Skylanders: Imaginators


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Parts List

To build your Imaginators you will need to collect parts, here is a list of all of the parts and their stats.

Under Wraps
Bug ShotDefault
Bobbed and Beautiful
Black Knight Head
Veggie Head
CawesomeAir Crystal
Helmet Hair
Cool Cat
Miss Clockwork
Fish FataleDefault
No Sight No Problem
Mr. Skull
Hooded MysteryDefault
Monkey Business
Witchy WaysMagic Crystal
Familiar Face
Imagi-Tron 3000Default
Squid Kid
Bird BrainDefault
CyglobeDefeat Evil Sea Monster
Big Cheese
Super MaskDefault
Boar Bash
Shield Maiden Head
Soldier Head
Cowboy Head
MonsteriousDark Crystal
SylvanLife Crystal
Explorer HeadDefault
Spark HeadDefault
Amazonian Head
Tiger HeadComplete Tiger Set
Spiky Hair HeadDefault
Leafy Hair HeadDefault
Flat Top Head
Caesar Hair Head
Doe DeerDefault
Mr. Frost
Dino HeadComplete Dino Set
RocketsTech Crystal
Squid Head
Pirate HeadComplete Pirate Set
Diver Head
Chompy Head
White Knight HeadDefault
One Eye HeadDefault
Gladiator Head
Wasteland HeadKaos on Nightmare
Faun Head
Seahorse Head
Wolf HeadComplete Werewolf Set
Sparta Head
Equestrian Head
Firemask HeadDefault
Vernian Adventurer Head
Elf EnchantressDefault
Blonde Streak HeadLight Crystal
Head Band HeadDefault
Librarian HeadDefault
Ninja Head
Fossil Head
Bunhead Head
Bobbed Head
Scarecrow Head
Braided Head
Bull HeadDefault
Leaf Head
Fire Dancer HeadFire Crystal
Robo Skull Head
Fish Monster HeadDefault
Cute Mammal HeadDefault
Troll HeadDefault
Crazy HeadDefault
Monkey King Head
Skele-Warrior HeadDefault
Rock Helmet HeadDefault
Dragon Head
Mushroom HeadDefault
Baby Dragon Head
Ragdoll HeadDefault
Spider Head
Insect Head
Pumpkin Head
Leaf Monster HeadDefault
Lightbulb Head
Baby Faced
Gargoyle Head
Kabuki Head
Sharp Toothed
Painted Skull Head
Gas Masked
Cyborg Head
Shaved Head
Lucha Libre!
Ladybug Head
Mustached Head
Freckles Head
Orc Head
Elf Head
Professional Head
Hipster Head
Student Head
Burrbearian Head
Reptilian Head
Half Bot Head
Sparkly Head
Rook Head
Metal Skull Helm
Boom BoxLevel Pack
Shield Queen Head
Training Dummy HeadLevel Pack
Grizzly HeadLevel Pack
Demon Spirit HeadLevel Pack
Scuba HeadLevel Pack
Diner HeadLevel Pack
Idol MaskLevel Pack
Miner HeadLevel Pack
Lion Fish HeadLevel Pack
Royal Guard HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle HeadLevel Pack
Cybug HeadLevel Pack
Masquerade HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Sheep HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Night Owl MaskLevel Pack
Snake HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Box TopLevel Pack
Warrior Queen HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Plane HeadChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Chameleon HeadChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Slime HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Feline FaceCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec MaskCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Train HeadChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Dryad HeadCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Petal HeadChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Rhino MaskCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest




Elf EarsDefault
Winged EarsDefault
Spyro Horns
Fish Girl EarsDefault
Dear Ring EarsDefault
Cow Pierced
Troll Ears
Trumpet EarsDefault
Pencil Ears
Ears of Corn!
Magnet EarsDefault
Ram HornDefault
Deer AntlersDefault
Moose AntlersComplete Tree Set
Batty EarsDefault
Rounded EarsDefault
Supersonic Ears
Jackal Ears
Deepglow Ears
Shell-O Ears
Pretty Fly EarsDefault
Crystal Ears
Doomenstein Ears
Ears of Doom
Scaled EarsDark Crystal
Shiver Me EarsWater Crystal
Squidly Ears
Chompy Ears
Firebird Ears
Seahorse Ears
Faun Ears
Wolf EarsUndead Crystal
Conbot EarsEarth Crystal
Eyeballs Ears
Neo Cortex EarsNeo Cortex
Ballerina Ears
Candy EarsTech Realm
Scarecrow Ears
Satellie Ears
Antenna Ears
Dog Ears
Cat Ears
Bear Ears
Mouse Ears
Fire Dancer Ears
Plunger EarsFind in Rat Kingdom
Bullhorn Ears
Cyborg Ears
Ladybug Earmuffs
Gargoyle Ears
Half Bot Ears
Amplifying EarsLevel Pack
Tusk Jewelry EarsLevel Pack
SnorkelLevel Pack
Idol EarsLevel Pack
Lion Fish EarsLevel Pack
Beetle EarsLevel Pack
Cybug EarsLevel Pack
Sheep EarsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Cardboard EarsLevel Pack
Warrior Queen EarsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Plane EarsChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Aztec EarsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Blossom EarsChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Rhino EarsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest


