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Spyro the Dragon

Another game in the ever expanding Spyro series of games. His third outing on the Mobile Phone, this game is mostly based off the Nintendo DS Spyro game 'Spyro: Shadow Legacy' employing a similar graphical tone and gameplay objectives.

November 8th 2005


A powerful, evil sorcerer has captured all the Dragons. What a disaster, everyone has disappeared! Spyro, your friends are counting on you becoming a true kata master and free the Dragons!


Despite using the original game's name, this 'Spyro the Dragon' is not a portable version of that game. This one is a 2D platformer with the tiniest hint of RPG in there from the DS game. The main aim of the game is to free all of the Dragon Elders that have been trapped in the Shadow dimension by an evil wizard.

Each level has two version of itself, a normal (Material) version and a shadow version. Swapping between the two allows you to advance past obstacles that are there on one but not the other. As might be expected, the shadow realm is a lot darker then the material one and the enemies there are a lot weirder then the ones you meet in the material realm.

Spyro has three different types of move, one for attacking in the normal realm, one for attacking in the shadow realm and one for smashing stuff. To 'level-up' your moves you need to collect 25 of the corresponding gem colour to a maximum of level 3 on each.


  1. Can smash vases
  2. Can smash yellow chests
  3. Can smash blue chests
  1. Can kill armadillo like things in one hit
  2. Nothing new really
  3. Can kill those floaty things in one hit
  1. Can kill crabs in one hit
  2. Can kill wasps in one hit
  3. Nothing new


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#15 Dragginwings 02:38:15 01/10/2006
Hey, neal, dark52's not rude!!
#14 Neal 02:56:27 24/09/2006
I didn't notice they were the same because of the language difference. You didn't have to say it so rudely.
#13 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:42:55 23/09/2006
I've absolutely no idea really but they're still as identical to the Sierra page as when you posted it before.
#12 Neal 22:30:04 23/09/2006

Pics. All but one seem old.

Is the one with the frozen dragon new? I can't tell.
#11 Dragginwings 19:03:36 02/09/2006
Check Ebay.
#10 johnny 02:12:00 07/08/2006
where can i get this game?
#9 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:09:03 18/07/2006
All of those pictures are identical to those on the VUGames.com page. But thanks anyway.
#8 Neal 20:29:55 18/07/2006
Hey, dark,

Here's another translated page with some different art etc.

Hope it is useful!


#7 Black Minx 11:37:09 08/07/2006
It`s true!
#6 me 19:28:00 20/06/2006
#5 ih8u2 18:21:40 13/06/2006
vivendi serious about that, it's even on their website! this game is coming out on every modern device a game can come out on!
#4 Black Minx 23:11:36 03/06/2006
Unforchnitly i fond out ther making a spyro ledind mobil. I`d like to be ling but i`m not!
#3 ih8u2 01:15:02 30/05/2006
u took the words right outta my mouth, Black Minx. What kind of fans is spyro going to attract with such crappy cell games? especially the dang fairy one.
#2 Black Minx 14:04:07 29/05/2006
IF THIS KEEPS UP SPYRO`S DED MEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1 ih8u2 22:26:04 21/05/2006
guess noone's played this game...

But the title is horrible, i know that much.

Spyro should've just stayed on console. This cash-cow franchise has been milked so much that it has wizzled-teats. Not that spyro should end soon, but he's getting really spread out lately. I think three games on cell should be quite enough, so hopefully they won't make a boat load of them.
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