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Gem 40 Gems | Fairy 0 Fairies

There's very little to do within the Main level at this point. However, you can collect the grand total of ten gems before the level is empty (there are a couple on a small island in the north-west). Talk to Moneybags down to the bottom of the level and he'll inform you of his plan to sell you the machine part that he has once you've collected 500 Gems, and as luck would have it, that's the grand total of gems you'll get throughout the game. Head on out through the green portal to his right.

Ice 1

Gem 72 Gems | Fairy 1 Fairy

The first proper level of the game. Go down to the left, following the path along, gather the 3 gems here before charging into a baricade of ice blocking your way. A little further along the path, you'll find yourself next to Douglas. He wants you to find his trekking shoes in exchange for his machine part, some people, Spyro's just trying to save the world you know.

Continue on forward, past the track to the right which is currently pointless. Jump up to the top of a series of steps. Here you should immediately spot a couple of buttons, similar to those of Adventure (AotR). There is also one of those Gem Basket creatures hiding amongst some Gem Baskets just ahead. Activate the left switch, then activate the second. Quickly make your way over to the right where a third switch is waiting. The Professor will make an appearence, not so much an appearance as a bit of text, and tell you that he's opened up a new path. Great. Head back down the platform and take the path you ignored earlier, it will now have more solid ice to walk along.

Again, you can ignore the next path to the right, it only leads to a locked Green Chest which you can't open just yet. Up at the end of the path, jump up to where a large wasp is flying around, flame it a couple of times and then collect the gems with your charge. Now head along to the right and go up to the top of the platform. You'll find a large shoe Rhynoc and Douglas' trekking shoes. Jump back down a bit and take the path down to the right.

Take the path down left as you reach a second Green Chest, still locked up tight, all the way to the far end which seems like a dead end. Get as close to the edge as you can and jump down to the left. Clear this platform of gems and bad guys, before going to the bottom right corner. Jump up to the right and in the top right corner of this island is the fairy of the level. Free her by walking up to the frozen icicle. She'll vanish and leave behind a green key, grab it by walking over it.

Now make the trek back shorter by going to the top left corner and jumping over to just below a Green Locked chest. Walk up to it and it'll give you its ten gems. Off you go again, more travelling back, take the path to the right that you ignored earlier where the other Green Chest was. Collect the ten gems inside it and go all the way back to Douglas.

Pick up the dropped machine part and walk down the newly created path behind you, it leads a short way to a teleporter which will take you to the next level. Note that you can get all gems in one pass.

Ice 2

Gem 78 Gems | Fairy 1 Fairy

A slightly larger level this time. Head along to the right, flame the wasp a couple of times and just follow the path along until you reach a place with several Vases. Head straight up the slope, flame the jumping Rhynoc and then jump up to the platforms behind the slope. Here collect the gems and enter the mid-level portal. It'll whisk you off to another part of this same level and won't save your progress like the Main Level Portals do.

Straight away you'll be near to a jumping Rhynoc, flame it and walk up to the fairy just past it. She'll give you a second piece of the machine. Go to the most top-left part of this small island and jump over the gap to another. This island houses a wasp, a couple of vases and a Green Chest to unlock. Jump over to another island on the right. This place has another mid-level teleporter. As you get out, go down a little to where a Green Chest is and then continue on up to the top of the level where the end of level portal resides. And as with the previous level, you could get all the gems in one go, never needing to return here again.

You'll be back in Main with the Professor proclaiming his victory over the world, by opening a new path. As a matter of fact, all he's done is flatten a bit of the hill so you can walk up it. You've now got access to a Blue Chest (locked) and another green Portal, this time leading to the Grass worlds.

Grass 1

Gem 73 Gems | Fairy 2 Fairies

No more ice terror, this time it's grass. Not that it makes much of a difference though. There is however a brand new enemy close by, the Cloud. I don't believe that these can be killed, all they do is wander around flashing bolts of lightning about, it hurts by the way.

Grab the gems past the first cloud over to the left and head up the slope nearby. At the top is another cloud, go past it. Up the top you'll see a locked Red Chest and another cloud just past it. Grab the few gems up here and jump back down again. Proceed to jump down the bottom right ledge of this area as well. Starting at the far left end, walk up to the right collecting the line of gems. At the end you'll see a Red Button. Activate it and then drop down a short way to a second before jumping up to the third. The Professor once again opens up a new path.

Down the new slope just beyond the button, and at the bottom is an area with a periscope Rhynoc which is rather dangerous as it can throw bombs and move quite quickly. Flame it a couple of times to defeat it before jumping across down to the left. Here you'll find a fairy who'll give you the Red Key. Pick it up and go through the mid-level portal where you'll meet a second Fairy straight away. She'll give you a more powerful firebreath (you can now kill with one hit and flame Vases). Instead of using the portal to get back to where you were, drop down next to it, you'll be right next to that Red Chest you saw earlier. Now head all the way back along the level and down the slope to where the periscope Rhynoc was. Use the mid-level Portal over to the right.

Up here, collect the few gems around before going over to the left. There's some sort of creature around here, I believe a frog but I can't actually see it (might just be a ghost), and just around the corner is the end of level portal. Once again, all gems and all fairies could have been gathered.

