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8:00 PM - Monday the 26th of August, 2013 - by dark52
Another new house for an old alter-ego, a new Sidekick and an upcoming event mark this week's Skylanders: Lost Islands update.

[User Posted Image]

  • Terrabite joins the other three Sidekicks to fill out the original set of four. 300 Gems to buy him if you don't have the toy.
  • Buddy Wrecking Ball gets his own Hut for 350 of your Gems.
  • This weekend will be a Wishing Weekend where you can win previous alter-egos as Top Prizes, the Wish Stones that you earn will be doubled and you'll be able to get the companion Ermit who reduces Sanctuary time by half.
  • A new Boat House for your Mabu to live in too, if you can get to level 37 that is...

An update late last week upped the Kingdom's level cap from 35 to 40 so it's time to get collecting that Kingdom XP again!

And Super Tuesday is the forewarned Chompy Invasion as well as 25% off last week's new companion, Cape Girl.
#1 SkylandersGamer 20:25:56 26/08/2013
Awesome 1st comment and terrabite is at lost islands
#2 Ruler of all 21:03:13 26/08/2013
cool I have him
#3 NinThumpEye 07:17:16 27/08/2013
Just started playing, so hoping for old alter-egos this weekend and more chompy pods, damn i dont have a single sidekick

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