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Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon

Meet Spyro the Dragon - he's a fiesty little flame-spouting dragon on a GIGANTIC, 'go-anywhere', 3D adventure!

  • Packed with puzzles and enchanting adventures. Collect treasures, recover stolen family jewels and discover hidden regions.
  • Dragons come to life with hints as you free them from their spells. Enemies run and hide, hit each other, fire cannons, throw snowballs and even "moon" you.
  • Take full flight in secret Treasure Rounds. Shoot down planes, fly through rings and arches and more!
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
North America Sep 10th 1998 European Union Oct 23rd 1998 Japan Apr 1st 1999

#2690 SuperSpyroFan 09:52:44 23/05/2017
I really hope that a Spyro remake is a thing.
#2689 Originals 00:35:39 14/05/2017
smilie spyro
#2688 KingMed 09:24:43 11/05/2017
Guys go send message to activison and insomniac on twitter , Facebook , Instagram and whatever...Tell them that we want a spyro remake we shouldn't be quite about this .They should know that we want a spyro remake and that we are actually going to buy the game...everyone that I know wants a spyro remake after hearing the news about crash.
#2687 spyrothe111 02:27:32 25/03/2017
Seeing as how we are finally getting a Crash trilogy, fingers crossed for a Spyro trilogy as well. smilie
#2686 LegendInfamous 12:13:15 25/11/2016
I really want a Remastered Version of the Old Spyro Trylogie!
#2685 Drawdler 10:13:31 10/10/2016
... Somehow, it only just struck me what a sausage fest this game is.
#2684 SlinkySlinks 01:19:00 11/09/2016
Happy Birthday Spyro!! smilie
#2683 KingDray176 17:25:06 10/09/2016
Happy birthday, Spyro!
#2682 yelvy 21:32:41 24/08/2016
Woah, Spyro's gonna be eighteen this year! smilie
#2681 GillGrunt4Ever 22:49:34 16/07/2016
Location 5
Now go to:

(I reposted this so it'd be at the top).
#2680 ghostfury 16:19:16 08/07/2016
The birth of a dragon
The dawn of a new age
The game that bought us a master piece in mascot history
The most iconic game I have ever seen
This game deserves my respect and I will defend it until death
#2679 SuperSpyroFan 18:50:39 21/06/2016
Yes, let's compare Spyro to Call of Duty, because those games are so similar aren't they? smilie /Sarcasm/
#2678 somePerson 05:41:12 20/06/2016
This game is not as good as call of duty black ops. Tbh.
#2677 KingMed 18:36:14 15/06/2016
I play this game on my PS3....I hope that this game gets rebooted for PS4
#2676 Pokelander 22:45:40 11/06/2016
Yes but Spyro was know for his fire first, since he is a dragon. Look at the cover art for god sakes, he's in a ring of fire. Fill in the blank.... dragons are known for breathing_______. Ask that to a hundred people and I bet the answer would be unanimous.
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