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11:23 AM - Monday the 12th of May, 2008 - by dark52
More information has been posted on the Velvet Octopus page for the upcoming film, due for release Christmas 2009.

[User Posted Image]

The director of the film will be Mark Dippe (Garfield’s Fun Fest, The Reef, Garfield Gets Real) and it is being written by Daniel and Steven Altiere (Dr. Dolittle, Scooby Doo 3, Garfield’s Fun Fest).

There is a synopsis of the story which will be very familiar to you if you've played The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, it's essentially the same but with some minor changes. This is intended to be the first in a franchise of Spyro films.
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#51 Spyroboy 18:48:01 19/05/2008
Quote: Dragon Seeker
Hopefully ... Most likley...

I just got and compleated the Eternal Night,.... I know what other say buut i adored it... and if it's anything like that... it'll be good.

i feel the same way
#52 Spyro LUVA 22:23:56 19/05/2008
It would be nice if Spyro and Cynder were in love, but I swear if there is a part in the movie where Spyro and Cynder are separated from eachother or something and are singing to eachother, I will vomit.
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