Mummy ChestComplete Mummy Set
Exoskeleton ChestDefault
Crop Top ChestDefault
Mummy Guard Chest
Bird Guard ChestDefault
Bird Chest
Troll Chest
Coils Chest
Ninjini ChestDefault
Bushwhack ChestDefault
Skeleton ChestComplete Skeleton Set
Heroic Chest
Tech Gear Chest
Tech Knight ChestDefault
Desert King ChestDefault
Undead Skull ChestDefault
Pilot's ChestDefault
Fancy ChestDefault
Vest Chest
Doomlander Knight Chest
Merry Mischief ChestLife Crystal
Studded ChestDefault
Judogi Chest
Shinobi ChestDefault
Turtle Shell
Tiki ChestDefault
Magma ChestDefault
Dustered ChestTech Crystal
Bare It ChestDefault
Buckles and BeltsDefault
Shining Armor Chest
Bare Bones ChestDefault
Heavenly ChestLight Crystal
Superhero UniformDefault
Vampire Chest
Spark ChestDefault
Top Crop Chest
Dragonmail Chest
All For One Chest
Goin' Bananas ChestComplete Yeti Set
Ahoy! ChestWater Crystal
Witchy ChestMagic Crystal
Sucker Chest
Deep Sea Chest
Samurai Torso
Firebird Torso
Gladiator Torso
Wasteland TorsoNightmare
Female Armor TorsoDefault
Seahorse Torso
Queen Torso
Firefighter's Torso
Wolf ChestUndead Crystal
Sparta Torso
Conbot TorsoEarth Crystal
Equestrian Torso
Eyeballs Torso
King Torso
Princess Torso
Jester Torso
Steam Punk Torso
Lionheart Torso
Ballerina Torso
Candy TorsoTech Realm
Scarecrow Torso
Fire Dancer TorsoFire Crystal
Pumpkin Torso
Baby Torso
Lampman Torso
Commando Torso
Cyborg Torso
Ladybug Torso
Insect Torso
Gargoyle Torso
Athletic Torso
Tiger Torso
Burrbearian Torso
Enhanced Torso
Diamond Armor
Lorica Hamata
Walled Body
Neon Breastplate
Shield Maiden Torso
Training Dummy TorsoLevel Pack
Dragonmail TorsoLevel Pack
Barbarian BodyLevel Pack
Diver TorsoLevel Pack
Double Bacon BodyLevel Pack
Monkey TorsoLevel Pack
Digger TorsoLevel Pack
Lion Fish BodyLevel Pack
Royal Guard TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle BodyLevel Pack
Cybug TorsoLevel Pack
Masquerade TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Woolly TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Night Owl Armor TorsoLevel Pack
Snake TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Boxy TorsoLevel Pack
Warrior Queen TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Chameleon TorsoChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Slime BodyCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Cat SuitCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec ChestCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Train TorsoChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Dryad TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Petal TorsoChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Rhino TorsoCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest


Mummy Arms
Shell ArmsDefault
Doomlander Knight Arms
Bird ArmsAir Crystal
Skeleton Arms
Robot Arms
Robot Bouncer ArmsDefault
Scale Dress ArmsDefault
Drill ArmsDefault
Goblin ArmsDefault
Heroic Arms
Doomlander Barbarian Arms
Bellows Arms
Jester Arms
Balloon ArmsDefault
Puppet Arms
Queen Arms
Tentacle ArmsDefault
Vine ArmsLife Crystal
Adventurer's ArmsTech Crystal
Feelin' Froggy ArmsDefault
Muscle ArmsDefault
Hay Man Arms
Magma ArmsDefault
Fancy Sleeves
Angelic ArmsLight Crystal
Frosty Arms
Gothic Arms
Starry ArmsDefault
Double Belt Arms
RedsleevesDark Crystal
One For All Arms
Aye Aye! ArmsWater Crystal
Witchy ArmsMagic Crystal
Raptor Arms
Deep Sea Arms
Ape Arms
Samurai Arms
Gladiator Arms
Wasteland ArmsNightmare
Wolf ArmsUndead Crystal
Conbot ArmsEarth Crystal
King Arms
Princess Arms
Steam Punk Arms
Ninja ArmsDefault
Ballerina Arms
Fossil Bone Arms
Bare ArmsDefault
Crash ArmsCrash Bandicoot
Fire Dancer ArmsFire Crystal
Cleaning Arms
Lampman Arms
Commando Arms
Cyborg Arms
Insect Arms
Tiger Arms
Burrbearian Arms
Chain Bracer Arms
Shield Maiden Arms
Training Dummy ArmsLevel Pack
Chainmail Arms
Barbarian ArmsLevel Pack
Diver ArmsLevel Pack
Monkey ArmsLevel Pack
Royal Guard ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle ArmsLevel Pack
Stocking ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Chameleon ArmsChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Slime ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Cat ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Dryad ArmsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest


Wrapped Up Legs
Buggy LegsDefault
Bare LegsDefault
Feathered LegsAir Crystal
Android LegsDefault
Argh! Me LegsWater Crystal
Scale Mail Legs
Doomed Legs
Socket Legs
Doomlander Barbarian Legs
Shining Armor LegsDefault
Mystical LegsDefault
Heavy-Duty Legs
Ring-Ready LegsDefault
Caveman LegsDefault
Dancin' LegsDefault
Adventurer's LegsDefault
Woodsy Legs
Peggy LegsDefault
Hoof LegsDefault
Frosty Legs
Starry LegsDefault
Bikini 'n Boots
All For One Legs
Witchy LegsMagic Crystal
Sucker Legs
Raptor Legs
Deep Sea Legs
Ape Legs
Cowpoke Legs
Samurai Legs
Banana Legs
Gladiator Legs
Wasteland LegsNightmare
Viney LegsLife Crystal
Faun Legs
Queen Legs
Wolf LegsUndead Crystal
Sparta Legs
Conbot LegsEarth Crystal
King Legs
Princess Legs
Wolfgang LegsWolfgang
Ninja LegsDefault
Ballerina Legs
Tuxedo Legs
Jester Legs
Fossil Bone Legs
Stone Legs
Scarecrow Legs
Chain LegsDefault
Hydraulic Legs
Fire Dancer LegsFire Crystal
Heroic Legs
Baby Legs
Lampman Legs
Ladybug Legs
Insect Legs
Athletic Legs
Tiger Legs
Burrbearian Legs
Superhero Legs
Bling Legs
Legionnaire Legs
Shield Maiden Legs
Training Dummy LegsLevel Pack
Spirit Warrior LegsLevel Pack
Barbarian LegsLevel Pack
Diver LegsLevel Pack
Monkey LegsLevel Pack
Royal Guard LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle LegsLevel Pack
Cybug LegsLevel Pack
Boots n LeggingsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Sheep LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Night Owl LegsLevel Pack
Warrior Queen LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Slime LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Cat LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Dryad LegsCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Petal LegsChest in Cursed Tiki Temple