Grass 2

Gem 80 Gems | Fairy 1 Fairy

Upon arriving, head up to the right, past a cloud to the other end where a Red Chest and a few gems await. Then back. Jump up onto the platform here heading in the north-west direction, past a jumping Rhynoc to where a fairy sits frozen. She'll give you the power of flight, almost. It only works in this level and is more of an elongated glide then flying as you can't get any higher up and you eventually land whatever you do. Press jump again to drop out of it.

Once earned, head over to the right a bit and up the steps to higher ground. Here you'll need to flame a Basket Rhynoc and up slightly higher is a periscope Rhynoc zooming around a gem filled area. Another area clear, go over to the left and use the mid-level portal there.

You'll appear in an area with another one of those ghost things, charge into the baricades to the bottom left before jumping up a couple of steps and flaming a wasp flying about. A second wasp is two steps up. Clear up the area here with a Red Chest and some Baskets around. Still no end of level portal though. Head back down to the start of the level and fly off to the south-east.

You will eventually land on a set of small green islands with a cloud patrolling them. Grab all the gems here, bringing the level total up to 80, and exit via the green portal, back to Main. Yep, another path. This time it allows you to go even further up to where a Red Chest is and the access portal to the Fire levels.

Fire 1

Gem 74 Gems | Fairy 1 Fairy

The final 'world' is upon you. The fire world. Jump up to the left now. Again, you'll see some baricades blocking your way at the top, charge into them to dispose of them. Move along past them to where a periscope Rhynoc is patrolling, he's a little crazy with his bombs, so quickly flame him. Walk around to the right, then back down to the left where a wasp is. Go past the locked blue chest and along round to where a red switch is to be found. Activate it and the Professor will open yet another path.

Turn around and head back along to the right of where the wasp was and drop down to a newly formed platform over the lava. Grab the gems and go to the opposite end where you'll find a fairy. She'll give you the final key, the blue one. Head along to the right of the start of this platform all the way along to a mid-level portal. Walk up the slope and flame the wasp before grabbing the gems inside the vases at the top. Jump down to the left and again all the way to the blue chest which you can now open up with your brand new key. Walk along to the left past the button and down onto a path over the lava. Pass by a few clouds and flame a jumping Rhynoc at the end. Jump over to a platform at the end, to the north-west.

On here are the last few gems as well as a Basket Rhynoc just before a portal to the second Fire level.

Fire 2

Gem 73 Gems | Fairy 1 Fairy

Go along round the corner to the left, flame the wasp and open the locked chest up. Now up to the top of the platform series on the right, flame the Rhynoc up here and open up another blue chest before moving on along the left by charging into a baricade. Continue on along to the left, flame another wasp as you reach it. Go to the right now, and onto a platform over some lava. Here you'll find another of those invisible creatures, flame it and move past. Working your way along the edge of the area to where a fairy is frozen still. Aparently she opens a new path. Not it this level she hasn't.

Head back along to the left to where there is another baricade. Charge into it and the following baricade to a series of steps up with a wasp near the bottom. At the top are a couple of Rhynocs, the jumping and periscope variety, as well as a mid-level portal which leads to the last couple of gems and the end of the level portal back to Main.

As you arrive back, jump down to the left and smash open the locked Blue Chest. Ten more gems in this level to go. Head over to the portal to the Grass levels and go on past to the right. There's a new path here, looks like that fairy did do something after all.

Here you'll find a portal to the mysterious level known only as 'Snake'.


Gem 10 Gems | Fairy 0 Fairies

In what can only be described as a boss fight, you'll upon jumping down, be confronted by a large snake similar to those of Adventure. Just stand in the middle of the area, flaming occasionally as the snake glides past. Once it's down to nothing it'll drop the third part of the machine.

The rest of the level is remarkeably large for holding ten gems. Go along to the right, collect the couple of gems there and step into the mid-level portal. A little down to the left you'll meet another periscope Rhynoc to flame before going off to the left and using another mid-level portal.

If you still have Sparx with you, the only baricade, of the three here, is the one in the top right. The other gems can be grabbed by Sparx and there's nothing beyond them. However, carry on past this other gem and smash another baricade. Take the south baricade in here and follow it along to another gem before going off to the top right again to another gem. Charge to the left to gem eight of the level, and then up to the right where you'll find a Rhynoc. Go top left, another gem straight across and one final one top right through a baricade. A couple more baricades and you'll reach the end of level portal back to Main. The Professor will open up one last path for you.

Jump up to the very north part of the level where you can now reach a Green Chest with the final ten gems inside. Once your total reaches the big 500, jump all the way back down to Moneybags and get the final piece of the machine off him.

Machine Complete
You win

#4 Lover of Spyro 16:49:16 13/12/2006
you don't realy need cheats for these games!!!
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:52:35 30/11/2006
Nope, sorry, there aren't any cheats for this.
#2 ruby 09:16:16 30/11/2006
is there any cheats for this?
#1 Dragginwings 23:55:41 19/09/2006
Thanx, dark52. You make the BEST walkthroughs!!! smilie

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