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6:00 PM - Tuesday the 18th of September, 2018 - by dark52
The third season of Skylanders Academy is due to hit Netflix on Friday next week so just in time they've released a trailer for the brand new season (complete with plenty of spoilers):

Returning September 28th, the Skylanders are faced with their greatest challenge ever! With Spyro turned evil at the hands of uber-villain Strykore, it will take all of the Skylanders uniting together to help Spyro remember the true hero he really is and restore peace to the realm.
#1 Bifrost 18:12:25 18/09/2018
Nice to see a certain redesign there. Very strange choice, but still interesting to see the game being referenced.
#2 HIR 19:20:33 18/09/2018
I have excitement! *Fawful spin*
#3 boolou88 23:43:14 19/09/2018
cant wait
#4 Greeble 01:56:27 25/09/2018
It looks quite good.

It'll be interesting to see Kaos' parents face off.

I wasn't disappointed with the ending, and i hope there's a season 4 smilie

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