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5:20 PM - Tuesday the 10th of December, 2019 - by dark52
Although his dedicated Grand Prix is long over Spyro is still getting content in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled with the addition of a brand new skin. You'll be able to get your hands on it from this Thursday as part of the new Winter Festival Grand Prix.

[User Posted Image]

The Winter Guardian Spyro skin will be available in the pit stop so all you'll need to get it is enough coins.
#1 ThunderEgg 19:32:28 10/12/2019
spyro is elsa now... or olaf?

havent seen frozen 2, but im somewhat aware that elsa/olaf goes through changes in it, but im not super sure what.

so my joke might be outdated smilie

hehe makes me want to play season of ice/flame
#2 theuone 03:00:55 11/12/2019
Whoa whoa whoa ... that design is sooo..Cool. I want the game now just for the design.
#3 HIR 02:34:07 14/12/2019
Nifty. Maybe they can create skins like that in a future Spyro game that surely is getting cooked up because the Reignited Trilogy did well.

... hey, a guy can dream, right?
#4 MrsSpyro01 00:39:46 09/09/2020
I want a figure of this Spyro in my room.
#5 Akame 18:28:09 04/10/2020
It'd be cool to see this kind of design in a new Spyro game, I'm hoping one will follow after Crash 4 like Reignited followed N. Sane.

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