Bird Tail
Rooty TailDefault
Stinger TailDefault
Familiar TailDefault
Scaly Tail
Shelled Tail
Sleek Tail
Leaf Tail
Feathercat Tail
Cactus Tail
Rattler Tail
Zig-Zag Tail
Croc TailComplete Wilderness Warrior Set
King's TailMysticat
Tentacle Tail
Poison Tail
Horse TailDefault
Rainbow Tail
Raptor Tail
Faun Tail
Wolf TailUndead Crystal
Eyeball Tail
Birdman TailAir Crystal
Fossil Bone Tail
Bunny Tail
Skunk Tail
Lynx Tail
Lemur Tail
Rat Tail
Chain TailDefault
Plug Tail
Beaver Tail
Gargoyle Tail
Insect Tail
Tiger Tail
Spriggan Tail
Gold Snapper Tail
Mic TailLevel Pack
Chameleon TailChest in Cursed Tiki Temple


Genie Tasset
Cheesy Tasset
Undead Tasset
Water Tasset
Spark Tasset
Nature Tasset
Merc TassetDefault
Skirt Tasset
Princess Tasset
Air Tasset
Roman Tasset
Earth Tasset
Sea SkirtCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Leaf Tasset
Lion Fish TassetLevel Pack

Swashbuckler Tail

Bone Naga
Scorpion Naga
Furry Naga
Tentacle Naga
Pangolin Naga
Mermaid Naga
Spark Naga
Dragon Naga
Raptor Naga
Robot Naga
Snake Naga
Dolph FinCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Monster Naga
Lamp Naga
Lion Fish NagaLevel Pack


Dark StarComplete Crystal Armor Set
ElectronsTech Crystal
Electro SparkM.A.P.
Golden RaysDefault
Star ChildDefault
BubblesComplete Diver Set
Rain CloudM.A.P.
Air ElementalAir Realm
Dark ElementalDark Realm
Earth ElementalEarth Realm
Fire ElementalFire Realm
Life ElementalLife Realm
Light ElementalLight Realm
Magic ElementalMagic Realm
Tech ElementalTech Realm
Undead ElementalUndead Realm
Water ElementalWater Realm

Bazooker Weapon

Quad Barrel60Ultimate
Heavy Artillery5015UltimateTech Realm
Petal Blaster60Ultimate
Brass Blaster60Ultimate
Chompy Bazooka60UltimateChompy Mage Shrine in The Golden Arcade
Blast-o-Matic 90005510Ultimate
Super Splasher60Ultimate
Totem Bazooka60Ultimate
Fire Fox Bazooka5510UltimateFlare Wolf Shrine in The Golden Arcade
Lava Bazooka60Ultimate
Octo Bazooka5510Ultimate
Kaos Bazooka368Epic
Commando Cannon40Epic
Submarine Blaster40Epic
Hydrant Bazooka40Epic
Steam Bazooka40Epic
Bone Bazooka40Epic
Fossil Fury186RareDoomlander in Scholarville
Tube Bazooka20Rare
Tribal Bazooka20Rare
Castle Cannon5Common
Downhome Bazooka2CommonDefault
Ancient Bazooka5Common
Raven Bazooka5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Arkeyan Bazooka5015UltimateLevel Pack
Donutzooka5510UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Metal Dragon Bazooka60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Robotzooka60UltimateLevel Pack

Bowslinger Weapon

Elven Bow5015UltimateMagic Realm
Batcry Bow5510UltimateWolfgang Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Dandy Lion Bow5015Ultimate
Robot Bow5510UltimateRO-BOW Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Kaos Bow60Ultimate
Buckshot Bow5510UltimateBuckshot Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Dragon Bow60Ultimate
Frigid Bow5510Ultimate
Chompy Bow60Ultimate
Undersea Bow60Ultimate
Doom Bow40EpicDoomlander in Dragon Temple
Sunray Bow40Epic
Enchanted Bow40Epic
Cobra Bow40Epic
Harmony Bow40Epic
Deathstrike Bow20Rare
Special Delivery Bow20Rare
Poisonous Bow20Rare
Heavy-Duty Bow2CommonDefault
Gilded Bow5Common
Sylvan Doublebow5Common
Classic Bow5Common
Horned Bow5Common
Golden Dragon Bow5015UltimateLevel Pack
Angel Bow5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Insect Bow5510UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Eyeball Bow60UltimateLevel Pack
Regal Bat Bow60UltimateLevel Pack

Brawler Weapon

Kaos Fists5510Ultimate
Crash Fists5015UltimateCrash Bandicoot Shrine in Cradle of Creation
Falcon Fists60UltimateAir Strike Shrine in Cradle of Creation
20 Karat Knuckles5510Ultimate
Blingfists4020UltimateEarth Realm
Blade Fists3030UltimateKing Pen Shrine in Cradle of Creation
Stone Fists60UltimateGrave Clobber Shrine in Cradle of Creation
Eye-ncredible Punch5510Ultimate
Teddy Fists5510Ultimate
Candy Fists5015Ultimate
Arkeyan Fists368Epic
Drill Fists40Epic
Skullclap368EpicDoomlander in Mushroom River
Crystal Fists40Epic
Gear Fists368Epic
Triple Threat Fists368Epic
Bolt Bashers168Rare
Spare Chains186Rare
Three-Ball Punch2CommonDefault
Roman Fists5Common
Iron Uppercut5Common
Chain Pain33Common
Steam Punk Fist5015UltimateLevel Pack
Golden Ram5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Patty Pummelers60UltimateLevel Pack
Alien Punch5510UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Snake Bite60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Knight Weapon

