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8:24 PM - Sunday the 8th of October, 2006 - by dark52
The second review from another magazine. This time it's the turn of Nintendo Power who have given the GameCube version of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning the rather average score of 5.5/10, seemingly not quite as positive as the previous review from Play Magazine.

Quote: Nintendo Power
Unfortunately the end product fails to return the purple hero to his former glory. The game's overly-simplistic combat quikcly grows repetitive - a problem exacerabted by levels that tend to drag on and on without enough variety to keep things interesting (the flying stages are nicely done, but they're too few and far between). And although Spyro has an auspicious arsenal of elemental breaths at his disposal, the game doesn't do enough to take advantage of them.

It's not all doom and gloom though, they did have a few positive things to say...

Quote: Nintendo Power
On the bright side, A New Beginning does boast some impressive production values, particularly in the audio department. The soundtrack is a sweeping orchestal score that wouldn't sound out of place in a Hollywood epic, and most of the voice acting is top notch - Elijah Wood puts in an especially praiseworthy performance as Spyro.

Thanks go to Neal for this scan of the review.
#1 GnastyRatchet 20:43:55 08/10/2006
Honestly, this review doesn't scare me at all. Mario is Nintendo's platform hero, so whenever a game comes out that doesn't look or play like Mario, Nintendo Power will give it a low score. Also, the fact that Spyro once was the PS mascot doesn't help either. I'm expecting more mixed reviews, but I'm still gonna buy it. Play magazine (who reviews games for ALL systems not just Nintendo) gave it an 8.5. So its gotta be a decent game.
#2 Michael 21:15:27 08/10/2006
As I said on the Play Review page, I totally agree with you, GnastyRachet. Also, isn't Play just a Playstation magazine.
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:20:32 08/10/2006
There's a UK magazine called PLAY which is PlayStation based but I believe the US Play Magazine is multiformat.
#4 Neal 21:36:44 08/10/2006
I've heard Nintendo is biased towards once PS-only Mario rivals like Crash and Spyro. From what I've seen - movies, screens, the prima guide and Play Magazine review - this game will rock. Just 1 day and 7.5 hours to go!
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:50:29 09/10/2006
For comparison these are the scores that Nintendo Power, according to Gamerankings, gave to the previous Spyro games:

Spyro: Season of Ice : 7/10
Spyro 2: Season of Flame : 5.6/10
Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs : 6.6/10
Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy : 7.2/10
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly : 6.6/10
Spyro: A Hero's Tail: 6/10
Spyro: Shadow Legacy : 6.5/10
#6 ih8u2 02:18:10 09/10/2006
Some of those seem lower than the average score, but I can't believe a hero's tail got a better score from them. I'm sorry but that game sucked, and this one supposedly has good music. That should be enough to boosts its score a little. Anyway, I can't read that scan. What's the gist of it?
#7 ih8u2 02:20:33 09/10/2006
oh, nevermind!
#8 SilverTwilight05 02:38:30 09/10/2006
Actually, I liked A Hero's Tail, at least, I liked that they tried to get some of the humor of the original games back. Anyway, the great gap between Nintendo's and Play's scores makes me just want to try the game out for myself (or, until I can, read a few more reviews when the game comes out). I might have a bit of a wait, though, as I can't really get to a video-rental store easily from my campus =_=;
#9 Neal 02:45:53 09/10/2006

Okay so the whole Dark Master making Cynder plotline is out, and the whole Cynder trying to ressurect an old evil spirit to rule is out as well. And Mozepy / Spyro T. Dragon remotely hoped that the stone Golem would be tied to YOTD's stone Golem...well it isn't.

This game has 6 levels, bosses built into the ETD was the shortest game so far with 8 levels, a Boss Fight and Homeworld...this has no homeworld supposedly and has 6 levels, the levels may be longer than ETD or AHT but there is a fair less amount of them.

I didn't see any mention of bonus levels or collectibles.

Here are characters:

Good Guys:
- Sparx > same as usual
- Ignitus > Spyro's mentor throughout the quest
- Volteer > trapped in Dante's Freezer level...once rescued gives Spyro electric breath
- Cyril > trapped in Tall Plains level...once rescued gives Spyro ice breath
- Terrador > trapped in Munitions Forge level...once rescued gives Spyro earth breath
- Kane and the Atlawa Tribe > These bird-like people inhabit the Tall Plains...Spyro helps them restore peace to their land
- Mole-Yair and the Manweersmalls > Spyro helps these small creature escape from Munitions Forge level before it blows...big volcano there called Boyzitbig

Bad Guys:
- Cynder > she's the bad dragon behind this whole mess
- Cynder Soldiers, Leaders and Commanders
- Dreadwings

