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12:24 AM - Wednesday the 21st of September 2016 - by dark52
The release date for the animated show Skylanders Academy was announced today as the 28th of October. As is usual on Netflix the entire first season of thirteen episodes will be available at that time.

[User Posted Image]

And in other news another Skylanders Imaginators variant, Mystical Tae Kwon Crow, has turned up - this time via a video on the official website.

It is as yet unknown when he will be available and whether he will be an exclusive.
1:29 AM - Monday the 19th of September 2016 - by dark52
Continuing the rather odd looking line of variants that started with Smash Hit last year is Steel Plated Hood Sickle for Skylanders Imaginators.

[User Posted Image]

Previously seen referenced to by text listings this is our first proper look at the variant that, according to the box, will once again be exclusive to Best Buy. Best Buy have yet to post it (or any other figures) themselves but if the European listings are any indication then it should be available at launch (which is less than a month away!).

Thanks to Buuzer for spotting it on
11:34 PM - Saturday the 17th of September 2016 - by dark52
Toys R Us have posted the first of their new exclusive Legendary Skylanders for Skylanders Imaginators and it's a Legendary Tri-Tip.

[User Posted Image][User Posted Image]

Sporting a new red and gold colour scheme compared to the blue and gold Legendaries of the previous games, Legendary Tri-Tip will be released at launch. His regular edition is part of Wave 2 which is expected to also be released at or near to launch but perhaps in more limited quantities or only at specific stores to begin with.

Another new look Legendary being produced for Imaginators is Legendary Pit Boss, an Undead Sorcerer. He was accidentally revealed by the official website earlier in the week when they unveiled his regular edition.

[User Posted Image]

It is not yet known when this guy will be released.

Thanks to preciousawaken for spotting the Tri-Tip listing.
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