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Autumn Plains Homeworld

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

As usual, run around the area you're in and collect all the gems that you can find. Go talk to Moneybags up on a platform near Elora and pay him the 400 Gems he wants. Then, go talk to Elora who should open up a whirlwind for you. Use it to get some more gems, then glide down to the right and land on the wall. Follow it all the way around until you reach the other end. Charge into the cracked wall there.

Orb 19/64 - The end of the wall

Just behind the cracked wall at the end of the wall, charge it to break it down.

And now to learn how to climb. Go talk to Moneybags down by the ladder on the left side of the level. Pay him 500 Gems and he'll tell you how to climb.

Climb the the ladder he's standing next to and work your way up to the top. Gather the gems up here and go down the steps to the left. Then go talk to the Professor who will open a door for you if you have enough orbs.

Carry on down here until you get to Moneybags. Pay him the 400 Gems and walk along the newly opened bridge. Get the gems then head back. Now head along until you get to a place where you can glide down to a platform. Do so. Collect the gems, pay Moneybags the 100 Gems and use the whirlwind to get back to the main area.

Now carry on down the corridor all the way to Elora, then head back up to the top of those stairs and charge into the cracked wall there. Go into the whirlwind. Gather all the gems up here and use a second whirlwind to get up even higher.

From this point, glide down to the left onto a small platform which is just out from the area you started in.

Orb 20/64 - Long glide!

Right in the middle of the tiny platform

This should bring your collection of this homeworld to a close. All gems and orbs should now be owned by you. Head to the portal back to Summer Forest near where you paid Moneybags to learn how to climb. You can now finish off the three levels that were uncompleteable before; Summer Forest Home, Glimmer and Sunny Beach.

When you've done that, come back to Autumn Plains and continue on.

Skelos Badlands

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

The portal here, is directly in front of where you first start in Autumn Plains, right next to the pool of water.

Talk to Gronk for no particular reason. Then go save a thing from a flying thing over to the right. Then again, save another thing from a fire thing, charge it to kill it as flaming does nothing to it. Explore the area here and collect all the gems too. Grab one of the rocks that spew up out of the lava, and fire it at the creature standing on top of the large skull with a tunnel it. Collect the bone it drops.

Go through the tunnel and out to the left, work your way to the end of this short path and get the bone off the thing at the end there too. Head back into the tunnel and continue along it. Go up to the top of some 'steps' and spit rocks at a structure blocking a cave on the right. Then grab the bone off the creature in there too.

Head out to the main area of the level. Go round clockwise until you reach Ooga.

Orb 25/64 - Dem Bones

Ooga will tell you about finding several bones for his friend. You should already have three of them, so here are the locations for the others:

  1. At the top of a set of rib platforms in the large area where you met Ooga
  2. Past the rib platforms, just in front of the volcano opening
  3. Inside the cave with lava platforms in front, it is being lifted by steam
  4. Inside the same cave, just jump on the series of ribs to get to him
  5. In a cave in that tunnel with a skull at the start, use the powerup to get into it safely

Once you grab the last one, you'll be treated to a dance by the newly reformed skeleton, as well as getting the orb.

Carry on round to the right and talk to Glug who'll give you a Talisman, 'Ancient Bone', and open the portal back to Autumn Plains. Carry on to the right and follow the ribs up. Grab the gems and head all the way into the volcano place and get all the gems there too. Now head into the powerup. You can now walk on the lava, amazing huh? It's only temporary though, so you've got to act fast.

Run up the platforms of lava just in front of the powerup and into a cave. Grab all the gems and stuff in here, as well as the second location for the ? vase which will show you where it has gone (the first location was out on a platform in the area before this cave). You need to go to this location to flame it again, then again until it gives you some gems.

Head up the set of stairs near where the end of level portal is, and flame the rocket up here, also gather the gems. Then head down to where the rocket smashed a chest. Next, glide over to the left and talk to Lumpy.

Orb 26/64 - Lava lizards I

Lumpy will ask you to save his village from a series of lava lizards who will hatch soon. Head into the village right in front of you, and as each lava lizard hatches, flame it before it can eat one of the villagers. If so much as one of the villages gets eaten, then you fail and have to start over. Once all eight lizards are flamed, you get the orb.

He'll start talking again.

Orb 27/64 - Lava lizards II

A slightly more difficult version this time, the lizards won't all be hatching in the order you get to the eggs, so be prepared to run ahead and get the lizards that hatch before you can get to them. Once done, Lumpy'll give you the orb.