Ambush Sword5510UltimateAmbush Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Life Sword5015Ultimate
Cold Justice5510Ultimate
Blast Sword60UltimateBlaster-Tron Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Legendary Sword5510Ultimate
Laserblade60UltimateLight Realm
Adventurer's Sword60Ultimate
Wild Storm Sword5510UltimateWild Storm Shrine in Shellmont Shores
Angel Sword60Ultimate
Dragonbreath Sword5510Ultimate
Magic Orb Sword5510Ultimate
Capricorn Sowrd5510Ultimate
Death Spiral Sword5510Ultimate
Glowing Sword60Ultimate
Monster Sword60Ultimate
Crystal Edge368Epic
Hotdog's Fury40Epic
The Doomblade368EpicDoomlander in Sky Fortress
Musketeer Rapier40EpicComplete Musketeer Set
Kaos Sword368Epic
Heritage Sword368Epic
Gear Sword20Rare
Samurai Sword20Rare
Pirate's Cutlass186Rare
Trusty Sword2CommonDefault
Sharktooth Sword5Common
Roman Sword33Common
Mummy's Revenge5Common
The Lumpsplitter33Common
Rugged Legendary Sword5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Sapphire Sword5015UltimateLevel Pack
Steam Powered Sword60UltimateLevel Pack
From the Deep Sword60UltimateLevel Pack
Circuit Sword60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Ninja Weapon

Skully Stars5510Ultimate
Starcast Ninja Stars60UltimateStarcast Shrine in Mushroom River
Crow Stars5015UltimateTae Kwon Crow Shrine in Mushroom River
Leaf Stars5510UltimateBoom Bloom Shrine in Mushroom River
Ninja Blossoms5510Ultimate
Fire Stars60UltimateFire Realm
Donuts of Doom5510Ultimate
Crystal Cutters60Ultimate
Chain Chakrams5015Ultimate
Pizza Pies60Ultimate
Kaos Shuriken368Epic
Sheriff's Badges40Epic
Pinwheels of Death40Epic
Doomed Bats368EpicDoomlander in Fizzland
Turtle Stars40Epic
Spider Web Stars20Rare
Circle Chakram20Rare
Bow Blitz20Rare
Throwing Starfish5Common
Tablesaw Blades5Common
Steel Sunstars2CommonDefault
Forks n Spoons5Common
Fan Blades5510UltimateLevel Pack
Dark Tornado4025UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Super Burger5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Mystical Chakram60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Golden Wheels60UltimateLevel Pack

Quickshot Weapon

Tidepool Pistols5510UltimateTidepool Shrine in Sky Fortress
Dr. Krankcase Pistols5015UltimateDr. Krankcase Shrine in Sky Fortress
Neo Cortex Pistols60UltimateDr. Neo Cortex Shrine in Scholarville
Angular Lasers60Ultimate
Banana Blasters5510UltimateComplete Banana Set
Hair Dryers60Ultimate
Bat Ray Zappers5510UltimateUndead Realm
Candy Stripe Cannons60UltimateComplete Snowman Set
Head Shots5510Ultimate
Light Blasters5015Ultimate
Electric Pistols5510Ultimate
Nautilus Shots40Epic
Lightning Shots40Epic
Green Ray Pistols40Epic
Skeleguns40EpicDoomlander in Abandoned Amusement Park
Kaos Pistols386Epic
Algae Shots386Epic
Umbrella Guns186Rare
Tommy Guns186Rare
Bone Pistols20Rare
Quad Cannons2CommonDefault
Double Trouble5Common
Cowboy Pistols33Common
Retro Blasters5Common
Old Guns33Common
Tornado Blasters5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Crystal Pistols5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Pharaoh Pistols60UltimateLevel Pack
Xenoblaster60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Space Blaster5015UltimateLevel Pack

Sentinel Weapon

Barbella Dumbbell5015UltimateBarbella Shrine in Scholarville
Fire Samurai Doubler60UltimateEmber Shrine in Scholarville
Double Scythe5510UltimateHood Sickle Shrine in Scholarville
Seedbasher5510UltimateLife Realm
Kaos Doubler60Ultimate
Double Mallow60Ultimate
Saw Staff60UltimateDoomlander in The Lair of Kaos
Pineapple Doubler5015Ultimate
Double Duty60UltimateComplete Bathroom Break Set
Red Ice Doubler5510Ultimate
Boxing Partners40Epic
Crab Doubler40Epic
Twin Turkeys368Epic
Double Mummifier368Epic
Pinwheel Doubler368Epic
Winged Doubler368Epic
Bone Doubler186Rare
Spikeball Doubler20Rare
Samurai Doubler186Rare
Neptune's Trident2CommonDefault
Double Spike5Common
Bamboo Bo5Common
Dual Naginata5Common
Axe Doubler5Common
Messy Painter5510UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Spur of the Moment5511Ultimate
Elite Claw Doubler5015UltimateLevel Pack
Arkeyan Doubler4025UltimateLevel Pack
Double Volcano60UltimateLevel Pack
King Spear60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Smasher Weapon

The Wrenchinator5510UltimateThe Golden Arcade
Ice Club4020UltimateWater Realm
The Shriek60Ultimate
Kaos Axe5510Ultimate
Lollipulper5015UltimatePain-Yatta Shrine in Sky Fortress
Traffic Light5015Ultimate
Puffer Fish Club60Ultimate
Lava Club60Ultimate
Jester Club5510Ultimate
Unicorn Club5510Ultimate
Sensei Mace5510UltimateTri-Tip Shrine in Sky Fortress
Sensei Axe60UltimateChopscotch Shrine in Sky Fortress
Firefighter's Axe5015UltimateComplete Firefighter Set
Rhino Club60Ultimate
The Mighty Fish386Epic
Warrior's Mace40Epic
Acoustic Reckoning368Epic
Triple Axe40Epic
Log Lobber368Epic
Doomenstein Club40EpicDoomlander in The Golden Arcade
Morningstar Mace20Rare
Bowling Pin Club168Rare
Clobber Gobble20Rare
Baker's Best Friend33Common
Battle Skillet33Common
The Greathammer5Common
Caveman Club2CommonDefault
Twistwood Club5Common
Toy Mallet5015UltimateLevel Pack
Hammer Club5015UltimateLevel Pack
Hobby Horse Hammer60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Ghostly Mace60UltimateLevel Pack
Gold Lion Hammer60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Sorcerer Weapon

