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7:00 AM - Saturday the 25th of September, 2004 - by dark52
Finally this week I got my hands on a demo of Spyro: A Hero's Tail from the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK #51, and that's all this update has as I've been unable to do anything else for a while now, sorry about that.

A Hero's Tail
The demo features four seperate levels from the game, two featuring Spyro, one with Hunter and the final one shows off a Sgt. Byrd level. The full review for the demo is found here which features a 'walkthrough' for each of the four levels as well as some extra stuff too.

Web Design
It's not really much, but I've added a Red image to the random pictures you see in the top right corner of the page, it shows him using his Dark Gem sceptre. Not quite up to the standards of all the others as I had to cut him out of a picture unlike the others which were in layered files which made using them perfect with no horrible edges like there are on the Red one.

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