With all that done, you should have completed the level now. Head home to the Autumn Plains.

Crystal Glacier

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

The entrance to this level is located right in the first area of the homeworld.

Melt an Icebuilder and talk to Widgie the Icebuilder. Then melt the other two and step onto the end of the bone catapult. They'll flip you across the chasm.

Over here, first get rid of the large blue wizard things as if you melt the ice on the Icebuilders, they'll just freeze 'em again. Once all four Icebuilders are free, they'll make a set of platforms to help you climb a wall.

Climb up and go through. Change the things that popup out of the ice and flame the ice wizards again. Work your way around here till you get to Moneybags. Pay him the 200 Gems he wants to move the bridge. Go on along it and do the usual kill and collect. Behind one of the buildings right at the edge, is another bridge similar to the one you paid Moneybags to move. Follow it along until you reach Shaman Tok.

Orb 28/64 - George the snow leopard

Wander along through the area just past him, until you reach a snow leopard. Help him get food by flaming the fish that pop out of the ice holes he sits by. Once you've done enough for him, he'll just start following you, so wander back to Shaman Tok and collect your gem.

Now for the second orb, head back to where the bridge Moneybags opened was, and jump down into the place below it. Talk to Shaman Tik.

Orb 29/64 - Draclet cave

Go into the flying powerup and fly through the caves, flaming each of the green three-eyed draclets. It shouldn't be too difficult really, but you need to get them all in one go as they come back pretty quickly. Shaman Tik will them give you the orb.

Now head all the way to the jail and melt all the Icebuilders. They'll send a large snowball shooting down a slope to break it open. Chief Shaman Tuk will then give you the Talisman, 'Ice Crystal', and open up the portal to Autumn Plains. If you have all the gems, head through.

Breeze Harbour

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

The portal is located in the same general area as the previous two.

Jump to the platform in front of you and talk to Beaky the Breezebuilder. He'll tell you about the Land Blubbers. Head back to where you were before and take out the land blubber in the bucket, then flame the fire and use the whirlwind to get up higher. Here, use the cannon to take out a floating mine, as well as an unbreakable chest and a floating mine behind the unbreakable chest.

Flame the fire and swim through the water at the end of the path to get further on. Take out the Land Blubbers here and light the fire. Head to the left and go talk to Gobble the Breezebuilder.

Orb 30/64 - Mine Blast

This challenge involves cannons and mines. You should have already taken out two of the ten mines you need to complete this challenge. Here are the locations for the rest:

  1. The first two are located right next to you, use the cannon here to shoot them all
  2. Just past the moving boats and to the right is another cannon and the last four of the mines

Once done, you'll get the orb from Gobble.

OK, well shoot the unbreakable chest and then head back to where there are a couple of boats now moving across a large gap. Jump on one of them to get across.

Carry on along here and light the fire when you get to it. Then step on the large target and get flipped across onto the large boat. Here, take out all the Land Blubbers and light the two fires. This will take the boat up and allow you to reach Squawk the Breezebuilder who will give you a Talisman, 'Glass Anchor'.

Head back to the start of the level to grab the gems from that unbreakable chest you broke, and then head all the way through the level until you reach the cave with the powerup in. Use the spring powerup to get to a high up cave with the last of the gems in. Talk to Fisher the Breezebuilder.

Orb 31/64 - Gear grab

Generally complicated and annoying this one. Use the D-Pad rather than the analogue stick here as it makes it a lot easier. Make sure to change lanes at the right moment, not too late and not too early. Remember to shoot any TNT barrels that are in your way and to shoot the signs at the different direction options as you can't change direction by yourself.

This should complete the level for you, so off you go, back to Autumn Plains with you.


Gems 400 Gems - Orb 4 Orbs

The entrance to here is located up on a platform at the righthand side of the first part of Autumn Plains. If you haven't already, pay Moneybags to open it up.

Talk to Colonel Blub. In the first area, avoid the bombs thrown at you by the little yellow birds, and flame em. When you reach the cannon, talk to Sergeant Tub. Take control of the cannon an shoot the bird. Also shoot the door and the door behind you, as well as the unbreakable chest and the balloon. Head into the room you just blew a door off and grab the gems in there. Then head to the other room and work your way through.