Golden Queen Staff3030UltimateGolden Queen Shrine in Scholarville
Mysticat Staff5015UltimateMysticat Shrine in Scholarville
Chompy Staff5510UltimateComplete Chompy Set
Life Staff5510Ultimate
Technomancer's Staff60Ultimate
Viper Staff5510UltimatePit Boss Shrine in Scholarville
Spider Staff5015Ultimate
Eaglewise Scepter60UltimateAir Realm
Dragon Staff60Ultimate
Cheese Staff60Ultimate
Witch's Broom60Ultimate
Queen Staff60Ultimate
Sorcerer's Claw60Ultimate
Kaos Wand40Epic
Nova Rod40Epic
Demon Staff368Epic
Snake Staff386Epic
Ram Staff40Epic
Sundae Staff40Epic
Space Staff20Rare
Hand Staff20Rare
Deathclaw Staff186RareDoomlander in Cradle of Creation
Shepherd's Staff33Common
Orb of Wisdom2CommonDefault
Staff of Spirals5Common
Charged Staff5Common
S'More Staff5Common
Duck Scepter5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Magic Brush5015UltimateLevel Pack
Octo Staff5510UltimateLevel Pack
Water Lily Staff5510UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Golden Crystal Staff60UltimateLevel Pack

Swashbuckler Weapon

Aurora Light Blades60UltimateAurora Shrine in Fizzland
Bad Juju Blades60UltimateBad Juju Shrine in Fizzland
Chain Blades5015UltimateChain Reaction Shrine in Fizzland
Magic Blades60Ultimate
Banana Bash5510Ultimate
Tech Blades60Ultimate
Dragon Blades60UltimateComplete Dragon Armor Set
Kaos Daggers5510UltimateDark Realm
Burrbearian Axes5510Ultimate
Scaled Blades60Ultimate
Maori Blades40Epic
Diamond Blades40Epic
Fearsome Flowers40Epic
Doomed Skeleswords368EpicDoomlander in Shellmont Shores
Crabby Blades3015Epic
Serpentine Blades40Epic
Popsicle Swords168Rare
Ancient Blades2CommonDefault
Wooden Swords33Common
Gladiator's Gladius33Common
Steel Sai5Common
Hand Sickles5Common
Horse Swords5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Scimitars5015UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Venom Blades60UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Lava Blades60UltimateLevel Pack
Ice Blades4520UltimateLevel Pack


Queen's Crown50UltimateComplete Queen Set
Shell Helmet2035UltimateComplete Ocean Protector Set
Steam Punk Hat50Ultimate
Oracle Hat50Ultimate
Adventurer's Hat2035UltimateComplete Birdman Set
Challenger's Helm1235Ultimate
Fly By Knight Hat1045Ultimate
Demon Horns1235Ultimate
Porcupine Helm2035Ultimate
Bright Ideas Hat50Ultimate
All-Seeing Hat50Ultimate
Battle Jester Hat1540Ultimate
Forehead Fossil1540UltimateTri-Tip
Lavaglow Hat1040Ultimate
Mysterious Hat50Ultimate
Mad Mad Hat50Ultimate
Jingle Hat50Ultimate
Firefighter's Hat1540Ultimate
Horned Helm1540Ultimate
Viking's Pride2035Ultimate
Holiday Hat50Ultimate
Dragon's Ridge1045Ultimate
Queen's Gem50UltimateAurora
Heavenly Halo50UltimateLight Crystal
See Saw Hat1045UltimateDoomlander in The Lair of Kaos
Jolly Top Hat50Ultimate
Hot-Head1540UltimateFlare Wolf
Fire Dragon Helm1540Ultimate
Rocket Man's Ridge2035UltimateComplete Tech Adventurer Set
Cavalier Hat1045UltimateRO-BOW
Scallywag Hat1045Ultimate
Witchy Hat50UltimateComplete Witch Set
Chompy Eyes50Ultimate
Samurai Helmet1235UltimateEmber
Wasteland Spikes4040UltimateComplete Wasterland Warrior Set
Sparta Plume1540UltimateComplete Spartan Sentry Set
Conbot Helmet2035UltimateComplete Construction Bot Set
Bad Juju Helmet2035UltimateBad Juju
Dr. Krankcase Hat50UltimateDr. Krankcase
Blaster-Tron Helmet50UltimateBlaster-Tron
Tidepool Helmet2035UltimateTidepool
Grass Helmet50UltimateAmbush
Chainsaw Beard1045UltimateChain Reaction
Bloom Helmet1045UltimateBoom Bloom
Bat Hat1540Ultimate
Speedster Hat3025Ultimate
Rogue's Hat2035Ultimate
Cornucopia Hat50Ultimate
Lion's Maw2035UltimateComplete Lionheart Set
Candy Helmet50UltimateTech Realm
Hair Spikes1540Ultimate
Toilet Bowler50UltimateFind in Rat Kingdom
Bunny Hat1540Ultimate
Ladybug Feelers50Ultimate
Helm of Ultimate Wisdom2035UltimateDefeat Kaos
Superior Hair2035UltimateDefeat Kaos
Blossom Hat50Ultimate
Candle Hat1520Epic
Guard Helmet1025Epic
Pointy Helmet1520Epic
Carrot Beanie1025Epic
Sheriff's Hat820EpicComplete Cowboy Set
Fishy Fin820Epic
Doomed Knight Helm1520EpicDoomlander in Sky Fortress
Centurion's Crest1025EpicComplete Skylands Defender Set
Skeleton Drill1520EpicDoomlander in Abandoned Amusement Park
Totally Metal Hat820EpicDoomlander in Fizzland
Samurai U1520Epic
Firebird Helm1520EpicComplete Firebird Set
Gladiator Plume1520EpicComplete Gladiator Set
Brain Hat30Epic
Equestrian Helmet1520Epic
Eyeballs Helmet30EpicComplete Eyeballs Set
King's Crown30EpicComplete King Set
Turtle Shellmet1520Epic
Steam Punk Helmet30Epic
Pink Ear Hat30Epic
Royal Tiara30EpicComplete Ballerina Set
Umbrella Dome30Epic
Flattop Hawk1520Epic
Scarecrow Hat30EpicComplete Scarecrow Set
Pumpkin Stem30EpicComplete Pumpkin Set
Commando Helmet1025Epic
Cyborg Helmet30EpicComplete Cyborg Set
Gargoyle Horns30EpicComplete Gargoyle Set
Insect Antennae30EpicComplete Insect Set
Dundee Hat612Rare
Alarm Hat612Rare
Morion Helmet612Rare
Ice Cream Hat15Rare
Number One Hat15Rare
Bear-Headed Hat612Rare
Artist's Hat612Rare
Kufi Cap15Rare
Safety Hat15Rare
Coconut Hat612RareComplete Fruit Fueled Set
Bun-dle of Joy15RareComplete Amazon Huntress Set
Bonier-Tail15RareDoomlander in Shellmont Shores
Squiddley Hat414Rare
Princess Hat15RareComplete Princess Set
Skipper's Hat15Rare
Jester Hat15RareComplete Jester Set
Classic Ponytail15Rare
Baby Hair15Rare
Warrior's Ponytail5CommonKing Pen
Trash Hat33Common
Mongol Hat5Common
Trench Hat5CommonDefault
Pharaoh's Pride5CommonGolden Queen
Slouchy Beanie5Common
Derby Hat5Common
Boating Hat33Common
Band Leader Hat5Common
Military Hat33Common
Kitchen Crusader Hat33CommonDefault
Metal Crest33Common
Colander Hat5Common
Investigating Hat5Common
Fisherman's Hat33Common
Cubano Hat33Common
Boater Hat33Common
Feathers5CommonComplete Fire Dancer Set
Golden Koi Helm50UltimateBento Set
Legionnaire Helm1540UltimateLegionnaire Set
Steeple1540UltimateCastle Set
Skully Mohawk50Ultimate
Rabbit Ear Antennae50UltimateLevel Pack
Primal Hat1045UltimateLevel Pack
Ornate Ponytail1540UltimateLevel Pack
Tasty Topper50UltimateLevel Pack
Spelunk Helm1540UltimateLevel Pack
Lion Fish Mask50UltimateLevel Pack
Royal Guard Helm1045UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle Hat50UltimateLevel Pack
Cybug Antennae50Ultimate
Fluffy Pompadour50UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Snake Helmet1045UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Warrior Queen Visor2030UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Plane Fin2035UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Cat Hat50UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec Head Gear1540UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Smokestack1540UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Dryad Horns1540UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Rhino Helm2035UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Shoulder Guards

