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6:00 PM - Friday the 6th of November, 2015 - by dark52
This weekend the folks over at mini KABOOM! are going to be participating in Extra Life 2015 to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They'll be streaming a lot over the weekend on their Twitch ( with it all kicking off a little bit later on today at around 7PM EST.

In addition to Skylanders they'll be playing games like Disney Infinity 3.0, Splatoon, and Mario Kart and they will be giving away tons of Skylanders toys across the weekend, so make sure to check them out and donate if you can!

Quote: darkchylde28
Well, everyone, it's that time of year again! As we did last year, we at mini KABOOM! are participating in the annual Extra Life fundraising event to raise money for sick kids benefited by the Children's Miracle Network. Beginning this evening, November 6th, 2015, at around 7:00 PM EST US, we and our families will begin live streaming various games, chatting, giving away prizes and in general, having a good time. This year, instead of streaming for 24 consecutive hours as we did previously, we will be streaming as much as possible across three days, Friday 11/6, Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 11/8. We will begin streaming this evening around 7:00 PM EST US and around 9:00 AM EST US on Saturday and Sunday; we will be streaming live throughout each day until the point where we're too tired to go on and will "log off" for a few hours overnight, during which the chat room will remain open and we will stream past episodes of our podcast, Skycast: The Unofficial Skylanders Podcast.

We will be playing various family friendly/appropriate games across multiple platforms and invite any/all to join us when possible! There are plans for lots of Skylanders but also instances of Disney Infinity 3.0, Splatoon, Mario Kart and others! Once the kids head to bed this evening, Matt and I plan to stream Destiny together for a while and invite anyone who wants to join our fireteam to do so! If there are any games that we haven't specifically mentioned, please feel free to bring them up and if we have them available we'll see if we can get them into rotation. In the past we've streamed Minecraft for the PC and PS4 and are still up for some group builds if there is demaned for it.

In regard to the prizes, we have so much stuff to give away this year that we'll likely need to get something out the door approximately every 30 minutes in order to be able to give it all away! We have a ton of Skylanders stuff (well, maybe 100lbs) to give away including (but not nearly limited to) two individually packaged Dark element traps, Swap Force and Giants starters for various systems and a Trap Team starter for PS4, two copies of SuperChargers (Wii U & PS4, game & portal only), Punk Shock (standard packaging), Echo, all three Spring Edition minis/traps from earlier this year and more! As a grand prize, we are giving away an incredible painting of Terrafin by jurassicskylander! This will be available to donators only, with one chance to win given for every $5 donated. All donators, no matter the amount, will receive a mini KABOOM! wrist band!

You can check out all the details as well as see a photo of the incredible painting mentioned above at From there you can see the current list of prizes, what we've raised so far as well as any updates to our streaming schedule that may occur.

So, what can you do to help? If possible, please donate what you can as 100% of donations go to Children's Miracle Network to help sick kids. If you can't donate, we understand. Instead, come hang out with us and help us and others have a great time! Even if you just idle in our channel during the stream, you help drive up our number of viewers which makes us more visible overall on Twitch and helps to bring in donations. We'll be playing a lot of games over multiple days and aim to have a great time this weekend!

Thanks for reading this far and potentially, for any donation(s) you've made. You can check out our live stream starting tonight at around 7:00 PM EST US at If you sign up for a Twitch account, you'll be able to follow us and receive an email notification once we start streaming. You can also follow us on Twitter at @mini_kaboom & @megacollector or on Facebook & Google Plus under Mini Kaboom; as soon as we begin streaming, we'll be sending out notices on all services, so if you're subscribed/following, you should know right after everything starts!

Thanks again for reading through this as well as any support you can offer. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

#1 TTD - Hunter 18:03:27 06/11/2015
I'll be sure to watch the stream. Fantastic cause.
#2 Bifrost 18:26:13 06/11/2015
I just hope I can manage them and other Extra Life streams(Mindcrack and SomeCallMeJohnny come to mind) without Flash deciding it's a good day for major lag and constant crashes. It definately was last year with just other two I can't remember.
#3 TakeYourLemons 00:04:41 07/11/2015
Watching and donating. Keep it up, team Mini Kaboom!

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