Flame the large birds with the TNT barrels (similar types of attack were used in a certain Spyro the Dragon level). When you get to the cannon, shoot the large door and the balloon. Then head into the place you just shot at and flame the birds in here too. Grab all the gems and work your way round the to top. Shoot at the building over in front of you until it explodes. You can also shoot the bird flying around if you're a good shot, but it doesn't matter much. Shoot the unbreakable chests as well though. Head along the pathway to the place you just blew up, talk to Corporal Glug and he'll give you the Talisman, 'Ruby Bomb'. Head down off here and talk to Bo Peep.

Orb 32/64 - Cowlek corral I

Nice simple challenge. Herd up some cowleks (they look like brown spotted elephants) and collect your reward. The locations are as follows:

  1. Very nearby, just a bit south of the pen
  2. Round the corner from the pen
  3. Down near the second one, just a bit further
  4. Up the ladder over to the right, it's down in the pit
  5. Same place really

Flame or charge them to herd them into the pen behind Bo Peep. Once done, you'll get the orb.

And Bo Peep'll talk again.

Orb 33/64 - Cowlek corral II

Another two cowleks are still missing and your challenge is to go collect them. They are located down the tunnel past where you found number 2 and 3 before. The first is located right near Private Romeo, just on the platform across, and the second is near to where the Professor is. You'll need to charge them across the large gap between them and the tunnel with Private Romeo in. Take them back to the pen to get the orb.

In the area where you found the last two cowleks of the first challenge, make sure to use the fire powerup to smash all the chests in there and to collect all the gems. Talk to Private Romeo (located down the tunnel where you went to find the last two cowleks) to get a challenge.

Orb 34/64 - Sowing seeds I

Quite a long challenge this. Go find the Professor and he'll give you a magic seed. Take it and head all the way to the area below where you met Romeo. Put the seed into the plant hole here (in the left side of the area) and grab the other seed up there. Take both seeds back to where you met the Professor and put them in the two plant holes nearest to him. Take the seed on the shelf and put that in the third seed hole.

Then take the next seed and fire it downwards onto another plant hole. Use this to get across to where a couple of birds are throwing barrels. Again shoot the seed here downwards. Glide your way rounf to the Professor and he'll give you an orb and a couple of seeds.

You go straight onto the second part.

Orb 35/64 - Sowing seeds II

Fire one of the seeds up to the platform above where you would put a seed, and then take the other one as well. Go round the above where the plant hole is and fire one of them into it. Take the other one across and fire it into another plant hole. Talk to Juliet to get the orb.

This should complete the level. Head back to Autumn Plains.


Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

The portal to here is located up the top of the ladder.

Talk to Greta. Then go glide across and flame the button to open the doors. Grab all the gems and then head through the door you just opened. Head to the left of the door and up the stairs to Hunter.

Orb 36/64 - Barrel of Monkeys

Charge into the trees that Hunter goes near. Very easy challenge for the orb.

Once again, go back to the area before Hunter and flame the button to open a door. Go through. And again, flame a third button in here. This time, go down the path next to the door though. Follow it round and up the whirlwind. Up here flame one of the exploding vases and watch them all explode. Gather the gems then head back round and go through the door you just opened.

Wander round here till you reach Greta. She'll give you the Talisman, 'Emerald Scarab' and open up the portal back to Autumn Plains. Head up to the middle of the area and talk to Handel.

Orb 37/64 - Capture the flags

Go through the flame powerup and run all the way back to where the last button was. Aim up towards to flag and shoot the Flagkeeper down. Talk to Bombo the Flagkeeper and then chase after him, making sure to avoid the bombs he throws down. The faster you go, the faster he goes.

Again, repeat with this time going to the next flag, again avoid the bombs Bombo throws all the way back to Handel. And for a third time, get the flag right at the start and avoid bombs all the way back. Once completed, Handel will give you the orb.

And once done, the level should be completed (as long as you blew up the unbreakable chest during that last challenge that is, if not, use the powerup again and charge along to it). Head home.

Fracture Hills

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

Ugh. This level is located down the steps near to the Scorch entrance.

Talk to Lila the Faun. She'll talk about the problems of the level. Turn around and flame the first Satyr. There are six of these to flame in order to reach the end of the level.

Carry on along to the right and free the next Satyr. Watch out for the bushes and trees though, as they'll try to kill you. Basically just carry on along here, freeing the Satyrs until you've got all six of them free. Once they are all free, head into the temple to collect the Talisman 'Bronze Flute'.

In order to get the powerup working, you'll need to kill a couple of those large stone creatures. To do so, charge into them and knock them into the lava (only works with the ones near lava). Once you've killed 14 things, you can use the supercharge. Near the supercharge though you'll meet Hunter. Talk to him.

