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Spyro the Dragon

Another game in the ever expanding Spyro series of games. His third outing on the Mobile Phone, this game is mostly based off the Nintendo DS Spyro game 'Spyro: Shadow Legacy' employing a similar graphical tone and gameplay objectives.

November 8th 2005


A powerful, evil sorcerer has captured all the Dragons. What a disaster, everyone has disappeared! Spyro, your friends are counting on you becoming a true kata master and free the Dragons!


Despite using the original game's name, this 'Spyro the Dragon' is not a portable version of that game. This one is a 2D platformer with the tiniest hint of RPG in there from the DS game. The main aim of the game is to free all of the Dragon Elders that have been trapped in the Shadow dimension by an evil wizard.

Each level has two version of itself, a normal (Material) version and a shadow version. Swapping between the two allows you to advance past obstacles that are there on one but not the other. As might be expected, the shadow realm is a lot darker then the material one and the enemies there are a lot weirder then the ones you meet in the material realm.

Spyro has three different types of move, one for attacking in the normal realm, one for attacking in the shadow realm and one for smashing stuff. To 'level-up' your moves you need to collect 25 of the corresponding gem colour to a maximum of level 3 on each.


  1. Can smash vases
  2. Can smash yellow chests
  3. Can smash blue chests
  1. Can kill armadillo like things in one hit
  2. Nothing new really
  3. Can kill those floaty things in one hit
  1. Can kill crabs in one hit
  2. Can kill wasps in one hit
  3. Nothing new


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#30 semp123 19:28:50 28/06/2011
Oh wait, the snake was in Ripto Quest. ;________;
#29 semp123 19:26:25 28/06/2011
#28 daimondcynder21 10:33:56 11/01/2011
i've got a pink sanyo cell, and it wont download any of them because it hasn't come out for the model yet...........that was almost two years ago! it said it'll be out on that cell next year in 09 and now its 11 and it still wont download smilie i really wanna get it! smiliesmilie
#27 GamingMaster_76 12:58:32 26/09/2010
Which models can this be downloaded on?
#26 supermalefor 05:05:17 31/12/2008
but that dosent answer my question.
#25 SpyroXCynder 16:47:02 20/12/2008
This game can't be quite as good as the other verion "Spyro Shadow Legacy"
#24 supermalefor 00:16:20 16/12/2008
do they show the sorcerer in his dragon form?
#23 cynder21 18:46:46 07/12/2008
i also want to know if you say yes to teh evil dude
#22 spyro567 14:37:12 31/10/2008
cool game play it sometimes on phone
#21 unashi 09:05:22 15/10/2008
what happens when u agree with the evil socerrer to be his student person thing? i want to know cuz i said 'no' to him and really wanna know
#20 Toasty 16:45:30 02/05/2008
Is this the mobile phone version of SL or a completely different game
#19 Toasty 19:41:18 30/04/2008
It is not very good
#18 spyro3096 18:01:35 19/06/2007
Spyro the dragon is awsome and i want all it's games so i'll check every game store and ebay
#17 Neal 02:43:27 06/10/2006
Maybe you will be snide again but for the final time I think I have new pics...maybe not...here:

#16 Neal 17:54:03 01/10/2006
Dragginwings - There were many nicer ways he could have said it other than:

"...but they're still as identical to the Sierra page as when you posted it before."

This was sarcastic, impolite and unappreciative.

One much more kind, and less rude example is:

"You must not have realized this is the same site you posted before, only in a different language. Both of them share the same images as the Sierra page, but thanks for trying to help out, I appreciate it!"

I made an honest mistake and was returned with a cold answer. I'm not looking for praises or payment, I'm just trying to help out which deserves decency as much as anyone else.

So yes, Dragginwings, he was rude.

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