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3:20 PM - Saturday the 3rd of March, 2012 - by dark52
Hopefully you've all found all of wave three! No? Oh. Well here comes Wave Four! Wired confirms that Wave 4 will be made up of Zook, Lightning Rod, and Sunburn. Sunburn of course being found in the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack.

[User Posted Image]

Toys R Us have also recently released the fourth Legendary Skylander, Legendary Trigger Happy, as well as an increase in stock of the other three Legendaries.

Here's the make up of the new products:

  • Triple Pack: Zook, Lightning Rod, Cynder
  • Single Pack: Zook
  • Single Pack: Lightning Rod
  • Single Pack: Legendary Trigger Happy
  • Adventure Pack: Dragon's Peak

Legendary Trigger Happy is a permanent Toys R Us exclusive while Dragon's Peak will only be a Toys R Us exclusive for 30 days, after that it should become more widely available.

Update: Wave 4 also contains the single pack of Ignitor.
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#251 Stacie1991 16:00:45 07/06/2012
Dragons peak is a good pack with sunburn he is quite cool
#252 The Godfather 11:47:31 07/07/2012
Wave four is amazing. Only need the sunburn pack in this wave smilie
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