Orb 38/64 - Alchemist escort

Go find the Alchemist in a building near Hunter. You'll need to charge into the Earthshapers to keep them away from the Alchemist. Once you know his path, it shouldn't be too difficult in keeping him safe. Just don't go too far ahead of him as the Earthshapers will walk back to where they were.

Once you've done that, go to the supercharge and charge down it.

Orb 39/64 - Free the faun

Slightly complicated challenge, but easy really. Charge through the supercharge and then follow the blocked doorways all the way to the building at the end. Smash into the door to free the faun inside.

Take the same path as in the challenge, but as you get to the long path, veer off to the left and attempt to charge into a small doorway, inside is an unbreakable chest which you need to hit. Collect all the remaining gems in the level, you should be able to get them all. The only reason to come back here will be to get that last remaining orb off Hunter when you have learned Headbash.

Magma Cone

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

Located in the long corridor past Fracture Hills.

Jump down and talk to Loonie the Faun who'll tell you about a party that's been cancelled. Anyway, move along and up the ladder. When you meet the Earthshapers knock them into the big red crosses on the ground and a faun will take care of it. Work your way around this large area and then go up the volcano. Glide around to the side to land inside the volcano. Go talk to Hunter.

Orb 40/64 - Crystal Geysers I

Watch the steam in the vents as it heads towards an opening. That's where a crystal will pop out. Jump into the crystal to get it. First to ten wins.

Then he'll challenge you again.

Orb 41/64 - Crystal geysers II

Slightly more difficult version this time. Fifteen is your target and Hunter has suddenly gotten a lot better at this game. To beat him you almost have to go around stealing the ones he's going for. It may take a while to beat him, but when you do, he'll give you the orb.

Then after beating Hunter twice, go back up to the top of the volcano and pay Moneybags 200 Gems to activate the lift. Use the lift to go down into the area with a large volcano in.

In here, work your way around the volcano and up using the ladders provided. When you get to the part with rocks rolling down on both ladders, go all the way to the top, avoiding the rocks as you go. When you reach the top you'll be given the Talisman of the level, 'Volcano Idol' and the end of level portal will open.

Go down to near the start of this area and use the whirlwind to get up to a platform with Chedda the Faun on.

Orb 42/64 - Party crashers

Not too difficult challenge. Jump through the powerup behind Chedda to start flying. Fly around and pick up the rocks that are floating about, fire these at the Lava Monsters to complete.

Make sure to fire the rocks at the balloons too and then when you have all the gems, head on home to Autumn Plains.

Shady Oasis

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

The entrance to this level is located along a bridge opened by Moneybags for a small price.

Talk to Shorty the Hippo and then flame or charge the berry bush. He'll eat the berry that drops and then proceed to break down the door. Go through and follow him (there's no rush though). Jump up onto the platform nearby and jump across to flame the high up berry tree.

Again, follow Shorty through and then head back to the start of the blue room. Jump up onto the platform and work your way along to the tree. Flame it and Shorty will once again smash down a door.

Follow him some more all the way through to a place where there is a green rock. Pick up that rock and go through to where Shorty is standing below a tree. Fire at the tree with the rock to get the berry. Now for the last time he'll smash a door down. Go talk to him and he'll give you the Talisman, 'Mystic Lamp'.

Go talk to Bruno.

Orb 43/64 - Catch 3 thieves

You'll need to catch the three thieves in order to complete this challenge.

  1. The first is located just below you and to the left, he'll run around this area.
  2. The second is located to the left of where the powerup is, just down there
  3. The third is found in the long blue tunnel you were in earlier

Just explore the rest of the level and gather as many gems as you can find. You'll need another move before you can fully complete this level, so when you can no longer find any gems, head back to Autumn Plains with the final Talisman.

Metro Speedway

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 1 Orb

The first of this world's two speedways. Metro Speedway is located in the first area of the world, go up a whirlwind that Elora starts for you if you have enough orbs.

First flame the pigeons on the switches, then as you go round getting the last three, also flame the bungee jumpers. Once both sets are completed, head along the road through the arches. After the first three arches, take out the SLOW sign people. Once they're all done, go through the rest of the arches. Complete.

Or not. Retry the level and head into the waterfall in the first part of the place, just above where a pigeon is sitting. Talk to the Mayor.

