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5:35 PM - Tuesday the 16th of June 2015 - by dark52
During today's Nintendo E3 "digital event" it was revealed that Donkey Kong and Bowser will be joining the Skylanders, exclusively on Nintendo platforms.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]
Hammer Slam BowserTurbo Charge Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong will be packaged in the Wii U Starter Pack, replacing Spitfire and his vehicle, and Bowser will be in the Wii and 3DS Starter Packs (also replacing Spitfire). The Wii and 3DS Starter Packs actually carry the title Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, a different experience was mentioned previously but this is the first we've seen of it.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]
Clown CruiserBarrel Blaster

What is quite nifty is that the figures have a dual purpose, if you rotate the base they can also be used as amiibos.

These characters and vehicles will only work on Nintendo platforms, you will not be able to play as Bowser on the PS4 or anything like that.

Check out a load of screenshots and artwork of the characters in the SuperChargers Gallery.

A few other characters have also been revealed, Kotaku have an article showing off Undead SuperCharger Fiesta with his vehicle Crypt Crusher, and the Skylander Boy and Girl have a video unveiling the Dark SuperCharger Nightfall and her vehicle Sea Shadow. And if you look closely at the boxart for the Wii and 3DS versions you can see SuperCharged versions of Eruptor and Rollerbrawl driving vehicles.
1:31 PM - Wednesday the 3rd of June 2015 - by dark52
Skylanders SuperChargers has been officially revealed. Matching pretty much everything that was rumoured we will be collecting from a set of 20 new SuperCharger Skylanders along with 20 new Vehicles to drive.

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
[User Posted Image]
Super Shot Stealth Elf

There will be 10 brand new SuperCharger characters and 10 reimagined SuperChargers based on existing characters, such as Stealth Elf, Trigger Happy and Terrafin. They each have a matching vehicle which, when used together, they SuperCharge but any Skylander can use any vehicle. The SuperChargers will cost $12.99.

[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Hot StreakSky Slicer
[User Posted Image]
Dive Bomber

The vehicles will be split into three groups, Land, Sea, and Sky, each being used for a different section of gameplay. Each vehicle can be customised in-game with modifications and weapons but only SuperChargers will be able to utilise this customisation feature. The vehicles will cost $14.99.


In Skylanders SuperChargers, Kaos' quest to rule over Skylands reveals his most sinister weapon ever - a massive "Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction" capable of eating the sky itself. Fortunately, Master Eon had seen the warning signs and assembled a special team of Skylanders to pilot an unstoppable fleet of vehicles with the power to destroy the reign of destruction! With Skylands facing its greatest threat, the Skylanders must pilot their supercharged vehicles over land, under sea, and through the sky to stop Kaos!

While there is a new Portal of Power included in the Starter Pack you will be able to purchase and download a digital Portal Owners Pack and use your existing Portals to play the game.

[User Posted Image]

It will again be on all platforms, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. The Wii and 3DS versions will have a different experience to the other versions.

The game is set for release on the 20th of September in North America, the 24th of September in Australia, and the 25th of September in Europe.

Check out our Gallery for a few more Skylanders SuperChargers images.

There are loads of previews up around the web on sites such as Polygon, Forbes, Kotaku, GameSpot, TheHDRoom, and Game Informer and plenty of videos on Youtube channels like FamilyGamer TV, TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl, VideoGamerTV, Coin-op TV and many more.
11:36 PM - Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 - by dark52
Well, there we have it, Skylanders: SuperChargers confirmed. Thanks to Eurogamer (link now broken) and new forum member BOOMCAKE we have a look at some of the new characters, vehicles, and reposes as well as the logo for the new game.

[User Posted Image]

Backing up the recent Amazon listings there is a reposed version of Stealth Elf along with reposes for Trigger Happy and Terrafin, bringing them each up to Series 4. If the Amazon information is indeed correct then the middle of the three new Skylanders is called Spitfire, no names are known for the other two just yet.

The official embargo is anticipated to be lifted sometime tomorrow so expect more details on Skylanders: SuperChargers very soon!
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5:08 PM - 23/12/2014 - by dark52
To mark the release of Wave 3 and the Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs this past week I have updated the console Skylanders Trap Team walkthrough to include all of the Dark, Light and Magic Gates as well as the two new levels Midnight Museum and Sunscraper Spire.

[User Posted Image]

I have also posted a brand new and complete walkthrough for the 3DS version of Skylanders Trap Team featuring locations for all of the Hats, Chests and Nightmare Pages along with tips for fighting and capturing all of the villains you encounter along the way.
Customarily late as usual but I have finally posted my complete walkthrough to the 3DS version of Skylanders Giants.

[User Posted Image]

And hey, look at that, darkSpyro is nine years old today!
9:57 PM - 22/10/2012 - by dark52
Now that Skylanders: Giants has been released I have begun writing my Skylanders Giants Walkthrough. So far the first five chapters have been covered to help you find all those missing items and collectables.

[User Posted Image]

More will be posted each day so it should be complete very soon.
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