Swamp enemies: Bulbspiders, Frogweeds, Swamp Growths
Dante's Freezer enemies: Ogres, Troll Horsemen, Trolls, Ice King (boss)
Tall Plains enemies: Armadillos, Rubble Brutes, Stone Sentinel (boss)
Munitions Forge enemies: Buffalo Bettles, Fire Bettles, Magmaworms, Steam (boss)
Concurrent Skies enemies: Conduits, Crystal Brutes, Electric King, Electric Leeches, Cynder (boss)
Convexity enemies: Cynder (final boss fight)

- The Swamp
- Dante's Freezer (snow level)
- Tall Plains
- Munitions Forge
- Concurrent Skies
- Convexity

All of the different breath attacks (Fire, Electric, Ice, Earth) have two variations...and all variations have four levels, so you'll be upgrading these attacks as you progress. You pay for upgrades with Blue Gems

Each new area starts with a training level.

The six levels I listed above is it...but they look pretty big.

- The speedway flying levels are back (I love those)
- You can select slow motion in the options menu to randomly see Sypro's attacks in slo-mo
- There are now combos...normal attack combo, airborne attack combo and mega attack combo (7 hits...many gems)
- Options include widescreen, subtitles on/off and X/Y axis selection
- Red Gems > replenish health
- Green Gems > restore breath energy
- Blue Gems > upgrade breath attacks
- Purple Gems > fills fury gauge
- When you completely upgrade an attack (fire, electric, ice or earth) you get an ultimate fury attack
- You can play through the game a second time with all the abilities you learned the first time through
- Beat the game and unlock an interview with Elijah Wood, the voice of Spyro

As for collectibles:

There are the four types of gems to collect, but other than that, I don't really see anything. Maybe there's more...we'll see.
I did read on a page about breaking pots to get gems so maybe there will be different things to break apart in each level to get the gems.

I'm not seeing a percentage screen so I'm doubting that there's a set number of gems in each level...again this is just from a quick scan of the guide.

One thing that sort of troubled me >>>

I saw a screenshot of the file select screen and one of the files was at 8h 6m on the final level (Convexity). Add the fact that there appears to be only six main worlds and it looks like this game will be quite short.
#10 GnastyRatchet 00:47:06 10/10/2006
So when does spyro fight that purple scorpion villian in all the trailers? Is he the boss of the first level?
#11 artiste_violet 00:52:53 10/10/2006
I agree with u there, GnastyRatchet. But still, just because it isnt a Mario game, doesnt mean they should give Spyro a low scoresmilie !
#12 Neal 20:36:56 10/10/2006
What the heck is Vivendi's probelm? The game is out today. It already was on sale yesterday in Washington State area. But no TV ads, no magazine spreads, no new trailer...and worst of website. AHT had a pop-up with five images on the site at lest two months ahead of time. Shadow Legacy's site went up five days before. Where is a TLOS: ANB site???

I am dissapointed in their lack of care.
#13 Michael 12:17:56 14/10/2006
I think in either the Vooks interview or the Sliced Gaming DS interview, I think it is stated that there are objects or areas that can only be accessed during your second trip through the game, thus adding replay value to what appears to be a great but short game.
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:39:29 14/10/2006
In the DS game there are several unlockables for finishing the game and collecting a certain number of Crystal Shards, whatever they are.


Arcade Mode - Finish Story Mode
Puzzles 1 - 20 Shards
Puzzles 2 - 40 Shards
Tiny Spyro - 43
Disco Mode - 45
Zoom Mode - 48
Max Powers - 51
Infinite MP - 54
Invincibility - 57
Cynder - 60

EDIT: Ordered correctly now,
#15 Michael 19:08:12 14/10/2006
I can only imagine Cynder means that you can play as Cynder, which remindes me about what I said on the Play Review page about how cool it would be if Ignitus was playable. If Cynder is playable, she is probably just a skin for Spyro, just like Flame and Ember were in AHT.
#16 XIII 19:49:02 19/11/2006
The comments about Nintendo Power being bias against Spyro because it is not a Mario game, is completely untrue. Shadow the Hedgehog got a 8.0, and Sonic Rush got a 9.0 from them, and Sonic used to be a mascot rival.

In one issue the staff at Nintendo Power commented on the games they play on the Playstation 2, and it was cool to see that the Ratchet & Clank series was one of them.
#17 Dragginwings 21:17:56 19/11/2006
I agree with XIII. OH and dark52, what the heck is Tiny Spyro?!
#18 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:31:16 19/11/2006
It makes Spyro even smaller in the game.
#19 Michael 21:39:57 19/11/2006
They gave Shadow the Hedgehog 8.0! They aren't biased, they're idiots.
#20 Carmelita Fox 19:30:17 22/11/2006
Whoah you can make Spyro Disco? cool

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