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Skill Points

Each Skill Point, when earned, will give you an extra life. When you get eight of the skill points, you get a Epilogue that you can view from in the Guidebook, and when you get all sixteen of them, you get an extra bit added on to the Epilogue. Have fun.

Skelos Badlands - All Cacti

To get this skill point, head over to Skelos Badlands and flame all of the cacti in the level.

Hurricos - All Windmills

Flame all of the windmills that are around the level, the large ones you need to charge do not count towards this.

Colossus - Perfect in Hockey

Beat the red hockey player without conceeding a single point, flame like crazy!

Fracture Hills - 3 Laps of Supercharge

Just as it sounds complete the circuit of the supercharge three times in a row without stopping.

Crush's Dungeon - Perfect

Beat Crush without getting hit at all

Gulp's Overlook - Perfect

Beat Gulp without getting hit at all

Ripto's Arena - Perfect

Beat Ripto without getting hit at all

Scorch - All Trees

Knock coconuts out of all the trees in the whole level, including some in the area where you helped out Hunter

Ocean Speedway - Under 1:10

Beat the speedway in under 1:10

Metro Speedway - Under 1:15

Beat the speedway in under 1:15

Icy Speedway - Under 1:15

Beat the speedway in under 1:15

Canyon Speedway - Under 1:10

Beat the speedway in under 1:10

Idol Springs - Land on Idol

Land on top of the big idol in the area with a small living idol that explodes after you supercharge some hulagirls

Aquaria Towers - All Seaweed

Flame all the seaweed in the level, best done with the permanent superflame, but you can do it with the in-level powerup if you're quick

Gulp's Overlook - Hit Ripto

During the level, fire something at Ripto. The best thing is superflame, but you can sometimes hit him with the small rockets that appear in the level

Skelos Badlands - Catbat Quartet

Right at the end of the level are four of the flying dragon type things all close to each other. Kill 'em all to get the skill point.

#45 huge dotd freak 21:46:33 03/09/2011
all i need are the skill points i have all the others
#44 Spyrobaby 10:20:09 01/06/2011
I've done the kill dragony thing one, beat Crush without getting hit and a few more smilie
#43 Sparky5 12:04:03 01/05/2011
Just beat Ripto without getting hit! :-D
#42 doctorwhofan042 20:50:32 04/02/2011
I can't get the speedway skill points! GRR!
#41 daimondcynder21 01:42:27 03/02/2011
hehe, just need the skill points to finish the game! smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie *chuckles devilishly*
#40 spyro dude 00:02:25 06/07/2010
As long as I've had the game,I haven't got the skill points yet. Good thing this guide is here.
#39 GamingMaster_76 01:10:56 16/01/2010
i... have it... NOW! THE SKILL POINT!! smilie

how to get the OS skill point:

1- hit the boat under you and get 2 rings.
2- Go and get the arches, hitting cars along the way.
3- hit the cars, then head off to the boats and get them.
4- go through the rings for a time of around 1:08.
#38 GamingMaster_76 02:11:06 11/01/2010
#37 spyro glitcher 19:03:48 25/10/2009
i got all the skillpoints
esiest catbat quarter
#36 zeek248 02:28:48 06/08/2009
for* my bad i meant for down here l
#35 zeek248 02:27:48 06/08/2009
what do you get fo completing all of these?
#34 SD-King 02:55:04 17/01/2009
I completed it in like,umm....
#33 Destiny 16:45:21 27/12/2008
If u have the permanent Super Flame Power, you can easily beat Gulp. So far, my top 3 records are:

3)1 minute, 12 seconds
2) 15 seconds
1) 8 seconds

It seams impossible, but you can do your it first time w/ super flame (prob'ly your 2nd time) in, like, 38 seconds! No joke!

~Destiny *
#32 UDS 02:32:41 20/11/2008
All of these are easy, easiest are the speedways, got them all without trying.

Perfect on Crush is easy, i recommend 100% the game to get the permanent superflame before trying to perfect Gulp or Ripto.
#31 Cynderfyre 15:34:15 25/10/2008
These skill points are driving me mad!!!!!
The oceon speedway: It is truly impossible to finish in under 1:10 I just can't do it I've tried loads.
Icy Speedway: I can't do this on time either!
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