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#6 SuperSpyroFan 09:38:23 24/06/2016
I'll give it a watch, see what it's like. Only because Spyro is in it. That's the only one I'm interested in at the moment. Would be nice to see a few of the original characters in this. I would put the names down but my rubbish phone keeps translating them into something else, lol
#5 IAS COOL 12:33:55 19/06/2016
It might be cynder
#4 LegendaryFlames 11:30:45 18/06/2016
Is the one with Kaos and Spyro staring at him actually Dark Spyro? :0
#3 GillGrunt4Ever 19:08:23 17/06/2016
Whoa, Stealth Elf's not wearing her mask! Also, who's that between Jet-Vac and Eruptor?
#2 PhotonTH 22:00:18 16/06/2016
Omg Spyros face looks so chubby
But if it's talking about his origins in this series and mostly about spyro I'll watch definitly
#1 Mexellente 17:29:28 16/06/2016
Wow! Looks really cool! Can't wait to see it! smilie

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