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AchievementsSpyro Reignited Trilogy01:26:44 14/11/2018Mushroom Map
AchievementsSpyro Reignited Trilogy01:09:56 14/11/2018Twilight Harbor Map
Gnasty's WorldSpyro the Dragon23:45:53 13/11/2018
Gnasty's WorldSpyro the Dragon23:45:03 13/11/2018New images
Dream WeaversSpyro the Dragon23:44:44 13/11/2018New images
Beast MakersSpyro the Dragon23:43:41 13/11/2018New images
Magic CraftersSpyro the Dragon23:42:40 13/11/2018New images
Peace KeepersSpyro the Dragon23:41:24 13/11/2018New images
ArtisansSpyro the Dragon23:40:26 13/11/2018
ArtisansSpyro the Dragon23:39:20 13/11/2018New images