Skylanders: Giants

Skylanders: Giants

A direct sequel to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Skylanders: Giants
Platform Developer Age Rating Release Date
EU NA Europe North America
PlayStation 3WiiXbox 360
Toys for Bob
7+ E10+ - Everyone 10+ Oct 19th 2012 Oct 21st 2012
Wii U
Vicarious Visions
Nov 30th 2012 Nov 18th 2012
Nintendo 3DS
Oct 19th 2012 Oct 21st 2012


As a direct sequel the story picks up following on from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Here is the very basic premise of the game as told by a press release:

Players will resume their role as a powerful Portal Master, who controls their a team of Skylanders, including Giants, mythical and powerful heroes that play a pivotal role in the quest to save the Skylands from Kaos, who is back with another plan to rule over Skylands. Players will navigate perilous lands, battle powerful enemies, collect treasures and solve interesting puzzles.

Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow have returned to help write the story.


As well as being able to use all of the Skylanders from the original game, Skylanders Giants introduces 16 brand new characters to play as. This new lineup is made up of eight regular sized Skylanders and eight Giants who are about twice the size of the other characters.

Here are pictures of all of the brand new Skylanders:

Giants Lineup

First row: Life Giant "Tree Rex", Tech Giant "Bouncer", Magic Giant "Ninjini", Air Giant "Swarm", Earth Giant "Crusher", Water Giant "Thumpback", Fire Giant "Hot Head", Undead Giant "Eye-Brawl"

Second row: Life Skylander "Shroomboom", Tech Skylander "Sprocket", Magic Skylander "Pop Fizz", Air Skylander "Jet-Vac", Earth Skylander "Flashwing", Water Skylander "Chill", Fire Skylander "Hot Dog", Undead Skylander "Fright Rider"

Third row: "Legendary Stealth Elf", "Legendary Bouncer", "Punch Pop Fizz", "Legendary Jet-Vac", "Granite Crusher" "Legendary Slam Bam", "Legendary Ignitor"

Fourth row: "Gnarly Tree Rex", "Royal Double Trouble", "Scarlet Ninjini", "Polar Whirlwind", "Jade Flashwing", "Legendary LightCore Chill", "Molten Hot Dog"

And if that wasn't enough there will also be new poses for 24 of the characters from the first game and eight LightCore versions (four of the new Skylanders, four of the old), bringing the total number of new toys to 62. That's a grand total of 99 toys if you include the 37 from Spyro's Adventure.

In the brand new Starter Pack you will get three Skylanders (on console Jet-Vac, Cynder (Series 2) and Tree Rex, on 3DS Punch Pop Fizz, Cynder (Series 2) and Tree Rex), a Portal of Power, Trading Cards, a Poster, and the game. The Starter Pack will also be available without the Portal of Power for those who already have it but it will only have one Skylander; Tree Rex.

To help differentiate between the old and new sets, the base of the Skylanders for Skylanders: Giants will be orange instead of the green currently seen on the Spyro's Adventure toys.

Here is a table to show the compatibility and features of the characters:

Type of Skylander Wow Pow Path Switch LightCore Blast Spyro's Adventure Heroic Challenge
Giant No No No No Yes
Legendary Giant No No No No Yes
New Skylander No No No No Yes
LightCore New Skylander No No Yes No Yes
Legendary New Skylander No No No No Yes
Series 2 Yes Yes No Yes Yes
LightCore Series 2 No No Yes Yes Yes
Legendary Series 2 Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Series 1 No No No Yes No

And all toys are compatible with the online world of Skylanders: Universe.

Portal of Power

Portal of Power

Once again the game uses a Portal of Power, the technology inside has not changed so you will still be able to use the portal you got with Spyro's Adventure and there will be a version of the game without a portal.

The portal included with the Starter Pack for Giants has a slightly different appearance to the old one; the base of the portal (previously green) now glows the same colour as the top but the runes on the side no longer glow at all. All console portals will be wired this time to combat the issues with battery consumption.

The new large "Giants" are sized so that you can still fit two of them on at the same time for co-op play.

The Portals (both new and old) also power the brand new LightCore features of certain special Skylanders, when brought near the Portal of Power they will start glowing. All of the Giant Skylanders contain this LightCore feature but only a select few of the normal sized Skylanders have a LightCore variant. Those that can have it are Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, Chill, Shroomboom, Drobot, Hex, Eruptor, and Prism Break. The LightCore versions of these characters will cost more than the regular versions (and the ones in the Starter Pack are not the LightCore versions).


The game will appear on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS as well as on mobile devices and the web. There will not be a PC/Mac version this time.


The theme music will again be by Academy Award Winning film composer Hans Zimmer and there will be a brand new score by returning composer, Lorne Balfe.


Toys R Us will again have several Skylanders exclusives, the first of which is a Legendary Triple Pack containing Legendary Ignitor, Legendary Slam Bam and Legendary Jet-Vac. At launch they will also have a single of the giant Legendary Bouncer.

Target in the US will have a special darker version of Crusher, "Granite Crusher", as an exclusive.

At launch GameStop will have an exclusive Golden version of the "Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack", a normal version will also be available elsewhere at launch.

GAME/Gamestation in the UK and Walmart in the US have an exclusive Glow in the Dark variant of the Series 2 Cynder and a Glow in the Dark Portal of Power in their console Starter Packs.

#18935 Dark Snap Shot 01:39:58 30/11/2014
Ah, Good Times,
#18934 shadowstarcat 22:38:36 26/11/2014
V it's Greebles, lol
#18933 skylandersbros 03:12:23 24/11/2014
V smilie "Are we seriously out of trolls. These greevles just are evil enough"
#18932 Robert2007 02:14:42 19/11/2014
. . . . .

#18931 skygrin 14:37:53 10/11/2014
smilie smilie :boomzone:
#18930 Greeble 13:24:04 03/11/2014
V It's a little difficult to go mad with the Greebles when they only appeared in 1 game.

Spyro was a good character when he first started, but he's getting old, there's only so many times you can repose.

Just look at Gill Grunt.
#18929 Masterospyro 23:44:44 01/11/2014
I think they did a bit mad with the villains *Cough* Greeble *Cough*

Spyro is the best even though he is week he is very awesome.
#18928 Greeble 10:57:51 29/10/2014
VV I think they did go a bit mad with some of the characters *cough* Spyro *cough*
#18927 turtlelover0403 02:06:16 23/10/2014
omg iv havent been on this sight for so long lol!!!

well im probably never coming back havent played this game in like years so ya abi forever
#18926 Squid7201 15:46:35 22/10/2014
I think it is good for a series 2 character, in case someone got giants before spyro's adventure, but 3 and 4 reposes is just stupid, paying $11 just for one extra attack and a new pose.
#18925 skylandersbros 00:50:15 16/10/2014
I just played Giants the other day and I forgot how much better the levels are in Giants than in Swap Force. However, I also forgot how much I hate the stupid boat.
#18924 designsnaperz 07:06:49 12/10/2014
#18923 Greeble 09:14:31 09/10/2014
V I think that's why it was evened out.

Considering we already had Whisper Elf & Gill Runt, Barkley & Thumpback seemed a little pointless.

Why no add one of the other elements first?
#18922 skylandersbros 06:26:18 09/10/2014
I personally don't like getting reposes and it is weird that they don't have an even number of new characters and minis for each element.
#18921 Greeble 14:43:58 07/10/2014
V You're not alone.

I could have done without so many reposes.
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