Orb 44/64 - Grab the Loot

Quite a difficult task this one. You need to follow Hunter carefully and to make sure that you grab the falling parachutes. You will need to be very fast to get all twelve. If you are in any way obstructed during this challenge, there is little hope in completing it that turn.

Once complete, select Quit when it asks if you want to Retry.

Icy Speedway

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 1 Orb

Located near the end of the world, on a platform out from the castle. If you haven't done so, pay Moneybags to open it up.

First take care of the hang-gliders, then switch down to the sleds on the ground. Once done, fly through the arches all the way till you get them all. Next, take out the skaters and serpents as you go past them. Once all got, complete.

When you retry, head down to the blue igloo and charge into it. Talk to Hunter inside.

Orb 45/64 - Parasail through Rings

Slightly annoying challenge. All the rings are in one of three places; in the middle, or at either side. You need to get them all in one go so make sure to hold down the button for as long as it takes to actually get the ring as Hunter will pull you away if you let go. Fifty rings is a lot, but you should eventually be able to get them all in one go.

Gulp's Overlook

Time for the fight with Gulp. Jump down the hole to get into the level.

Wait for the pterodactyls to start dropping things, and use whatever it is they drop to attack Gulp with. Knock barrels into him, fire little rockets at him and flame bombs at him. Continue doing this and running away from his attacks and shots until you win. Also try not to let him eat any of the things that are dropped as he'll use them against you.

Well, that's all for Autumn Plains for now, you'll have to return later to complete Fracture Hills and Shady Oasis, but for now it's Winter Tundra you're in.

This bit's for those returning from Winter Tundra with your new-found ability.

Fracture Hills - Part 2

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 3 Orbs

You'll need to escort the Alchemist again as you need Hunter out of his stone boots to do his challenge.

Orb 49/64 - Earthshaper bash

After each time Hunter fires his shot at the Earthshapers, run up to it and headbash right on top of it. You need to get a good position and to either see or learn which Earthshaper Hunter knocks over. If so much as one of them gets back up, you fail and have to start over. Once you've killed 'em all, you get the orb from Hunter.

Now that Fracture Hills is complete head back to Autumn Plains.

Shady Oasis - Part 2

Gems 400 Gems - Orb 2 Orbs

Return to this level and go through all the way to the end. Jump down off the place with the end of level portal and headbash the headbash chest there. Then go talk to Grundy the Hippo over by the powerup.

Orb 50/64 - Free hippos

As each of the brothers gets thrown out into the lava, quickly run over to them and headbash them before they sink in. This challenge requires no mistakes at all so you'll need to be accurate with your headbashing.

With this complete, so is the whole of Autumn Plains. Head on back to Winter Tundra through a portal.

#15 SuperSpyro700 18:38:32 20/03/2008
I like Skelos Badlands, Breeze Harbour, and Sunny Beach!
#14 sillyworld 04:31:07 10/02/2008
sorry...i also forgot to add that i still love this game a lot! :]
#13 sillyworld 04:30:04 10/02/2008
i haven't completed any of the first three spyro games yet. [i know, i'm lame.] and i've been playing them for the past FIVE years!

i just find it really hard to beat because you have to get every little last gem!
#12 spyro2 19:59:08 29/10/2007
I won game to
#11 spyro2 19:04:05 28/10/2007
I love spyro2 i just completed it
#10 twilight-shadow 21:45:44 04/08/2007
Hey people,

i LOVE this game!!!

My favourite levels in Autumn Plains are Skelos Badlands, Scorch and Shady Oasis. :-)
#9 redthedragon 02:46:25 24/07/2007
Can't-beat-magma-c... *dies*
#8 Spyro Fan 17:51:25 13/06/2007
My fav level in this world is Breeze Habour. I dunno why it's just soooooooo easy to complete!
#7 potter 18:15:35 11/05/2007
i cant complete the game. ive got 99 percent
#6 Red Spyro 19:52:54 09/03/2007
Nah I like Glimmer.
#5 Lover of Spyro 16:33:41 13/12/2006
Winter Tundra is my fave homeland!
#4 Miyuki 23:46:59 03/12/2006
autumn plains is my favorite level smilie
#3 Umbra 22:56:59 27/11/2006
Must you people comment on every single page? All of your posts are off-topic, which is ironic since this one is also.
#2 Fodder 02:52:37 04/06/2006
RIIIGHHHTEOUS!!!.i WON tHE GAME 100% already...10 times.. smilie ...THnKS!!!
#1 Fodder 17:50:09 29/03/2006
I found this realy useful
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