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3:20 PM - Tuesday the 24th of May 2016 - by dark52
Today marks the official release of Skylanders Battlecast in the US and Canada. The mobile collectible card game launched earlier in the year in a few countries but this week sees many more countries added and an update to the game that brings in the final boss.

[User Posted Image]

To collect cards you can either purchase the Battle Packs and Booster Packs physically in stores ($9.99 and $4.99) or you can purchase them digitally from within the game itself. In game you can earn coins to buy those packs by completing quests and missions or you can just choose to directly purchase coins with real money. There are also free cards given away daily to help bolster your collection.

[User Posted Image]

The most recent update to the game has also finally added in the ability to add friends in order to battle them directly, so get on over to our Skylanders Battlecast board to join in.

You can find the free download of the game on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.
11:08 AM - Sunday the 22nd of May 2016 - by dark52
Forum member skylandsfan has spotted the first new Skylander from the next game. Found on the cover of an officially licensed calendar we can tell that this new penguin-esque Skylander is part of the water element but if it's also a new type of toy it is not immediately obvious what that new function could be.

[User Posted Image]

Skylanders SuperChargers was officially announced on the 3rd of June 2015 so even though announcements have been getting later and later each time hopefully it won't be too much longer before this year's instalment is unveiled.
10:36 PM - Friday the 15th of April 2016 - by dark52
Skylanders Battlecast, the mobile trading card game first announced back in August last year, today added Australia to the small selection of countries it is officially available in.

[User Posted Image]

If you're living in Australia or New Zealand you should now be able to find the physical cards in stores and the free app on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon appstore. I would definitely recommend making sure your mobile device can actually run the game before diving headfirst into piles of booster packs.

Quote: Press Release

Based on Activision's award-winning Skylanders franchise, Skylanders Battlecast is a new, free-to-play mobile card game where players build their ultimate deck of cards, master strategic card combinations and use them in never before seen battles! Starting today, players in Australia and New Zealand can head to retail stores to purchase physical card packs to begin their epic journey to become a champion of Skylands.

For the past few months the app has been in a soft launch with the developers still actively adding new content, for example just this past Wednesday they completely overhauled how you progress through the story missions and added even more ways to earn new cards. The game isn't quite 100% complete just yet but it is certainly shaping up well.

Quote: Press Release

Activision assembled a team of experts across video game design, physical card game design, pro card players and top card artists to develop Skylanders Battlecast. Unlike traditional trading card and mobile battle games, Skylanders Battlecast offer fans impressive graphical fidelity in the form of a 3D-rendered gameplay experience that is incredibly fun and highly strategic.

If the dates provided by various different international distributors are correct at the latest we should see Skylanders Battlecast getting its full release in North America and Europe by the end of May.

[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]

To talk with others playing, make sure to check out our message board for the game.
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