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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon

Meet Spyro the Dragon - he's a fiesty little flame-spouting dragon on a GIGANTIC, 'go-anywhere', 3D adventure!

  • Packed with puzzles and enchanting adventures. Collect treasures, recover stolen family jewels and discover hidden regions.
  • Dragons come to life with hints as you free them from their spells. Enemies run and hide, hit each other, fire cannons, throw snowballs and even "moon" you.
  • Take full flight in secret Treasure Rounds. Shoot down planes, fly through rings and arches and more!
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
North America Sep 10th 1998 European Union Oct 23rd 1998 Japan Apr 1st 1999

#2631 shadowstarcat 03:04:39 24/11/2014
VV Strange... This game and GtG works. Maybe it's because of the compatibility?
#2630 Pop jizz69 13:29:16 23/11/2014
VVV they obviously wont make a new spyro game, after they made 4 skylanders games and 8 different spyros you can play as.
#2629 SuperSpyroFan 19:59:07 20/11/2014
@shadowstarcat: No, you can only play certain PS1/PS2 games on your PS3.
#2628 shadowstarcat 07:41:15 20/11/2014
I just discovered i can play this but not the Los series on PS3. Is the disk special or something?
#2627 SuperSpyroFan 11:00:29 16/11/2014
They shouldn't make a Spyro collection, they should just make a new game already. smilie
#2626 SackBoy01 07:30:34 16/11/2014
They should make a Spyro collection....(Like the Sly Collection, Ratchet and Clank Collection, and ETC....)

#2625 victor1114 02:33:23 16/11/2014
yea you right
#2624 Blackout2003 21:22:41 15/11/2014
i think skylanders is better
#2623 Felines 23:16:14 10/11/2014
I still remember when I first got this game. Good times...
#2622 Greeble 16:04:21 20/10/2014
I don't think they should re-make it.

A classic should stay that way.

If it did get a re-make with new graphics i think it would lose something along the way.
#2621 shadowstarcat 23:23:56 18/10/2014
VV I guess so. It would still be cool if we could see it though smilie
#2620 Alydol 20:59:26 16/10/2014
LOVE IT smilie
#2619 SuperSpyroFan 17:16:51 15/09/2014
It's more nostalgic in the PS1 graphics.
#2618 SackBoy01 03:54:50 11/09/2014
These kind of games were so "innocent" now half of the games now a days are just blood and guts flying everywhere also like what SkylandersGamer said REBOOT IT ON THE PS4!!!!!!
#2617 shadowstarcat 03:35:58 11/09/2014
V It would be very cool smilie
Imagine this game with today's graphics smilie
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