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Today's patch for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes brought with it two newly playable five star Skylanders: Drobot and Head Rush. As with the previous set of new Skylanders the update also brings a new Episode Dungeon, this one featuring Drobot. It'll only stick around until June 6th so don't dawdle if you want to earn all the rewards!

[User Posted Image]

The update also makes some more changes to the arena system, the incredibly harsh reset introduced in the last update has been cut back to now only dropping you back one rank group rather than two. And earlier in the week a small update cut defense losses in half.

And you now have three entries per day for the Guild Invasion but the rewards have been reduced for each go. You also cannot use the Skylanders that were defeated in your previous runs from that day so you'll now need 9 strong Skylanders if you want to get the maximum rewards from it.

Check out the full patch notes for all the Skylander ability modifications and other assorted changes and bug fixes.
#1 Bifrost 16:40:44 23/05/2019
P r o c e e d
to not summon Drobot because the summoning tickets got stingy
and get your **** kicked in during Invasion because you only had one team per boss

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