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12 Years of Skylanders, Have You Played Any?
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An update today to the Skylanders Battlecast trading card app brought in the four new Skylanders that are currently being given away in promotional packs of General Mills cereal in the US.

[User Posted Image]

Along with the brand new Sonic Boom and Prism Break Skylanders there are also two new variants of existing Skylanders, High Noon Trigger Happy and Obsidian Hot Head, who not only look different but have a different Ability to their regular counterparts.

Other new stuff the game has added include some help dialogs from Buzz as you go into menus for the first time as well as explanations of what the status effects do next to your cards when playing.
#2 Bifrost 19:11:43 01/08/2016
It didn't start as an Overwatch reference, but with timing and the devs being e-sport people it's so obviously one.
#3 PopFizzMagic 20:01:12 01/08/2016
#4 Swap Force Fan 06:10:57 02/08/2016
Little late for that. smilie
#5 SkylandrPurists 23:19:33 04/08/2016

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