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Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

The third game in the Spyro series, and the last to be made by Insomniac Games. Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the biggest of all the Spyro games so far made. It incorporates several new playable characters as well as a new evil to fight.

In this game you play mainly as Spyro, but there are certain levels and parts of levels where you can only play as a different character. The playable characters in this game are: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. James Byrd, Bently the Yeti and Agent 9.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: Year of the Dragon
North America Oct 11th 2000 European Union Nov 10th 2000

The Story

Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom celebrates its most important event: the "Year of the Dragon" Festival. Fairies deliver a new batch of dragon eggs and dragons come from all around to dance and feast until everyone drops from...eggshaustion.

The Year of the Dragon is upon us again and the fairies have brought 150 eggs to the Dragon Worlds. However, unbeknownst to the celebrating dragons, a sinister plot is about to unfold...

Far away - on the opposite side of the world - lies a kingdom long since forgotten by dragonkind. So forgotten, in fact, that even the legends about these "Forgotten Worlds" have now been forgotten.

This kingdom is ruled by a mean and spiteful Sorceress who has frankly become quite fed up with being forgotten. As she sits on her forgotten throne, the Sorceress has hatched a fiendishly evil plan. A plan to restore the fading magic to her forgotten realm. A plan to conquer the dragons once and for all. All she needs is a little help from her army of horn-nosed 'rhynocs', the cooperation of her mysterious disciple Bianca and of course, those 150 magical dragon eggs.

The Controls

Spyro the Dragon
XJump. Press again when in the air to glide
CircleFlame/Spit out rock
TriangleLook around/Aim rock/Drop out of glide/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Spyro fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Sheila the Kangaroo
XJump. Press again when in the air to go higher. Press again the moment you land to double jump
TriangleLook around/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Sheila fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Sgt. Byrd
XFly, hold to go higher
SquareDrop bomb/projectile
CircleFire guns
TriangleLook around/Aim
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Sgt. Byrd fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Bentley the Yeti
CircleSpin club
TriangleLook around
R1/L1Bring the camera behind Bentley fast
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
Agent 9
SquareThrow Bomb
Square (hold)Aim Bomb
CircleFire Weapon
TriangleSniper Mode
R1/L1Zoom in/out in sniper mode
R1/L1Dodge left/right
R2/L2Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Gems are strangely identical to the last game. Strangely because Avalar and The Forgotten Worlds are most likely further away from each other then the Dragon Realms is from the Forgotten Worlds. Strange how they have the Avalar set of gems rather than the Dragon Realms set, maybe the Sorceress had the GemCutters in from Avalar though.

Gem ColourGem Value

The same containers for the gems as in Avalar. However here you get gems from killing the Rhynocs whereas in Avalar they released a Spirit Particle. Also this game sees the return of a locked chest, slightly different in appearence from the first game, but you will still need to find a key to open them.

Anyway, on with the walkthrough, and on to Sunrise Spring!

#1899 willspyro 01:27:30 17/07/2014
16 days later

why haven't I started playing this game again smilie
#1898 Burns10 05:18:15 16/07/2014
just bet this game for the 4th time man I love this game smilie
#1897 willspyro 19:35:49 01/07/2014
Spyro 3, you're next !
#1896 spyrothe111 13:09:23 15/06/2014
Yep! I used that cheat myself and changed Spyro's color to green when I was replaying the first level. smilie
Just check the Cheat Codes on the left side. smilie

Or click here.
#1895 xXBeavcoonXx 21:54:19 12/06/2014
Is It True That There Is A Code That You Can Enter That Makes Your Skateboard Look Like A Squid? I Don't Know If I Should Trust My Science Teacher On That One...
#1894 Brokensoul 06:33:46 09/06/2014
I want to play the bonus world so badly, I just can't get past a couple of the challenges >3<;
#1893 DimitriDM 12:35:48 04/06/2014
I do say that the third game was also the most difficult one from the original era.
#1892 spyrothe111 04:20:08 31/05/2014
I just wish the Sorceress and Spyro had more of an interaction with each other, like with Ripto and Spyro in the previous game. smilie
#1891 SuperSpyro700 21:01:15 21/05/2014
I enjoyed torching Moneybags's big butt in this game, I even got a refund from him! smilie
#1890 Hawaii Five o 02:35:42 11/05/2014
This one was my favorite out of the three. But it quit working for me.
#1889 SuperSpyroFan 11:58:17 13/04/2014
Wait, you can't get any of the Spyro games on PC. Unless you're using an emulator?

If you think about it, the Spyro games aren't really that long. It's mainly the challenges that slow you down, especially when you get stuck on one for a while. And the levels are extremly short, I used to think that they were a lot longer, when they're not.
#1888 bash fan 00:13:20 10/04/2014
I haven't been on this site for three days because I was playing this game on my laptop. This is now my favourite Spyro game, it's so fun now I'm up to Midnight Mountain!smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie

Yes! I defeated the smilie just yesterday in one go! But it took me many attempts to beat Crush! It was fun when you had to chase smilie to get all your gems back, and the Bonus Worlds are awesome. So far I have completed 108% of the game.
#1887 SpyroFan1113 22:38:48 07/04/2014
@SuperSpyroFan it IS a great game, and sadly Insomniac's last one.
And i feel you man.
*hugs Spyro*
#1886 SirFortesque90 00:05:27 28/03/2014
Anyway I on this great game (Spyro 3) that in the world of Midnight at Dinosaur mine I discovered there is a scary bugs that basically if you electrocute underwater by Zoe fairy and you take hit from seahorse gunman goes well that you die but then (if you have more lives) there is a bug in swimming plane practically swim in the air and plus there is a secret level that if we you are entering into a sort of rodeo but doesn't do anything but if you leave the secret level in practice see that exit from the wall and this is a level which the Insomniac Games has added but that has not been used but then had taken away because if no the breaking balls (a figure of speech). that discovery huh!?!? If we take the case as you play try to do this thing and then tell me what you think
#1885 SaphiDragoness 00:06:17 22/03/2014
Plus, I wached a walkthrough of this on YouTube. It said It was a movie of some sort.
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