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#75 Cynder13 16:16:17 03/05/2008
I can't wait for this game
#74 TrueSpyroFAN 14:02:36 03/05/2008
On the 5th pic, is that spyro in Convexity???
#73 redthedragon 02:08:24 03/05/2008
He does, *munches on Animal Crackers*
#72 dragonodicalex 23:14:33 02/05/2008
sparx looks like a freak
#71 spyroblack 19:05:14 02/05/2008
i lovvvvvvvvvvve how spyro is in pic 3
#70 spyroblack 19:04:18 02/05/2008
thanks dark'52 , do you already have the game or you took the pictures from somewhere else???
#69 TrueSpyroFAN 17:05:13 02/05/2008
I can't see sparx directly in front of the bg monster..but i can see him in the others!
#68 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:31:56 02/05/2008

Link - Might be him directly infront of the big monster.

Link - Beneath Cynder

Link - Above Spyro and Cynder

Link - Behind Spyro

Link - Beneath Spyro's health meter

Link - Next to "6 Hits"
#67 spyroblack 16:17:58 02/05/2008
he is just a golden circule or what i cant see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#66 spyroblack 16:16:16 02/05/2008
but in what picture???
#65 Lover of Spyro 16:13:51 02/05/2008
on the level pics..i cant see Spyro, Cynder and Sparx..only on the lava level...
#64 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:03:28 02/05/2008
He's on a lot of them, it's just hard to spot him as he's obscured by his yellowly-orange glow.
#63 spyroblack 13:30:51 02/05/2008
have you notice in none of the pictures is sparx????and where issmilie
#62 Cynder13 11:14:28 02/05/2008
My Birthday is months before it comes out so I'm saving my birthday money
#61 Techno Spyro 01:55:27 02/05/2008
I am working this summer, so I plan to raise enough money to buy a PS3 in order to get the game when it comes out.
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