Fire Dragon Shoulders3612Ultimate
Conbot Shoulder Armor40Ultimate
Chompy Shoulder Guards3018Ultimate
Squid Shoulder Armor40Ultimate
Samurai Shoulder Armor3612Ultimate
Wasteland Shoulder Pads60UltimateNightmare
Clam Shoulder Armor40Ultimate
Equestrian Shoulder Armor3018UltimateComplete Horse Armor Set
Star Shoulder Armor3216UltimateStarcast
Doomlander Smasher Shoulder Armor40UltimateDoomlander in Golden Arcade
Mummy's Pauldrons40Ultimate
Shoulder Shell40Ultimate
Bird Pauldrons3612Ultimate
Spiky Shoulders830Ultimate
Double Guard40Ultimate
Pointy Protection40Ultimate
Engraved Armor830Ultimate
Circuit Shoulders40Ultimate
Arctic Armor40Ultimate
Breeze Armor3216Ultimate
Ceremonial Pauldrons3810Ultimate
Horned Shoulders3612Ultimate
Spacey Armor40Ultimate
High Tech Protection3612Ultimate
Lava Pauldrons40Ultimate
Heroic Shoulder Armor3612Ultimate
Stormy Shoulders3018Ultimate
Jeweled Pauldrons3018Ultimate
Fine Feathered Shoulders3216Ultimate
Snake Shoulders3414Ultimate
Skull Pauldrons40Ultimate
Eagle-Eye Armor3018Ultimate
Sunbeam Shoulders830Ultimate
Eye See Shoulders3216Ultimate
Royal Guard Pauldrons3612Ultimate
Heavy-Duty Pauldrons40Ultimate
Doomed Bone Pauldrons40Ultimate
Lion Shoulders3612Ultimate
Spider Shoulder Armor40UltimateComplete Arachnid Set
Ladybug Shoulder Armor40Ultimate
Burrbearian Pauldrons3612Ultimate
Sparta Shoulder Armor25Epic
Ninja Shoulders1812EpicDoomlander in Fizzland
Firefighter's Shoulder Armor25Epic
Pirate Epaulets1812Epic
Faun Shoulder Armor2010EpicComplete Faun Set
Turtle Shoulder Armor25Epic
Steam Punk Pauldrons228Epic
Stone Hero's Armor25Epic
Cog Pauldrons228Epic
Fishy Shoulders246Epic
Bare Bones Protection25Epic
E-Guard 700025EpicComplete Retro Robot Set
Stoked Shoulders2010Epic
Scaly Shoulders246Epic
Arbor Armor25Epic
Rough Gold Shoulders2010Epic
Bandit Pauldrons246Epic
Crystal Shoulders228Epic
Horn Skull Shoulder Armor1812EpicDoomlander in Scholarville
Pumpkin Pauldrons25Epic
King Shoulder Armor15Rare
Leather Pauldrons126Rare
Metal Skull Shoulders15Rare
Stony Shoulders15Rare
All Natural Pauldrons126Rare
Robotic Shoulders108Rare
Locomotor Shoulders108Rare
Squiddley Shoulder Armor15RareComplete Squid Wizard Set
Doomlander Sorcerer Pauldrons15RareDoomlander in Cradle of Creation
Doomed Dome Shoulder Armor108RareDoomlander in Mushroom River
Ol'Faithful Pauldrons5Common
Woody Pauldrons33Common
Studded Shoulders5CommonDefault
Guard Pauldrons33CommonDefault
Spangled Shoulders5Common
Nutty Shoulder Armor5Common
Panneled Leather Armor33Common
Mighty Melon Pauldrons5Common
Seashell Shoulders33Common
Driftwood Pauldrons5CommonCradle of Creation, Right Path
Seaweed Wrapped Shoulders3612Ultimate
Showy Shoulder Pads3018Ultimate
Lorica Pauldrons3216Ultimate
Parapet Shoulders40Ultimate
Metal Bone Shoulder Pads40Ultimate
Speaker Shoulders3018UltimateLevel Pack
Ornate Knot Shoulder Pads40UltimateShield Maiden Set
Zeus Shoulders3612Ultimate
Bow Shoulders3612Ultimate
Tricera Shoulders3612UltimateLevel Pack
Spirit Warrior Shoulders3216UltimateLevel Pack
Patty Pauldrons3810UltimateLevel Pack
Mined Shoulder Pads40UltimateLevel Pack
Royal Guard Shoulder Armor40UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Beetle Shoulder Pads40UltimateLevel Pack
Cybug Shoulder Pads3018UltimateLevel Pack
Snake Shoulder Pads40UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Shipping Shoulder Pads3612UltimateLevel Pack
Warrior Queen Pauldrons2020UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Bomber Pauldrons3216UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Train Pauldrons3612UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Petal Shoulder Armor3612UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Rhino Pauldrons40UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Arm Guards

