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2:45 PM - Saturday the 12th of July, 2014 - by dark52
The Comic-Con exclusive cover for issue #0 of the upcoming Skylanders comic-book series has been revealed.

[User Posted Image]

The issue will be released at San Diego Comic-Con which runs from the 24th of July to the 27th, limited to 700 copies.

Skylanders Trap Team will also be at San Diego Comic-Con showing off the game and hosting a panel called "Skylanders: The Creative Process of Bringing Toys to Life" which will also feature a costume contest with more than $5000 in prizes to be awarded ($4000 to the winner, $1000 to the runner up and a collection of rare Skylanders toys for the 2nd runner up).

Quote: Press Release
Panel speakers include comic book writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, DC vs. Marvel), famed voice of Kaos Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, Billy and Mandy), Activision's Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, John Coyne, and Toys for Bob's Director of Toy and Character Development, I-Wei Huang.

The panel will be on July 24th at 6PM.

Skylanders Lost Islands continued with June's Air theme and started an Earth theme for July.

[User Posted Image]

  • June 9th: New Troll Lockup (200 Gems) and Golden Shear (175 Gems) upgrades and the introduction of a 5000 Kudos tier for the Molekin Market.
  • June 16th: Nitro Freeze Blade arrived and a new Windmill premium community building that costs 700 Gems was added.
  • June 23rd: Following the pattern set in May an Air Toy Link Tower that gives out gems every four hours on Air Element Days, with an initial cost of 25 Gems, was added. The Air Sanctum briefly became available to buy if you missed the quest (1200 Gems) and Buttered Pop Thorn's Hut also briefly became available through a paid gem pack.
  • June 30th: Kickoff Countdown was added.
  • July 1st: Sundae Slobber Tooth became the Wishin' Well Alter Ego for July kicking off the Earth themed month. A July 4th weekend sale temporarily had Buttered Pop Thorn's Hut on sale for 350 Gems along with various other offers and discounts.
  • July 7th: Doom Stone was finally added and the quest for the upgraded Earth Sanctum began.
#1 NINJAsk11 14:50:11 12/07/2014
#2 xXBeavcoonXx 16:24:09 12/07/2014
Yay! I don't live anywhere near there, but maybe there will be new reveals!
#3 Qcumber 19:56:44 12/07/2014
Hopefully there'll be gameplay of the leaked Skylanders. I really want to see some gameplay of Blades, he's my favorite Skylanders so far.
#4 PhotonTH 22:45:00 12/07/2014
Mighty No 9 satisfied my video game Q&A panel quota so I won't be going, but I will look into the comic series.
#5 dragonsoul13 00:58:23 19/07/2014
from what I understand that issue is supposed to be the prequel to Trap Team then afterwards the comics will go their own direction. Not sure if that's entirely true just what I've read online.

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