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AbilitiesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes00:34:10 19/03/2019
AbilitiesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes18:56:10 18/03/2019
AbilitiesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes22:13:44 14/03/20191.0.6 Changes
Skylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes02:39:10 02/02/2019Enemy portrait update
AbilitiesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes22:39:48 01/02/2019Latest changes
Skylanders: Ring of HeroesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes20:08:25 31/01/2019Displays star ratings
CheatsSpyro Reignited Trilogy21:40:42 30/01/2019Lo-Res Mode added
AchievementsSpyro Reignited Trilogy23:58:37 29/01/2019
AchievementsSpyro Reignited Trilogy23:55:14 29/01/2019Typo
AbilitiesSkylanders: Ring of Heroes03:03:02 23/01/2019