Shell Arm Armor40Ultimate
Conbot Arm Armor40Ultimate
Eyeballs Arm Armor308Ultimate
Wildstorm Arm Armor3018UltimateWild Storm
Buckshot Arm Armor1236UltimateBuckshot
Candy Arm Armor40UltimateTech Realm
Pharaoh's Bracelets40Ultimate
Bird Arm Guards3612Ultimate
Spiral Arm Guards3216Ultimate
Stoked Arm Armor40Ultimate
Ancient Arm Guards40UltimateGrave Clobber
Steam-Powered Arm Guards40Ultimate
High Tech Arm Shields1234Ultimate
Ceremonial Arm Armor40Ultimate
Axeblade Arm Guards1830Ultimate
Studded Arm Guards3612Ultimate
Fisherman's Arm Armor3612Ultimate
Skelemetal Gauntlets1236Ultimate
Pizza Protection Arm Armor40Ultimate
Radioactive Arm Armor1236Ultimate
Clam Shell Arm Guards40Ultimate
Steel Bangle Wrist Guards3612Ultimate
Mosaic Arm Guards3810Ultimate
All-Seeing Eye Arm Guards308UltimatePit Boss
Dragonscale Arm Guards1632Ultimate
Beaded Battle Bracelets1830Ultimate
Saw Gauntlets3612UltimateDoomlander in The Lair of Kaos
Lion Arm Armor3414Ultimate
Spider Arm Armor40Ultimate
Firefighter's Arm Armor2010Epic
Equestrian Arm Armor1812Epic
Turtle Arm Armor25Epic
Doom Bow Arm Armor25EpicDoomlander in Dragon Temple
Exoskeleton Arm Armor822Epic
Spike Bracelets1020Epic
Bladed Arm Guards1020Epic
Aquatic Arm Armor25Epic
Fuzzy Arm Armor2010Epic
Fossil Fury Arm Armor822Epic
Furry Wrist Guards228Epic
Brave Bones Arm Armor25Epic
Centurion Arm Guards25Epic
Crystal Arm Guards2010Epic
Doomlander Spiky Arm Gauntlets246Epic
Doomlander Smasher Arm Guards1020EpicDoomlander in Golden Arcade
Rocky Arm Armor15Rare
Skeletal Arm Armor612Rare
Viking Arm Guards612Rare
All Natural Arm Armor126Rare
Riveting Arm Armor15Rare
Hardcore Arm Guards15RareDoomlander in Mushroom River
Horned Arm Guards612RareDoomlander in Scholarville
Scarecrow Arm Armor15Rare
Driftwood Arm Guards5CommonCradle of Creation, Left Path
Blocky Arm Guards5Common
Nuts and Bolts Arm Guards5Common
Squire's Arm Armor33CommonDefault
Unchained Arm Armor33Common
Wrist Wraps5CommonDefault
Mighty Melon Gauntlets33Common
Robotic Arm Guards5Common
Rainbow Roll Wrist Guards3216Ultimate
Glittering Arm Guards1632UltimatePrecious Gems Set
Lorica Wrists40Ultimate
Crenelled Arm Guards40Ultimate
Metal Skull Bracers40UltimateMetal Skull Armor Set
Spirit Warrior Arm Guards3216UltimateLevel Pack
Hot Dawg Arm Guards1632UltimateLevel Pack
Drillin Arm Guards1236UltimateLevel Pack
Night Owl Arm Guards1236UltimateLevel Pack
Propeller Bracelets3018UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Petal Bracelets3612UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Train Arm Armor40UltimateChest in Cursed Tiki Temple
Rhino Wrist Guards40UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest

