his pencil. =D

And the almighty SPRING POWEUPS!!!!! =D I love them.
#21 SD-King 00:33:52 16/07/2008
#20 xav 13:23:50 13/07/2008
i love spyro GTG
the best by far smilie
#19 spyrolova777 02:55:14 12/07/2008
i like breeze harbour with the trolleyssmilie
#18 cinder 16:53:36 11/02/2008
them little things that spit lava are goats or rams arnt they but i think they are really annoying when you are trying to do somthing.
#17 SD-King 05:17:00 29/12/2007
Ripto's Arena my fav level.
#16 twilight-shadow 14:55:11 05/08/2007
I love the dogfight with Ripto! xD
He becomes scared when you have 3 orbs and he runs away with big eyes. xDD

Yeah, I like Ripto! :-)
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