Spyro: Adventure

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs


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Spyro: Adventure

Spyro: Adventure

This game is set in a isometric world which basically a 3D world and will require you to be able to control the characters with skill if you are going to be successful in beating this game.

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs Spyro Adventure
North America Oct 28th 2003 European Union Nov 14th 2003


Spyro's Controls
STARTPause Menu
SELECTSwitch Breath Type
L+RShow a map of the area
L+AUses Phoenix Glasses
L+STARTOpen Journal
Sgt Byrd's Controls
ATap repeatedly to fly
BPrimary Guns
RDrop Missile
LDrop Missile
Agent 9's Controls
BFire Gun
RUse grappling device
LHold to look around

Gem Locations

This Spyro game is no different from any previous version as they still are hiding the gems away in all the same places. For those who have yet to experience a Spyro game before, here are the types of locations that gems will be hidden in:

Gem Most of the gems you'll see will be found lying around, waiting for you to come and pick them up. Sparx can do most of the dirty work here.
Basket You'll also find plenty of these baskets strewn around, they're vulnerable to both your flame and charge attacks.
Vase Similar to the basket, but you can't open them with your flame, instead you will need to charge into these, though only requiring a small tap.
Banner Ripto's Banners can be found on walls around the Dragon World, flame them to get the gems that somehow are hiding inside.
Locked Chest There are four different coloured locked chests; Gold, Purple, Green and Red. You'll require two halves of the same coloured key in order to open them, and they can contain either gems or an item that you may be looking to collect.
Rhynoc And as with almost all of the previous games, you'll get gems from killing your enemies, the Rhynocs, though only the for the first kill, the rest of the time they'll drop nothing.

Starting/Saving/Loading a Game

To start a new game you'll have to go to the initial main menu when you start the game up, select Start New Game and then select one of the three spots for your save. Remember which one this is as you'll need to load the game from it. Saving a game is as easy as pausing and selecting Save Game.


The game has only three options for you to alter:
Music: On/Off - turns the music on or off
Sound FX: On/Off - turns the game sounds (such as your fire breath) on or off
Speech FX: On/Off - turns the squeaking known as speech on or off

Byrd Rescue

This option has three different types of missions for you to do. Head to Head where you compete against another player, Cooperative where you work together and Single Player where you work by yourself, and isn't a multiplayer game. These will only become playable after you complete the game so you may have to wait a while before you can start playing these. To play them you will need two GBAs and a link cable.

#390 dragondude1 13:17:59 08/09/2012
or four
#389 dragondude1 13:17:46 08/09/2012
i get all my spyro gba games in game stop, they have all three!
#388 KittehDragon 19:24:25 19/08/2012
amazing game
#387 Jaggedstar 16:17:17 19/08/2012
The GBA games are just weird
#386 bash fan 06:00:16 19/08/2012
The cover of this game looks cool!
#385 shadowstarcat 05:39:41 13/08/2012
One question remains....
#384 superspyrofreak 19:13:03 12/08/2012
to MaleforSxC dont you have a normal DS or a DS lite because you can play GBA games on them.
I have a DS lite (and a 3DS) but I dont have this game and I really want it
#383 purplecynder32 11:04:48 10/08/2012
unlucky bro dont mean to come of topic but i love spyros smile on the front cover it almost reveals a more cheeky side to spyro love it
#382 ThroneOfMalefor 18:59:37 07/08/2012
I miss this game. I wish I didn't give it to Gamestop. :(
#381 purplecynder32 08:19:41 06/08/2012
you should get it i played it tons and i love it it is in my top five smilie games
#380 L Cynder 11:43:20 01/08/2012
I wish I had this game, but it looks really awesome to me. smilie
#379 Vikky J 01:00:35 12/07/2012
i <3 this game so much i still play it today
#378 spyromaster45 02:52:14 06/07/2012
attack of rynoce is so cool
#377 Shadowskylander 22:31:06 30/06/2012
Spyro is forever eternal
#376 MaleforSxC 11:15:36 17/06/2012
Really want a GBA and this game
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