Leg Guards

Conbot Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Centurion Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Pharaoh's Leg Armor50Ultimate
Seashell Leg Armor3512Ultimate
Bird Armor Greaves50Ultimate
Lava Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Skeleton Leg Armor50Ultimate
Webbed Greaves1045Ultimate
Arrow Greaves1045Ultimate
Ceremonial Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Batty Greaves50Ultimate
Lion Greaves1540Ultimate
Dragonhead Greaves1045Ultimate
All For One Leg Armor50Ultimate
Equestrian Leg Armor50Ultimate
Eyeballs Leg Armor408Ultimate
Earth Leg Armor2035UltimateBarbella
Knight Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Spiky Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Candy Leg Armor50UltimateTech Realm
Spider Leg Armor50Ultimate
Sparta Leg Armor1025Epic
Firefighter's Leg Armor30Epic
Barbarian Leg Armor1025Epic
Knight's Greaves1025Epic
Offensive Defense Leg Armor1223Epic
Doomlander Knight Leg Armor30EpicDoomlander in Sky Fortress
Doomlander Archer Leg Armor1025EpicDoomlander in Dragon Temple
Firebird Leg Armor30Epic
Turtle Leg Armor1520Epic
Steam Punk Leg Armor30Epic
Rocky Greaves612Rare
Full Protection Leg Armor88Rare
Paneled Leg Armor612Rare
Doomlander Smasher Leg Armor15RareDoomlander in Cradle of Creation
Pumpkin Leg Armor15Rare
Old Faithful Leg Armor5CommonDefault
Squire's Greaves5CommonCradle of Creation, Middle Path
Winged Greaves5Common
Studded Leg Armor33CommonDefault
Bandit Greaves33Common
Glittering Leg Guards50Ultimate
Shrimp Leg Guards50Ultimate
Plate Mail Leg Guards1045Ultimate
Merloned Leg Guards1045Ultimate
Laser Bone Leg Guards50Ultimate
King Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Cobra Leg Armor1540Ultimate
Drillin Leg Guards1540UltimateLevel Pack
Packaged Leg Armor1540UltimateLevel Pack


Feathered Wings2525UltimateComplete Angel Set
Kaos Backpack2525UltimateKaos
Hood Sickle Backpack2525UltimateHood Sickle
Bat Wings2525UltimateDoomlander in Abandoned Amusement Park
Ninja Pack2525UltimateTae Kwon Crow
Pinata Pack2525UltimatePain-Yatta
Steam Punk Pack2525Ultimate
Scarab's Flight2525Ultimate
Bird of Steel2525Ultimate
Ancient Tome2525Ultimate
Butterfly Wings2525Ultimate
Rockin' Rockets2525Ultimate
Dragon Wings2525Ultimate
Lava Spikes2525Ultimate
Skelesaurus Spine2525Ultimate
Chompypack2525UltimateChompy Mage
Shark Streak2525Ultimate
Gothic Cape2525UltimateComplete Vampire Set
Samurai Banner2525UltimateComplete Samurai Set
Dragonfly Wings2525Ultimate
Air Strike Wings2525UltimateAir Strike
Fossil Bone Pack2525UltimateComplete Fossil Set
Candy Pack2525UltimateComplete Candy Fantastic Set
Tailed Cape2525Ultimate
Spider Leg Pack2525Ultimate
Toilet Paper Pack2525UltimateFind in Rat Kingdom
Ladybug Backpack2525UltimateComplete Ladybug Set
Turtle Shell Backpack1515EpicComplete Turtle Armor Set
Insect Wings1515Epic
Freeze - Stay Frosty1515Epic
Furnace Backpack1515Epic
Robo Wings1515Epic
Crystal Spine1515Epic
Adventurer's Satchel1515EpicComplete Sun Hardened Set
Starfish Friend1515Epic
Squirrel's Bounty1515Epic
Skeletal Spine1515EpicDoomlander in Shellmont Shores
Deep Sea Backpack1515Epic
Golden Wings1515Epic
Battery Pack1515EpicComplete It's Electric Set
Barrel Back1010Rare
The Clean-Up1010Rare
Chilled Out1010Rare
Mr. Bear1010Rare
Wind-Up Key1010Rare
Ornate Shield88RareComplete Apprentice Set
Torn Cape1010RareDark Crystal
To-Go Bottle1010RareComplete Baby Set
Commando Pack1010RareComplete Commando Set
Rice Ball Backpack2525Ultimate
Short Wave2525UltimateLevel Pack
Bad Delivery2525Ultimate
Scuba Tank2525UltimateLevel Pack
Fries Back2525UltimateLevel Pack
Ore Rich Backpack2525UltimateLevel Pack
Lion Fish Backpack2525UltimateLevel Pack
Cybug Wings2525UltimateLevel Pack
Bow Pack2525UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Cat Box2525UltimateCursed Tiki Temple Imaginite Mystery Chest
Aztec Backpack2525Ultimate

#22 Peppins 19:35:56 03/08/2019
So to unlock the new parts (patch for tiki temple etc) you need to play again and again the same levels?
#21 skymaster284 10:20:31 12/08/2018
anyone else having a problem where getting the candy parts from the tech realm is almost impossible cause it keeps giving you coins?

never mind
#20 SoulfulWolf 09:50:48 23/03/2017
I am disappointed that Crash doesn't unlock his Wumpa Fruit Bazooka (considering Cortex unlocks Quickshot Pistols). And I'm EVEN more disappointed that Crash's Wumpa Fruit Bazooka seemingly isn't there at all!
#19 CraftyBoyzMania 17:18:31 15/03/2017
Every single one that isn't in a levekl pack......


Misspelled level.....

Oh, forgot the sensei exclusive ones........ oops.
#18 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:04:58 16/02/2017
Still working on getting the last few obtainable pieces.
#17 Blackrhinorange 08:31:33 16/02/2017
So when is this page gonna be updated thanks to the new update?
#16 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 17:58:20 01/01/2017
Yeah, dunno what happened there. Thanks.
#15 BetaGames 11:30:24 01/01/2017
IsnĀ“t the kaos daggers from the dark realm not the fearsome flowers
#14 Newguy333 03:32:05 24/10/2016
Does anyone know where the raincloud aura is, I can't find it anywhere?
#13 Dhanimus 17:34:17 22/10/2016
So far i'm not getting any Swashbuckler Tail, have anybody got it so far?
#12 Kat-Kun 05:12:46 20/10/2016

#11 spyrocrash 12:41:31 18/10/2016
From the looks of it that Cali head from E3 is not in the game is it?
#10 B-Boy_Zack_Fair 01:12:32 18/10/2016
Too much work for completing Imaginators
#9 BluePerducci 01:34:46 17/10/2016
I'm so glad there is a Biclops head! They had always been my favorite enemies to fight and they always seemed really cool!
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:38:34 16/10/2016
I will be adding that, it's just that I made the list from the app which didn't have that information.
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