The Legend of Spyro 3D


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The Legend of Spyro 3D

The Legend of Spyro 3D

The cancelled animated 3D Spyro movie, it was intended to be the first of a franchise. The originally proposed release date was said to have been around Christmas 2009.

The Legend of Spyro 3D

Plot Synopsis

A very special dragon's egg is being guarded by Ignitus. However, it's being hunted and is no longer safe. Ignitus hands the precious egg over to a woodland full of Dragonflies to keep. Knowing these creatures are peaceful and more importantly hard to find, Ignitus calls on an allegiance from their distant ancestry. The Dragonflies will protect the egg and raise the dragon as their own.

Brought up alongside Sparx, Spyro is led to believe that he himself is a dragonfly who just happens to be slightly bigger and purpler than the other dragonflies.

Until... one day the village is attacked and Spyro has been found. Instinctively using his unknown powers, Spyro realises just how different he is. Confused and upset, he learns that he is not in fact a dragonfly, but a dragon who carries the role of being part of a great prophecy that will bring peace to all the land.

Spyro, along with his trusty sidekick Sparx pursue this epic adventure and attempt the impossible; the demise of the deadly Dark Master. However, between them stands Cynder, a very powerful black dragon powered by the red crystal around her neck, which enslaves her to the Dark Master. Eventually though, good prevails over evil and Spyro manages to overcome Cynders' powers and destroy the red crystal. The destruction of the crystal releases all the dead from the Dark Master’s enslavement and everyone rejoices.

All seems well, as Spyro becomes a hero for saving all of dragonkind. However, lurking in the far distance we spy a swirl of clouds… and inside of it, two pulsing red eyes. The story continues...


Spyro Sparx Ignitus Cynder
Spyro Sparx Ignitus Cynder
Adventurous, Curious, Eager, Proud, Cute. Witty, Comical, Observant. Father figure, Mentor, Wise, Strong. Stolen by the Dark Master's forces, has become his pawn.

Note: The characters pictures are not from the film.



Mark Dippe
(Garfield's Fun Fest, The Reef, Garfield Gets Real)


John Davis
(Eragon, I, Robot)

Dan Chuba
(Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Doctor Dolittle 2/Doctor Dolittle: Tail to the Chief)

Mark Dippe
(Garfield's Fun Fest, The Reef, Garfield Gets Real)

Youngki Lee
(Saint Anthony, Garfield's Fun Fest)

Brian Manis
(Doctor Dolittle 3, Garfield Gets Real)

Ash Shah
(The Reef, Garfield Gets Real, Garfield's Fun Fest)


Altiere Bros.
(Dr. Dolittle, Scooby Doo 3, Garfield's Fun Fest)


The Animation Picture Company
Velvet Octopus

#2187 IndianaViola 10:18:05 01/02/2023
After the script was leaked and reviewed, y'all should be grateful it never became a thing.

The script contains a lot of unsavory things it wouldn't have been a good look for the Legend of Spyro trilogy, if not the entire Spyro franchise as a whole.

And by unsavory, I mean fart jokes, inflation, and the diaper scene. Yes... THAT was almost canon. I'm glad the movie got scrapped in favor of Skylanders.
#2186 G Hypernova 19:02:17 29/01/2021
This takes me back...
#2185 Alexmon 00:20:34 21/08/2017
#2184 PhotonTH 05:14:28 18/10/2016
Okay looking at the Crew for this movie, why am I glad this movie wasn't made?
#2183 MrsSpyro01 18:50:30 23/05/2016
As a HUGE Spyro fan, I would have really liked to see this movie in theaters.
#2182 GillGrunt4Ever 14:45:22 02/04/2015
Now you are at Location 3
Your next location is:
#2181 Spyro Cynder123 01:55:45 26/02/2015
I been told that it was canceled because of Skylanders
#2180 Bryce23593 13:01:34 19/11/2014
Come on! Everyone likes Spyro right?
#2179 Brianthedragon 14:57:53 01/09/2014
I saw an Facebook that ther a Spyro movie was coming summer 2015 but the mont and day i don't know
#2178 skylandersspyro 04:43:49 21/06/2014
Dang it! this Movie would of been Amazing!I hope they Release it Soon.
#2177 Spyro 1 fan 16:01:50 24/05/2014
Its to bad that the spyro movie is cancelled I was not able to see it yet!
#2176 granty619 05:32:19 18/03/2014
I know I would like to see it but I think it's for the best besides everyone knows that movies based on video games always suck
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